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Monday, August 31, 2009

Health care is not a right... Part duh

Before I move on to what I wanted to write about in this post, I feel the need to tie up a loose end. I will soon write the post that I wanted to write, but for now...

As I mentioned in a recent post I do not understand how someone can perceive health care as a basic right. I have heard many suggest that it is just that. If you are to suggest that health care is a basic right then you must be willing to consider slave ownership a basic right as well.

Take off your "support Obama, no matter what" hat and put on your thinking hat for a moment. Unless you are a health care provider, you are unable to provide your own health care. In other words, you require the product of someone else's labor in order to access that care.

Any health care provider is required to give up irretrievable moments of his/her life in order to become educated and experienced in their field. Then that person chooses to give up personal time with their family in order to provide that service to others. In our society we are granted the right to set a price, that is value, for taking time from our lives and giving it to others. That is freedom!

To suggest that a government has the right to set the value of our time would imply that we have no freedom. We, then, would be working strictly to benefit others and have no right to determine our own worth. That is slavery!

What the left is telling us is that health care (which was little more than blood lettings before the free market) is a basic right that trumps freedom. You (the left) think that the value of the time that has been spent learning the profession and performing the tasks, can be decided by those who want the product rather than those who supply it. Much like the value of cotton was set by the slave owner with no regard to the slaves at all.

I've said it before and I'll say it again... Health care is a product, not a basic right. It has become technologically advanced and relatively safe as a result of years of free market development, without which it would still be as it was for several thousand years.. BAD! So now that they have used the free market to provide a seemingly necessary product, you think you can simply stake a claim to it through a popular vote? Sorry, that's not how it works...Jackass.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


I'm sure that you've heard that we have a new Senator from Florida. I'm also sure that you've seen the word "cronyism" more than ever before. I'm really not a fan of Crist, nor did I support his election as Governor, but I must defend him on this topic.

If I were elected as Governor of Florida (I know, you're quivering at the thought) and I was given the responsibility of choosing a Senator to finish out a term, I know exactly who I'd pick.

His name is Tim and he is a good friend of mine. Does that sound like cronyism to you, sure it does, but it's not. Yes, he is my friend and I want to see him do well but that's not why I'd pick him. I'd pick him because I know him well enough to know exactly what he'd do if put into office. I know and trust his morals and his sense of purpose. I know he'd do the right thing rather than the politically correct thing.

It seems like we'd all feel better about our votes if we had become personal friends with the candidates rather than just relying on public perception. I, for one, worry when I support some political figure. I'm afraid that they might be a differant person once they gain the office that they were campaigning for.

Lets face it... Every politician selects his friends for cabinet positions and puts his buddies in better positions. It is the fundimental course of politics and the natural reaction to responsibility.

Now I'd like you to join me in forcing both of them out of office next year. If you don't get why then just look at my post on Marco Rubio from last month (I think) and go from there. I just hope that it's Crist's voting record rather than the charge of cronyism that gets him out of office.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fed Up!

Having spent some time cruising through several "progressive" and liberal blogs I have learned alot. I have learned that the hatred for President Bush is alive and still consuming many nutbags. I know that the left,as a whole, thinks it's too smart to have to defend its positions. I know that the left has far more education than life experience, I know that they have been indoctrinated with the proverbial "sense of entitlement" that we hear so much about. Most of all, I know that progressives and liberals HATE rich people.

Let me use this opportunity to help clarify some things for you, for those of you who are reading from left to right...!GNORW ERA UOY. In case you are confused, let me write it the RIGHT way.. YOU ARE WRONG!

You have been brainwashed to think that health care is a right. You are wrong! There are countries (which happen to be nearly bankrupt) where it is a right but this ain't it baby. Here it is a product. A marketable item that has been created as a means of profit. Those who can master it will get rich beyond their wildest dreams... DEAL WITH IT. You could have been a part of that success but you were too lazy or stupid to get involved and now you want to punish those who have made it wildly profitable because you HATE THAT YOU ARE A LOSER!

I'm over it.. I can't stand to hear these sissy liberals talking about how the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer while insurance companies are making billions on profits. This is America, jack ass! here you take your chances and have the freedom to gain retarded profits on what others think they need. You can also whither away in your own vomit, just don't try to take everyone Else's money because you failed at earning your own.

