While most Blogs are nothing but a vent for the frustration of right thinking Amiricans, this is not my cause. I am building a link to help gather resources and take a proactive stance against the tide of socialism. My posts are meant to inform you and, when possible, help you better explain and defend our principles. We are all leaders, we are all FREEDOM FIGHTERS!

Our goal is to help coordinate as many local political groups as possible in order to create a strong and organized local movement. We would suggest that you either start a meetup group or join one that's already in place. For help go to http://www.meetup.com/ or 912 Project USA.com / For The Sake of Liberty! . With your effort and support we can become a strong force against the socialization of our great nation. If you have a suggestion or want information, please e-mail me at flounders70@aol.com .

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Sobering Prophecy

I had planned on writing about the Supreme Court decision that has everyone buzzing but something bigger came up. I will, however, summarize my opinion on the decision for you. I think I like it but I'm not sure. I think it's fine for corporations to throw support behind politicians and it is equally fine for us to support or boycott those companies based on that support.. But then again, I'm not totally sold on that opinion yet.

Yesterday I was helping move things out of my grandfathers home (he passed away back in November) and my brother came across a book. The name of the book.. THE PLAGUE OF THE BLACK DEBT, how to survive the coming depression. Wow! this guy nailed it.

In the book, which was published by Agora inc back in 1993, the author predicts what is going on now with inconceivable accuracy. He predicts a terrorist attack in New York (8 years before it happened), the credit crisis, a collapse of property values,, high unemployment and social distress and he predicted this to take place in the beginning of the new millennium.

It wasn't luck. He defined a 60 year cycle of depressions which had been consistent since the 1600s and happens to land around 2005. He also defined a 500 year cycle that has been accurate dating back to 50 BC. That "long cycle" suggested that the new millennium would bring war, depression, leaps in communication technology and great upheaval.

Since the beginning of 2000 we have entered into the most widespread war in our history where fighting is taking place in all corners of the earth. We are in the worst depression in 60 years. We have seen the home phone fall to the cell phone which can now send information (sound, pictures, video) around the world in seconds. We have seen an exponential increase in political activism and interest.

Just like the building of the great Roman Empire 2000 years ago, followed by its replacement by the dark ages 500 years later which was replaced by the middle ages 500 years later and the modern age 500 years later, we are facing a change in the face of humanity today. The question is, what will the new face be and how will we adapt.

If there has ever been a compelling reason to prepare yourself for the worst case scenario, this is it. I feel it is better to have and not need then to need and not have. At the same time. I think it is important for us to get on the same page and work to make this a positive transition rather than a negative one.

Some of you disagree with my ideas or the ideas of the tea party movement or the republican party while also distancing yourself from the Obama doctrine. I ask that you join me in rooting out those who stand to fundamentally change the politics of our nation by forcing us into a big government socialist society. Much like our founders, we have lots of opinions on how to make this a better country but we know that the system we left behind 200 years ago is not for us. Let's get back to fighting over the balance between freedom and security and push out those who promise security in place of freedom so America can once again be the shining beacon on the hill!

Also, make sure to pick up that book, it's worth reading!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I have been away from my blog because I have been monumentally busy as I have been emmersed in our haitian relief effort. I am also a full time student and father, as you can imagine, I have little time for this blog this week. I do intend to return to the blog next week with much to say! Please keep posted and get ready for some great debate.

If you are interested in helping Haiti (on a long term basis) please contact FTTR.ORG . We were working in Haiti before the quake and we'll still be there when everyone else has gone home.
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