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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beer Flavored Tits

Do you remember that girl back in grade school, you know, the one that all of the guys wanted but no one really knew why. She wasn't exceptionally beautiful nor perfectly shaped and She was wildly popular but not a lot of fun. She represented the perfect girl for so many guys who really knew virtually nothing about her. Come on, you had one of those in your school and you're thinking about her right now. There is one of those in every crowd, in every walk of life and there is always a select group of guys who just don't get it. Guys who see past the projected picture of perfection and into the sad reality of a girl who is just as plain as any other. As one of those guys I would see every male for miles falling over themselves to just get a glimpse of this unspectacular specimen and I would have to ask myself what it is that drives so many fellows mad about this seemingly simple young lady. Oh! I've got it, she must have Beer Flavored Tits! That would be enough to get any man worth his salt to trail around behind one (otherwise average) chick.

This must also be the case with Bobama. He has a huge number of blind followers who have never even asked themselves why they love him. They know nothing about his socialist policies nor his history of fighting to rewrite our constitution. They have never considered his lack of executive experience nor his widespread connections to the most corrupt people in politics. They just trail along, hoping to get a taste of his beer flavored tits (sorry about that mental picture).

If you're still reading after that last paragraph you are either nodding your head in agreement.. or cursing me out for making up stories while pounding your computer desk with your race card. If you are in the ladder then you think this is all about race and it's time for you to step away from the keyboard and settle back into the "intellectually challenged" populous that I affectionately call "Myopia" (short sighted utopia). For the rest of you, it is time to enter the world of political optometry.

We must learn to provide clear sight for those who have no vision. We need to work less on those who refuse to look at the real world for what it is and focus sharply on those who just haven't seen it. The question remains, how do you tell a guy that his dream girl is more mirage then magnificence without drawing out the rebellious anger that forces him to close his eyes and walk away?

Obviously our starry-eyed friends always find out that the young princess will one day wake up a hag and that they lack the foundation that could have kept them together. The problem is that these people want to throw it all away and get us all latched onto the huge government tit before even tasting it to see if it really yields beer.

This is where you come in. I want you, the freedom fromt army, to help me come up with some questions that we can build into a test (similar to one of those gay personality tests that so many drones get such a kick out of). Questions that aren't necessarily political but speak to the fundamental ideology of an individual. I have found that most people give Conservative answers to covertly political questions until they realize that they have dropped their guard. We can use this to slowly drag the popular acceptance of an already overwhelming number of closet consrevatives back into the mainstream and cut off the evil good-doers in their tracks.

I will soon be presenting you with some examples to help you better understand my idea so keep checking in. I am also working on a post that I tentatively call " The Audacity of Mien Kampf" which will show you all of the frightening parallels between Bobama and another charismatic leader from our past and you will be shocked to see how hard it is to tell which quote is from which book.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

An Army of one.. and a half

I was at the seven eleven by my house this evening and I ran into a group of future brothers. You see, I live one block away from the Tampa MEPS ( Military Enlistment Processing Station) which is the first stop for those who desire to be soldiers. A short conversation with them brought me to an epiphany, of sorts.

Lately I've heard the new administration mention ( on several occasions) that our "all volunteer Army is stretched to it's breaking point". The emphases on the "all volunteer" part implies that it might not be stretched so thin if more people were required to serve. My spider senses are telling me that the "sacrifice" that Bobama so often speaks of might refer to just that sort of movement, a modified draft.

I, however, see a different problem with the size of our armed forces. There are countless people around the country that are just like me, not qualified. You see, 1% of our population are willing to join the military and of that small group as much as 20% are rejected. Sadly, it is not that they have criminal records or are by any means untrustworthy but they just do not meet the physical standard. This is truly disappointing because many of them would have a tremendous amount of skill or intellect to offer. I know this because I went through basic training and was sent home with a handful of those very people.

The Army insists on sending everyone through the brutal and relentless ordeal that is basic combat training before sending them off to sit behind a computer. This process lumps all of the older, skilled, intelligent and disciplined men with a vast number of young studs and thugs that need to have some respect beaten into them. Unfortunately the result is that the best suited minds are thrown out with their weakened bodies after sharing the intense punishment that is brought on by the actions of immature children.

I propose a new system that, through a simple screening process,will weed out those who are mentally prepared and eager to serve the country and send them to a more educational and less physical basic training. I guess it would be kind of a quasi-Army, like all of the contracted employees except as an actual mini branch of the Army. Not fighters but thinkers who are ready to learn. I can't tell you how much valuable learning time was lost to punishment for some unrested kid napping during a lesson.