Try to blow off the liberal haze in your skull and actually think this through. When there was no USA and the world was under the control of benevolent dictators, health care was free. For thousands of years this free health care showed little progress. It was the introduction of "profit" by our free market that pushed the medical industry into the 21st century. The promise of great wealth through a free market still drives all of the new medical technology today. You socialists are trying to put a stop to that progress because your little feelings were hurt when you saw how rich the hard workers and thinkers were getting.

Do you really think people are going to put themselves through more than a decade of higher learning so that they can earn a "reasonable wage", a wage pleasantly equal to all of the dope smoking rejects that flip burgers at the local hamburger stand. Get your socialist head out of your rectum and deal with reality for a second.

You think you have the right to a home, a car, an education, health benefits and anything else you want. This is not the Soviet Union (thank God) so get off of your lazy ass and earn the things you want.. Who knows, maybe you'll appreciate it a little.

Thomas Jefferson was very clear when he wrote that our three rights were "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". He elaborated on that by saying that no government has the right to take life away from you. Nobody can take your freedom from you. Most of all, the promise of a freedom to pursue happiness meant that you would be free to keep that which you have "earned" and that no one can take your property from you. This defined the American dream and this is what defines America.

Please take your socialism and your unfounded sense that you have some kind of obligatory moral perogative to rob the successful of their spoils in the name of good feelings and shove them up your ass. Then feel free to go lump yourself in with the lost souls that crawl around in some other country, wishing that they too could have the chance to live the American Dream!

Sorry but you needed to hear it... need a tissue?

Back to Bush, What did he know and......

Now that the healthcare debate is staggering and the left is looking to regain power, all of the anti Bush stuff is coming out. We have the left claiming that a former official, being of the opinion that Bush used the terror threat for political posturing, is proof of illegal activities. We have the new administration digging for proof of abuse of terror suspects as a way to imprison those who took part in the interogations.

I must say that the timing is suspect but this is here I will surprise you. I want an investigation into those interrogators and their activities. I want to know whether bush and his administration broke any laws in their quest to save the country after 9/11. If there were illegal activities, I want the guilty to take their punishment.

I realize how crippling it will be for each administration to know that anything and everything they do will be held to a different standard once the next administration takes power and I am not comfortable with that but... WE ARE A NATION OF LAWS!

As a conservative I believe in "risk/reward". If there is a situation that calls for a law to be broken for the greater good then I believe that one should weigh out the risk vs the reward and be willing to face the ramifications of his actions with a clear conscience. If I had a potential terrorist in my hands who might have information that would save any number of Americans I would have little regard for the laws and do whatever is necessary. Then I would take my chances with a jury and accept my punishment. think about it, I was willing to take a life or give my own to preserve freedom, you can be sure that I'd be willing to risk my freedom to save lives.

As far as the whole "terror threat" thing, I am shocked! I can't believe that anyone is surprised that Bush would do that. First of all it is SOP to raise the terror threat during an election period so It's not like he did it militiously. He surly had some say in when the level went up and how long it stayed there and that was strictly to advance the Republican agenda. It does say something about the left that when people are scared they go to the right, maybe there is something to that. The point is that Bush also took away any chance of a third party gaining power. He had people so afraid of an attack under a liberal administration that they weren't willing to risk "wasting" their vote on what they believed in.

Now, I'm not sure that he broke any laws but he did some wrong by any definition. Hopefully we will pay more attention to the next administrations and people will stop blindly supporting these criminals for their label and start seperating right from wrong.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Gun Rights Termites

Last night I passed by CNN while surfing my crappy cable provider and had to back up and watch. I know I should have just gone by and found something more entertaining to watch but sometimes you can' look away. Like when you stop on the Spanish channel and just can't look away from the unbelievable and nearly pornographic display of femininity.

They were talking about "gun and drug violence" in Chicago. The reporter asked the two gentlemen what the underlying cause of the problem was but before allowing them to speak he said " it's the guns right, that's the real problem right?". Both guys agreed that the guns were the real problem. I must agree, I mean, assuming that the guns are randomly firing into crowds of thugs and hoodlums it is safe to assume that they are the source of the problems.

