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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The New Left

What if I were to say that I want to kill all jews and you thought there were better ways to fix the economy. And then I said that the fair thing to do is to come together and decide the best way to kill them as a bi-partison effort. This is the mentality of the left.

They insist that bi-partisonism is agreeing with how to do what they want to do. This president of ours does not get that he has no right to take over health care, energy, education, the auto industry, banks and corporate wages. He actually says we need to come up with a bi-partison way of doing all of these things.

I have always maintained that to follow Obama makes one either unintelligent, uninformed or unAmerican. So this being a fact, what does this say about him. Clearly he is intelligent right? he went to an Ivy league school and has a law degree.

He professes to have a clear understanding of the Constitution, enough so that he said that it was a flawed document that restricts government rather than empowering it. This tells me that he is informed (although badly, I believe)so that can't be the problem right?

That leaves us with the hardest fact to accept. I still like to think that his un-American foundation is a result of bad information and more credit for his intellect then he really deserves. After all, to be that un-American would be downright evil.

If he really believes as he has acted and stated, this means that he thinks the Constitution needs to be replaced with some kind of manifesto. He would have to think that anyone who has not completed the necessary schooling to acheive a law degree has gained no usefull knowledge from which to guide his life. He might insist that the power of elected office supercedes any market forces, that is, no matter how successful one business is our politicians have the right to dictate income, profit and lifestyles of those who have worked for that success. He sees the federal government as the great equalizer who can divert taxpayer money from one man to another based ethnicity rather than merit.

There are many other ideas pronounced by our President and his appointed representitives that are just as frightening as these.. but you should think about this... Every thing I've listed are ideas that I can prove have been forwarded by this administration, they are also ideas that were offered in Hitler's "Mein Kampf". Open your bi-partison eyes and look at where your support for the left is taking us.

I just want you to learn about the leftists in our history and look (objectivly) at what the new left is saying. You could argue whether it is purposful or not but you can not argue that it is wildly anti-American .

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Get it Straight

One of the greatest misunderstandings as well the strongest weapon for the left is the belief that the right is against regulation. They act almost as if we (the right) are all fanatical Christian anarchists. This is completely untrue but it keeps the ignorant masses from supporting our philosophy.

Let me fix this mis-representation for you. Yes, most of us are Christians cut we only hope that you join us in our faith. We try to convince you and we beg to "save you" but we will NOT force you. It is not the government but the governed who decide religion.

Secondly, and most importantly, We do understand the need for regulation. In just the same way that Thomas Jefferson and James Madison learned that the states needed to be held together by a strong government with limited powers. The free market must be regulated to be free.

Think of it this way... College football teams are free to market themselves to potential players however they choose. They are also allowed to design their own plays and practice how they choose. However, when it comes to gametime, they must adhere to a basic set of rules so that they are playing the same game.

The left seems to think that the players should be matched by skill, the plays must be consistant and the score ends up tied so that all is fair. This is the difference between us and them. We want the government to allow GM to fail, not to own them and use their power to attack other companies through legislation in order to guaruntee success.

The federal government is very important and its duties are clearly defined in the Constitution. They are not even remotely responsible for who fails and who succeeds, nor are they responsible for any facet of my health or the availability of health care.

While I'm at it.. Please stop trying to guide my life through legislation and taxes. If I want to get married I will do it because I want to, not for the tax break.. The same goes for charity, children or property. Plus, I will smoke, eat fatty foods, drink, and buy an SUV if I choose so stop raising my tax as a way to stop me. It's time for a single tax approach that does not allow our elected officials to modify our lives through the IRS!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What an Abortion!

We have all heard the whole dispute over the anti-abortion add and I'm floored. I was listening to the "woman show" on the local communist radio station and I couldn't stop laughing at the stupidity. These moron pro-abortionists have lost their minds.

Don't sit there and call yourself pro choice while protesting those who chose life. Seriously, think about it moron! Pro choice means that people should get to choose whether to have an abortion or not, not that they must choose abortion.

Anyway, when I hear these hags talk about how each person should have the right to do whatever they want because it's their "own body" and it's a "victimless crime", I go nuts. Let me help you gather a few thoughts before you make yourself sound any stoopider!

1. The moment you let a man plant his seed inside your body it becomes a three person deal. If society decides that this is not the case then every man who has ever paid child support needs a refund immediately.

2. life starts at conception, here's proof. To be a legal father there must be a legal child right? If I impregnate a woman and she sues for the medical bills, the court will label me the "father" and the responsibility will be assigned starting with the very first pregnancy related doctor visit. By the definition of every court in America the father is known as the father from the moment of conception. Sorry ladies, you can't have it both ways.

3. The Constitution, under which we are all protected, states clearly that we are guaranteed the RIGHT TO LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT... so it is un-Constitutional to take a life (as described above) for your own convenience.

4. If, for some crazy reason, you are willing to ignore the Constitutional protection then where do you draw the line? If you "choose" to end the life of your child because you will be inconvenienced by trying to raise them then at what age should a mother lose that right to do so? The first trimester? the last trimester, at the age of adulthood? Your ability to take part in creating life does not afford you the right to take it. If it did then any soldier who has taken part in protecting you should have the same right to kill you.

5. STOP FLIPPING THE ARGUMENT! Don't fight for a woman's right to unrestricted choice by arguing with stories about "medical necessity". Most of us are willing to come to some agreement concerning the definition of medical necessity and are prepared to accept those situations but that does not give you the right to use it as birth control.

If you are still against me on this topic then I have either failed to simplify it enough for you or you have failed to reach the minimum mental capacity to qualify as a human. My thoughts on the realistic and legal aspects of abortion are presented in the Jimmy Strawn plan and I encourage you to check it out.
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