There are countless positions available within the armed forces in combat support fields that can be filled by the previously mentioned group of seasoned adults that would drastically cut the cost of training while freeing up those who are suited to fight to step in and relieve those worn down troops that are spread around the world. We could then rotate soldiers monthly instead of yearly which would be great for morale. This may also help in the recruiting of more combat and support soldiers because the two chief complaints that scare people away from service are the time away from family and the fear of boot camp. Believe it or not, the possibility of death is seldom considered by potential soldiers.

If you agree, then please copy this entry and email it to your friends as well as to your favorite politicians. Maybe we can make enough noise that our new President will pick up the cause and try this as a job stimulus package instead of short term infrastructure projects that, once those roads and bridges are built, will leave all of those people unemployed again. Seriously, think it through and help me... or at least tell me where I'm wrong so we can refine this idea and move forward.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Keep the change

Well, today is the day. I have witnessed the most unique inauguration in our nations history. Yes, we have ushered in a new hope for change and welcomed a minority into the White House. Not only is Bobama a minority (in that he is a true socialist) but he happens to be black too. Well, sort of, he's actually mixed race. But then, that's just splitting hairs. The real problem is that we've elected a man who has made a career of attacking the Constitution and made him swear to defend it. We've chosen a man who has never fired a weapon (or even thrown a punch as far as we know) to lead the worlds foremost fighting machine. We've hired a man who has never run a business to head the largest economy in the world. I believe that if you had asked our nations founders if a man like this would ever become president they would say "when hell freezes over", and judging by the temperature here in Florida, they were right about that too.

I'm not upset, I am hopeful. I'm full of HOPE that these morons who supported Bobama will convince him to CHANGE his Ideals before it's too late.

I believe that it is easy to make outrageous campaign promises when you have never done anything more than vote "present" as a legislature and have no executive experience. I am fairly confident that he will grow some grey hair once he sits in the big chair for a week or so and I expect that the stress will put some hair on his chest as well.

I'm trying to say... Don't sweat it! We the people are strong and those who are trying to destroy our country are the very ones who lack the nads to have created it in the first place. Freedom always prevails.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Constitution must DIE!

If the road to hell is paved with good intentions then platitudes are the devils directions. Maybe I should start at the beginning....

Do you remember your youth, going back to grade school, when you first started noticing those catchy little slogans that really didn't spell it out for you but made you feel so "deep" when you figured them out. " You can't hug your kids with nuclear arms" and " Idle hands are the devils workshop". I remember that instant sense of self pride that overwhelmed me when I realized the weight of these tiny bumper sticker statements that represented such a brilliant epiphany to me. That, my friend, is how they suck you in. They lead you in a direction and then allow you to finish the math. This way you were so impressed with yourself that you never questioned the important stuff that they spoon fed you along the way. This also summarizes the Bobama campaign and the overwhelming movement toward an undefined "hope and change".

Right now you're thinking to yourself, "wow, he's right". Of coarse I am, but lets continue. One of the things that I swallowed with a smile as a youth was the statement that " the Constitution is a living breathing document". From that point on it was that fundamental ideal that skewed my understanding (along with the majority of Americas youth) of what this country is all about. As a matter of fact, It has only been recently that I have come to find out that that whole "living, breathing" storyline was nothing more than a crock of sh*t. If not, I mean, if it really is organic and thus malleable then please, somebody shoot it... or stab it! Just kill it for Gods sake.

You see, now that I have read some of the other works by such "out dated" authors as Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton I have learned that the Constitution is anything but living and breathing. It was written to be the solid and unshakable foundation for all of our rights as a free people. Not unlike the foundation of a building, it is steadfast and any attempt to move or change it would bring down the entire structure. It does leave room for additions, but only with broad acceptance that any new sections were both morally and financially reasonable. This was the kind of change that the writers were allowing for. They knew that the God was on to something when he handed Moses the 10 commandments and that our perpetual freedom would depend solely on a basic set of rules that could not be bent or broken by the whim of a decadent society or a savvy politician. So forget anything you might have heard from the left about the fluidity of the "imperfect" document and remember that you can't get to the top on a ladder with no legs (how was that for a platitude?).

So tonight I looked at the news and saw the Messiah standing in the cradle of freedom (Philadelphia) and heard him give praise to our fore fathers for giving us this "imperfect document" and the freedom to rewrite it to comply with changing societal movements. as he went on, he promised to rewrite to better suit the needs of the people and to "make it perfect" once and for all. Soon we will be protected by the only entity that could dig us out of the great debt that government has created. Wait, what? did he just say.... holy crap, this is a joke right? Then all of the robots applauded. I mean, not one decent, freedom loving person was in that crowd. I'm sure of that because not even one shoe flew in his direction. The great Ronald Reagan once said that the scariest thing you could ever hear is "I'm from the government and I'm here to rescue you". This clown lives by that very mantra. I'm not really surprised, after all, he has preached against our Constitution in the past.