But then, if the guns aren't loading and firing themselves then maybe something else is the problem. Na... that's too logical. Anyway, they continued to say that the majority of the problems are "drug related gun violence". They said that a bad home life, bad economy and a culture that celebrates violence have contributed to the gun violence but drugs and access to guns are the biggest part.

This is a state that has extremely strong gun laws and has the highest rate of gun violence. To this fact the reporter showed a graph that said that many of the guns used (70%) are smuggled in from other states. They cited a corridor from Mississippi through Illinois that guns move through. They blamed the "laxed gun laws" in Mississippi for the crime in Chicago. They did not, however, explain why Mississippi has substantially less gun violence in spite of it's "laxed gun laws".

These people, CNN and the left wing media, have admitted that they must pass every part of their agenda now because they may never have this much power again. Now they are starting the engine and about to drive Gun control down our throats. This was the first of what will be many attacks against our second amendment. They are backing up, not because they are giving up, but because they are looking to build momentum. They are going to build steam and start pounding us with everything they have.

Mark my words, GUN CONTROL IS COMING! We will start seeing more and more stories about gun violence and hearing more and more reason that we should seriously restrict gun rights. We have already seen an increase in coverage about gun stories but we have been distracted by health care and all of the rest of the socialist non-sense coming from the left.

Keep your heads on a swivel, I believe that gun control will be masked by a big debate that will not be resolved, Next week we will start hearing about Social Security and how to fix it while the left is moving a quiet protest against guns, DO NOT let them sneak it in.

Oh, for the record... I have seen some liberal blogs that have been voicing an opposition against the Senate. Yes, they want to get rid of the senate because they do not think it's fair that the "religious nutties" in Oklahoma have as much representation as the "majority of progressives" in large States like New York and California. Be afraid, be very afraid!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rep and Dem, the two headed snake!

When I hear my wife and her mother speaking spanish I really don't understand the words but I can often understand what they're saying. The same principle applies to the media, they use a language that is coded so that they cannot be held responsible for their words but can still achieve their goals.

Lately we have heard the news media telling us that anything less than the government "option" in the health care reform bill would be a win for "Republicans". What you must remember is that, to them, Republican means "evil rich people who are funded by big insurance". When they spend this much time driving a thought into our heads it is because they want us to think of a win for Republicans as a very bad thing.

They are trying to motivate the left to fight back and force the bill through. History tells us that this is actually less of a "hail mary" and more of a "naked bootleg". It is a play designed to misdirect the right by seemingly moving in the same direction while sending the guy with the ball in the other direction. Trust me, this is, by no means, a blind pass for the endzone.

The one thing that we (red blooded right wing conservative Americans) must be careful of is.. allowing the Republicans to feel like they have gained an advantage over the Dems who seem to be easing the pressure. We need to remind those Republicans that they too are on the chopping block!

This debate never has been about Democrats against Republicans and we MUST NOT allow them to turn it into that. We are here to force both parties to stop working for the party and start working for America. We need to take this piblic awakening and use it to bring the change that everybody really wanted by putting the government back to work for us.

When you write to congress, speak at a town hall meeting or go on a radio show.. you must let them know that you DO NOT look at the "R" or "D" next to the names on the ballot. Make it perfectly clear that a loss for the Dems does not ensure a win for the Republicans. Put on your biggest boot and kick all of their buts out of office, make them earn your vote rather than letting them rely on the missteps of their opponents or their party affiliation.

Use the media's blind hatred for Republicans to your advantage. Today you can be a hero to the next several generations, you can change the course of politics and be known as the new "greatest generation". Spread the word, tell your friends and neighbors, get out there and change the world! Kill the two headed snake that has, for so long, fed on us from both directions only to fill one belly.

The two party system must die or it will rob us of our freedom and our individuality and all that will be left is a small group of lawyers telling us how to live our lives.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Moral Capital VS Moral Authority

The essence of today's political tumult can be attributed to our opposing views on what I call the "moral imperative". In english, I'm saying that the left and the right are sharply devided, not by their goals but by the way they wish to achieve them. How to create a moral society through legislation.


The left believes that the only way to create a moral society is by electing a government that most conforms to their own morality and then imposing their authority on the entire country. This is evident for a host of reasons.

Think about it this way... The left wants to force a single payer health care system on us and they are proud to tell us the reasons. They insist that it is immoral to provide better care to the rich than the poor. They feel that health insurance should be about moral obligation rather than profit. They strive for a system of "equality" in which everyone pays "their fair share" and the rewards are equally distributed.

The left intends to achieve these results through dictatorial democracy. They vote for the people who they think will come to a fair decision and give them total authority. This entity (president, congressman) will, in reality, have gained this elected position through political capital, meaning that they had given enough free stuff to enough people (at the expense of the evil rich folks) to have gained popular favor. Now this distant entity will make sweeping decisions as to just how much care we will recieve and how good it will be. Every single person in the United States will be forced to adhere to the direction of a single moral compass.

You will not be able to earn a higher level of care nor will any one provider be able to earn a better life through better service. All things will be equal and thus "morally harmonius", this is the lefts Idea of fair.


The right (not necessarily the Republicans) have invested in a much different idea. They want to create a moral society by removing the power from the government and giving it to the people. The idea is that the government will remain just strong enough to assure that the contracts between business and people are adhered to without dictating any of the terms of said contract.

Make the medical system responsible for its own actions by subjecting it to free market forces. This will guaruntee that any company or doctor who wants to earn a profit will be forced to offer a good service for a reasonable price. Most of todays medical providers have a secondary system for those who can pay for service in cash. Out of reach from the constant knuckling under from the government this system seems to work well, keeping costs down and service high.

Rather than forcing an insurance to pay for all of the expenses involved with the care while shouldering all of the risk of outlandish law suits, the right wants to keep the law suits to a reasonable level so that the insurance companies can base their pricing on service plus profit, not service plus profit plus risk.

When the people are allowed to spend their own money we will achieve true democracy. They will be able to choose their level of care and they will have control over the system through popular demand, thus imposing social morality through capital.

The right also believes that efforts should be rewarded. This means that the rich should, by all means, have more health care options. They have worked hard to earn it. The poor will then have motivation to get rich as well.

I'm not suggesting that the poor be completly left without, but, they are still responsible for their own chances of getting help. Before the government started stealing from the successful to insure that the poor "got theirs" there was a great system of moral capital.

Those who lacked the funds to recieve care were forced to ask for help from society. Society had developed several charitable institutions who would insist on a certain level of "morality" from those who asked for help. Drug dealers, theives and trouble makers were forced to either become good citizens or do without.

The liberal social net took that moral buffer out of the equation. It forced everyone with any success to put their hard earned money into a system that paid out equally to good people and rapists alike. Earners no longer had control over where their money went so they stopped giving. Now the worst element of society is rewarded exactly the same as those who are simply in a bad spot and just needed a little help.

So what do you think will work better for you... A government that dictates morality to you so that everyone is on the same plan.... or the freedom for you to dictate morality by putting your money towards those who adhere to your morals.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Close Encounter of the Socialist Kind

This morning I listened to our great local community radio station and I got close up and personnal with our adversaries. I listened as a group of "progressives" paraded themselves as the new majority while professing that any right wing leftovers need to come to grips with the new American philosophy.

They insisted that it was time to leave racism behind and except that we have a black president. They believe that the only reason that someone would not support a single payer health care system is simply because they can't stand to see a black man succeed, yet they say that we are the ones bringing race into this debate.

They railed against the Democrats for going for anything less than single payer and actually pointed out that they'd consider voting against Obama in the next election if he accepted anything lessthan single payer.

They Complained that the rich CEOs are sitting back laughing while they pay republican stooges to invade town hall meetings and fight against something that would be "for their own good".

These people really do believe that people will never be free untill the rich are raked over the coals and their money is spread among the poor. They feel that the masses are slaves to the corporations but the corporations hold all of the political power. Somehow they think that capitalism is evil and that the only "American" thing to do is to defeat capitalism and replace it with "progressivism" (or socialist dictatorship to you and me).

They were deeply offended that they had been called "un American" and insisted that what they were offering was the only true definition of Americanism. I felt compelled to set them straight, so I wrote them an e-mail. Below is a copy of the letter I sent....


After listening to your show today I am almost speechless. I have never heard so much anti American rhetoric in my life. Before you click "delete" and move on to another, more supportive e-mail that makes you feel like you're doing the right thing allow me to justify that statement.