As a refresher, it was way back in the year of 2001, on a Chicago public radio station (WBEZ-FM). During an interview with the host, Bobama said "I think people try to characterize the Warren Court, it wasn't that radical. It didn't break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers and the Constitution, at least as it's been interpreted, and Warren Court interpreted it in the same way: that generally the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties". That's right, this nut really said that and then went on to be elected as our president. He continued to say "it (the Constitution) says what the states can't do to you, says what the federal government can't do to you, but it doesn't say what the federal government or the state government must do on your behalf." Hello Communism! I highlighted that in red so that you could keep reading it, as I did, until it sinks in that people really voted for this anti-American scumbag. I also chose red because his international Comrades have always favored that color.

In another part of that interview he stated that "You know, maybe I'm showing my bias here as a legislator as well as a law professor, but I'm not optimistic about bringing about major redistributive change through the courts. You know, the institution just isn't structured that way." The change that he speaks of is from an earlier statement where he mentioned that "the Supreme Court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth, and ... more basic issues of political and economic justice in this society".

This is tantamount to full blown socialism. If you are having a hard time making the connection then you are an idiot and are just plain lost. I'll gladly have my 11 year old daughter spell it out for you or if she is unavailable just write me and I'll explain it in more detail. If you wish to here the interview for yourself just go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iivL4c_3pck and grab a shot of Jack to help wash down the jagged pill.

One important note: If you are looking at this treasonous jackass with heartfelt disdain and considering anything other than a strong political opposition as a means of removing him from office, I beg of you to reconsider. The last thing our great country needs is to make that idiot a marter. It is best that we let him run his coarse and whither away as a result of his own indiscretions and let him be remembered as the joke that he really is.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Un-educated, Un-intelligent or Un-American?

I believe that if you are a Bobama supporter then you are clearly either un-educated, un-intelligent or un-American.

Un-educated: You have just entered the political arena or only pay attention during the campaign. This represents the majority of Bobama supporters. They don't really know anything about government and how it works so they make decisions based on the biased reporting of the mass media or the junk information that their friends spread around. Prove me wrong!

Un-intelligent: You have been subjected to plenty information but cannot follow the process to its conclusion. This slightly smaller group are the ones that fall for the loose change conspiracy or the theory that the war in Iraq was about oil. They are smart enough to make sense of the obvious and dumb enough to fill in the rest with fantasy. For example; they know that Bush and Cheney had something to do with oil and that Iraq has oil so they figure out that everything else was made up so that they could make more money. They are so proud of that intellect that they refuse to allow you to cloud that theory with actual facts. Prove me wrong!

Un-American: You believe that capitalism is responsible for all of the worlds problems. Most of these morons actually belong in the above paragraphs but there are a few that actually apply. To separate them you simply start by proving that Bobama is actually a socialist. Then you show them the whole truth about all of the socialist countries who depend so much on our capitalism. By now, those who belong in the first category Will have fallen out. Now you show them how far the world has come since the dawn of the free market (200 years ago) compared to the 10,000 year lack of real progress under socialist and totalitarian governments. If that doesn't budge them and they think BoBama is still right then they are absolutely un-American. Prove me wrong!

Where do we go from here?

I, like many others, have been aggressively trying to make a point by defining my stance in hopes to attract others of the same ilk. The purpose is not to have an Internet discussion on the finer points of being a Conservative but to create a starting line. I think that it is important for you (the reader) to know exactly where I stand and what I'm about before you jump on board. After all, I've created Freedom Front not as an outlet to find followers but as a tool to help amass an army of right thinking individuals who will march along side of me in my quest to prevent the "evil good-doers" from paving our paradise with good intentions. In short, too many of our brothers have paid the ultimate price for our freedom and I'm not about to allow these socialist bastards to screw it up now!

All of that being said, what's the next step?... I don't know. Peering through the foggy lens of history I've seen some things that we can start with but I need help. You must spread this blog to everyone you know, even if they think they're liberal. I realize how hard it is to get people to read about politics (if words were naked chicks it would be much easier) but this is why I am going to start putting more provocative topics into my blog. People read more when they are more emotionally attached. Once we get more people to read we can get more ideas. That is the first step as laid out by Thomas Jefferson. He knew that a single teacher could only tell a story but it took many stories to learn the lesson. We must debate, argue, agree and disagree to truly get our country back.