First let me explain what it is that defines a country. You see, most "progressives" (a term for socialist cowards who are afraid to admit what they really are) think that America is nothing more than the soil under their feet. This is partially correct but it does not define Americanism. You may also think that a nation is defined by it's culture. This too is only partially correct. Cultures move across borders and through peoples in much the same ways as language, knowledge and even diseases for that matter.

It is, in it's most simplest terms, the fundamental laws that define a nation. Those laws set the geographical borders, facilitate the culture and bind the people as a nation. Those who support the laws and foundation of that nation are patriotic to it and those who wish to completely and fundamentally change it are dissidents. That is to say that they, by definition, are radically unpatriotic.

Think of it this way... If you marry a woman, whom you profess to love, it is OK to want her to change certain behaviors. You may wish that she would wear different clothes or you might convince her to start going to football games even though you know she hates the sport. Would she believe that you hated her because you wanted to make a few subtle changes but wanted to keep her fundamentally the same? Ofcourse not.. But, if you wanted her to change her eye color, hair color, breast size and then made her stop talking to her family, doing the things she likes to do and liking the things she likes she would eventually figure out that the only thing you like about her is the fact that she would let you change her.

This is what's going on with the progressive movement. There are socialist countries all over the world but you know that there is no way that you can affect change in those countries. You have decided to attack America and destroy everything that made it the greatest Nation ever. You are using the freedom, that so many have sacrificed for, as a weapon against itself.

You said today that you only want to prevent the nation from making the decisions that lead to these great failures.This is the fallacy of the left. You don't understand that the essence of being American is the FREEDOM to make such bad decisions and the responsibility to deal with the consequences. This is the guiding principle of capitalism and it is the fact that we've been forced to learn from our mistakes that has led to the very greatness that you wish to destroy.

You spoke of CEOs with so much hate and disdain, as if any success above your own was a deplorable act of evil. I wish that you would take a tape of your broadcast and replace the words "rich" and "CEO" with the "N" word. Maybe then you'd understand that what you are spreading is pure, unadulterated Hate Speech.

The social safety net that you wish to install in place of the free market will put a limit on failures but at the same time will put an equal limit on success. That is the nature of socialism, look around, you'll find this to be an indisputable fact. This, however, is NOT the American way! From the beginning we have been a country of risk takers, we took on the British empire, we built the worlds only real free market economy and we battled tyrants and won wars around the world without taking the enemies land as every other victorious nation had always done.

This is what has led to countless and inconceivable leaps in technology, life spans and freedoms all over the world. Every invention and every medical advancement from every part of the world was driven by our free market. If not for us then Canada and Europe might still have "free healthcare" but then bloodlettings can't be very expensive can they?

The point I've made here is that you are absolutely, by every definition, ANTI-AMERICAN! And while I will continue to send money to your show to help support your freedom to hate your freedom, I will continue to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, as I swore to do upon entering service in the US Army. In that, I will continue to engage every person I meet and I will continue to expose your propaganda through education.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Fox News Balancing Act

The left seems to be fixated on the demolition of the people who oppose them. It's not about facts or reason but personal attacks. Don't get me wrong, I remember the right doing the same crap to Bill Clinton back in the 1990s. There was plenty to complain about regarding his policies but most people go straight for the person because it's so much easier than doing any research or anything.

So I cruised the left wing blogs and tried to post comments to defend our side but I had a very difficult time leaving a comment. Every single left wing blog I went to had a control set up for comments. Most offered no opportunity at all and others had to be approved by a moderator. This is the left at it's finest! Loud but deaf!

They were all fixated on Fox news and Glenn Beck (as well as other conservatives in the media). There was no attempt to disprove what they were saying but they were quick to ridicule their statements. They want to Boycott Beck's advertisers because they don't like what he's saying but they refuse to prove him wrong. But then, he's not wrong... That's why they are trying to shut him down.

Media Matters is at the top of the list. They are all over Fox News and are desperately trying to discredit them. In the mindless mind of the left wing propagandists the left is center and unbiased but anything to the right of radical left is unbalanced and reckless. Again, the attack is personal and not intellectual.

Just for the sake of clarification, I must explain where Fox News sits. They are a right wing news outlet, that is for sure. They claim to be fair and balanced but in and of themselves they are far from it. The balance that they offer is not within their own reporting but in media as a whole. In the world of mass media there are a vast majority of left wing news sources that profess to be unbiased.

You have MSNBC who is a radical left wing attack dog that concentrates on the discrediting of the right but offers no news whatsoever. Then you have The other broadcast outlets as well as the History Channel and the Discovery Channel which are propaganda outlets that present themselves as informational services with no political interest at all. Meanwhile they cram the "global warming" myth down our throats without giving any thought to the broad majority of scientist that refuse to be a part of that particular scam.

All of the "public broadcasting" outlets have no interest in honesty because they have never been held to the standards of the free market. They are funded by the government with no regard to merit so they are a beacon of socialism and attract the "journalists" whose professed intent is to "make a difference". That, by the way, should be the last thing a real journalist would want to do. They should simply take a journal of an event and report the facts.

So Fox is out there to offer the other side of the story. They only show the part that the other media outlets leave out. They give us the opposite slant and thus filling in the gap. They are right wing and proud of it. Why shouldn't they be? After all, every single one of our forefathers was a right wing nut job. Our founding documents are a bible of right wing philosophy and ideology. For that matter, it was our right wing capitalist system that gave the left the freedom to force socialism down our throats. Ironic isn't it.

The point is, you cannot rely on Fox news or Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh for all of your news but you should hear what they are saying. At the same time you need to go to NPR and NBC and ABC for the rest of the story so that you can fill in the gaps. There is a ton of information out there and if you believe you will get an unbiased report from any one source then I have some ocean front property in Nebraska to sell you.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The best plan ever!

It's time to boil this whole thing down and wrap our minds around the real argument. The debate here is not about policies in and of themselves, it's the fight between socialism and capitalism.

It is a fact that Obama and the majority of Democrats are working towards some kind of quasi-socialism over which they intend to have absolute power. It is also appearent that the majority of Republicans in congress are leaning towards a quasi-capitalist government and they, like the Dems, intend to maintain great regulatory power over their system. Those who agree with the likes of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and me are firm believers in a free market with loose regulation under a system of equally distributed checks and balances. This is known as a republic (it might sound familiar, it was the founding principal of the United States).

So, before I get into my side of the debate I want to qualify what I just told you. I realize that there are many of you who were indoctrinated to believe that the left is center and the right are all nutjobs. You have been told, by the always trustworthy mass media, that republicans are more like Hitler and Democrats are the true patriots who stand for Liberty and justice. That's why you like to call yourself a liberal and a Democrat. Both terms sound really good to you. Now it's time for me to grasp your lids by the lashes and rip your eyes open so that you can witness the blinding light of truth.

The infamous mr. Hitler, along with Marx, Stalin and countless other dictators were socialists right? Ofcourse, at least in fundimental principal they were, over time that kind of power has a tendency to turn benevelence into tyranny. So just because it's more fun for me ( since the left likes to throw Hitler at us all the time) I'm going to compare Obama with with Adolf.

Adolf, like Obama, was a strong proponent for nationalized healthcare. I know that the media today likes to pretend that Obama is only trying to provide a "public option" and many of you believe that lie but it's an absolute fact that he wants the government to control all healthcare. If you think I'm making this up just go to this URL ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-bY92mcOdk&feature=player_embedded ).

Hitler also started government programs to move people out of thier inefficient cars and into little gas savers (the VW Bug). Hitler initiated alternative fuel programs. He regulated profits and set minimum and maximum income levels which he controlled through taxation. He gained control over the major industries within Germany such as banks, energy companies and automotive companies through regulation. He created Hitler youth, very similar to Obamas "GIVE" program. Hitler said that the Constitution of the United States was a bad document because it gave no power to the government, Obama said that it was a "Flawed document" because "instead of saying what the government can't do to you it should say what the government must do on your behalf".

The point is that everything that Obama lays down as his founding Idiology represents a strong desire to become socialist. Now that you except that he is a socialist (if you don't then you really need to seek help) you must accept that you too are a socialist, that is if you support him still. That is not a bad thing, it just means you're emotionally driven and not bound to hard logic. Much of the left, however, is not that radical. They are trying to find a balance between the "fairness" of capitalism and the "equality" of socialism with the emphasis on equality. This, in my opinion is like looking for the balance between life and death, I have no intent to be anywhere inbetween.

On the other side of the isle, there are the quasi-capitalists. They are looking for a similar balance but with the emphasis more on the side of fairness (the results are pretty much the same though). When I speak of fairness and equality I'm referring to overall results. What I mean is that in capitalism everyone starts out with equal opportunity but are in total control of their own results. They are not always equal results but they are completely fair. The governments role in this is small, they are only there to make sure that everyone plays by the same rules.

Socialism is the opposite. The Idea is that, regardless of effort, the results must be equal. This is not fair because those who put out more effort are responsible for carrying those who do not. The appeal, I guess, is that noone will be left behind and society will be somewhat sucessful as a whole. In this system the governments role is very large. They must closely monitor the nations wealth in order to prevent anyone from taking a lions share.

So what works better? That's for you to decide.. but both have a place. There is a natural tendancy among a large group of humans to rely on others. The cure for this tendancy is motivation. I'm sure that many would find that motivation if they were to witness the reality of lazyness first hand.

My solution for this problem is simple, allow California to seperate and become a socialist state within the United States. I'm only willing to give up one state because this country is NOT (and never was) a socialist nation and I would normally suggest that those who like the idea should just move to one. But then, you insist that America would do it differently than the other countries that have tried it over the last ten thousnd years so I'm in favor of giving you your chance.

So here's the plan, Make Obama the president of the Peoples Republic of California (PRC) and put all of the congress people who support him in his new sub-national congress. Remove all federal taxes and benifits from the PRC. Give them a supreme court made up of all justices that were appointed by democrats and fill in the gaps with new appointees that they can confirm on their own. Bind them to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution but let their justice system have the same control over it that they are trying to enforce on us. Allow them to create their own military and fund it as they wish, also allow them to create restrictive policies and rules of engagement so that their soldiers can be held to whatever standards fit thier lifestyles.

While we're at it, we have to ensure free travel in and out of the PRC and allow us to take advantage of their resources without being forced to pay into their system. Open an international pathway so that Mexicans, Canadians and other Nationals can do the same. At the same time, only allow them into our country as tourists or documented workers but strongly regulate our side of the border.

So with all of this how long do you think the PRC would last? Historically this is what will happen next... The constant influx of nonpayers will cause a dramatic drain on the system. The need to seriously strengthen the border will cause the PCR to isolate itself from the rest of the world and limit itself to heavily regulated trade. The cost of trade regulation will inflate prices of imported goods and the government will demand more productivity from the people. The people will be working to support the PRC and keeping only a fraction of their earnings. Those who have a marketable skill will defect to a nation that will allow them to prosper from that skill. The lack of productive workers and natural resources will create a need for expansion so the PRC will start building their military. They will eventually invade the USA and be crushed because the people are fighting for the state and not themselves!

After that you can figure on about 3 generations or roughly 150 years before people forget what happened and they start preaching socialism again and the cycle will continue just as it always has.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How dumb can the left really be?

Sitting at the VA hospital again, waiting, as usual... I listened to the people around me venting about how long the process takes. They were complaining that the system is long and drawn out and that they felt like they had to fight harder for their medical care than they fought in war.

They hated the red tape, they hated that they could barely understand their "towel head doctors" and they hated that they had to wait in line for hours at the VA pharmacy and couldn't just go to the local drug store for medication. They were fed up with the whole deal and couldn't wait for Obama to give us free health care so that everything would be easier.

OK, I realize that I've been a little abrasive in my recent posts and maybe if I stop calling everyone a moron than more people will listen to what I have to say. Well, today ain't that day! These morons make me sick! How freaking stupid can they be? Maybe people that are that dumb shouldn't be allowed to vote.

It is the fact that the VA health care is free that makes it so bad. The doctors (for the most part) are the ones who could not maintain a public sector job because they could not compete in a free market for some reason or another. The red tape is the signature of an over weight government program that is burdened by it's own bureaucracy. The pharmacy is a socialist entity that determines pay rate by tenure rather than merit or customer satisfaction.

So what do these idiots think will happen to the rest of health care when it starts following the same model? Right now only a small percentage of Americans are taking part in the VA system and many of those who are eligible are opting for their own private insurers rather than hassling with the VA. Meanwhile, it is being supported by a vast majority of taxpayers who will never qualify to take advantage of it. Even with this fact, the system is overburdened and barely able to keep itself floating. How do you think things will work once the vast majority of Americans are enrolled in a similar system and it is being funded by a minority of taxpayers?

It wont. So every time I hear some half witted jack ass complaining that the "Republicans just don't want us to have free health care" (which is what one idiot actually said) it makes my blood boil. You can't explain anything to these losers because their sense of entitlement is the only sense they have. Unfortunately, the left is leaning on the ignorant (which makes up a vast majority of America) to pound this "work for free, live for free" socialist concept down the throats of those who understand how devastating the Obama doctrine is to our way of life!

Just to let you know.. The reason I've gotten so abrasive is to incite discussion. I have been trying to find an Obama supporter with a coherent and intelligent argument so that we can have a real debate. It's become obvious that those who are coherent and intelligent are, by nature, on our side. It's emotion and knee jerk reaction that provides the foundation for liberalism so they can not be made to understand, thus there is no intelligent argument for their side and the only response they will ever give is anger and hate!

Please, if you know someone that thinks that anything Obama is doing is good for America, send them my way! Let them defend themselves in the arena of ideas rather than just accepting popular opinion and screwing up the freedoms that so many have given their lives for!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Cash for Clunkers".. Can we trade in a bad president?

Can you believe how great the "cash for clunkers" program is? I mean.. the fact that it was swamped by people taking advantage of the great deal and that it ran out of money in one week means that it was a great success right?

WRONG! Moron! The government decides to hand out free money and everyone wants some... Wow... what a surprise. If they hand out free gas do you think that, even though most people can pay for their own, the pumps would run dry in a week? If they hand out free beer to you think that only the poorest people would swing by and have a few? How long will the kegs last before they go dry? If they hand out free healthcare will the majority of people stop paying for theirs and jump into the free system? How long do you think that will take to run out of money?

The damage is irreversable and it has been done. You idiots that are so gung ho about "cash for clunkers" really didn't think this through, did you? Where do you think these billions of dollars are coming from? The government is borrowing that money from you to help put you deeper into debt, believe me, they are coming back for it soon too.

Think about it... You had a vehicle that you didn't owe much (if any) on. You took government money to help get "lower payments" on a new car. Now you have a long streched out payment plan and you owe a bank several thousand dollars. You are paying far more in payments then you were paying for your bad gas mileage. Plus.. now everyones taxes will have to go up in order to make up for the governments losses.

Even if your taxes aren't touched because of low income you will still see a difference in your income. You see, when Obama taxes the "rich", who are the people who own the businesses that you frequent, they simply raise prices to fill that gap. You will start paying more and your money wont go as far as it once did. You know this to be true because you remember when gas was only $0.98 per gallon and soda was a quarter but you were making less so it was just as hard to pay for anything.

If you bought into the plan for the "environmental effects" then you should be ashamed of yourself. Now the government is going to be using vast amounts of energy to convert all of those gas guzzlers into simple land pollutants. Pollutants that will slowly seep chemicals into our soil and groundwater and do not "wash out" nearly as fast as the emmissions would have. It's true... look it up!

So now that Obama has taken ownership of GM, much of the banking industry, much of the enrgy industry, your vehicle and soon the healthcare industry... all of that will be like free money. All of us will have to pay into the pot that helps spread out our posessions equally and we will be called unpatriotic if we complain. Yep... kinda reminds me of another place I once knew of, over seas, you know the one. But then that didn't work out so well for Russia did it... don't worry though... Obama can do exactly the same thing in exactly the same way and get totally different results. Yeah... that's it, that's what's gonna happen.

Now my money will be worth less, my healthcare will be crappy, my gas will be much more expensive and you will be driving around in a car that everyone else helped you pay for. Thanks Obama supporters, now because of your ignorance, our children will never know the freedoms that we enjoyed in our youth. I hope you like your change... Dip-Wit!

Oh, how long will it take for Obama to go after the food industry? I garuntee it will happen some day, assuming he doesn't get dragged out of office by some real patriotic Americans first.
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