I am continually educating myself as a way to help sway the misinformed. Remember that (according to Hitler) "education leads to capitalism" and that "miseducation leads to socialism", it's in our hands now to change the path. I have noticed that when you present political questions in a non-political form you often get conservative answers from even the most liberal people. We (along with most animals) are naturally conservative by design. This is why liberals hate guns unless they are being attacked and a cop comes along to save them. It is also why they believe that the earth belongs to no one unless you are trespassing on their land.

This forum is a safe place for us to have spirited debates with the ignorant as well as real idea sharing with each other. I am still reading all of the published works from our forefathers (prior to the revolutionary war) and compiling a "plan" as it were to present for debate. Until then, keep reading and keep spreading the word.

GOD BLESS AMERICA, sincerely: Jimmy Strawn

PS: A great place to read great quotes is available below.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Here we go again

" I have a plan that will put America back to work, stabilize the economy, and increase the money supply." If these words sound familiar there is good reason, after all, you have had them drilled into your head for what feels like an eternity. It was the sudden downturn of the economy during the run up to the election that spelled out the certain doom of the current party of power and delivered the control of both houses and the presidency into the hands of the "progressive socialist extremists" in the Democratic party. But then, the unpopular war and the promise of criminal charges against the president and his cronies for war profiteering along with the "anti-rich" sentiment only worked to seal the deal for the new party of power. It's amazing that people have forgotten that our country had just enjoyed eight of the most prosperous years that it had ever seen. It is equally amazing that people are so willing to "change", even if it means adopting the very same political system that we have so recently fought so hard to defeat.

OK, now the fun stuff. The above paragraph may appear to be a summation of today's political landscape but appearances are often deceiving. As a matter of fact, I was very careful to write this as if today were March 3rd, 1933, the day before the inauguration of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The opening quote is from him and not from Bobama (although he has repeated it in some form or another countless times). The beginning of the campaign that landed F.D.R. in office was plagued with calls of war profiteering against virtually everyone in the previous (Hoover) administration. The Republicans were thought if as war mongers and blamed for Americas involvement in WWI which was considered an "illegal war" by the majority of Americans who, at the time, were generally isolationists. When Hoover entered office the republicans had a 17 seat majority in the senate and a 100 seat majority in the house. There were more jobs then people and the economy was booming in every sector.Then came his final mid-term election in 1930 (two years before the election of F.D.R.). The 72nd congress would still belong to the Republicans but only by 1 seat in the senate and 6 seats in the house. This overturn was mostly attributed to the threat of a second world war due to the aggressions of Germany, Italy and Japan. It was the Democratic platform that America should stay out of it and that Republicans were "chomping at the bit" to engage in yet another war. This strategy was wildly successful and with the economy doing so well it seemed like a win/win decision to vote for the Democrats. Is all of this ringing a bell?

You see, Herb Hoover was a true conservative who deeply believed that "the sole function of government is to bring about a condition of affairs favorable to the beneficial development of private enterprise" and that "prosperity cannot be restored by raids on the public treasury". So while the groundswell permeated through the Democrats in congress to restrain the previously unbridled speculative market he insisted that it would correct itself as it had so many times before. It was his stance that " the constitution did not permit direct federal relief to individuals" and that private entities were responsible for serving humanity, not the government. The congressional Democrats, along with the print media, were very good at picking ideas out of other styles of government and glorifying them as a more fair way of conducting affairs. They used the Nazi idea of labor unions that made Hitler so popular with the working class (which put the rights of the employees above the rights of the employers) and the Marxist theory of redistribution of wealth (which favored those who made no effort to earn money and popularised laziness) to gain political leverage over the republicans.

This new Americanized socialism (as defined by the Democrats that actually called themselves Progressive socialists) was popular because the majority of Americans were resent full of those who had found fortune. The writing was on the wall. The Democrats had unwittingly set in motion the events that would cause the greatest crash in American history. Speculators were already beginning to rebuild themselves in late 1929 after the backlash of "black Thursday" on October 24th (the great stock market crash) which represented the natural correction that Hoover had predicted. Believe it or not, unemployment was beginning to fall in 1930 and it looked like things were going better. Enter the presidential campaign, The print media convinced people that the market crash could have been avoided if the government had intervened and that the Democrats had a plan to fix it for ever. They, along with Hollywood and the American communist party, proclaimed that the new Progressives would represent "hope and inspiration" and they ran on a campaign of "change".

It was this "new deal" that turned a natural market correction into a long, drawn out and devastating depression. It frightens me to look at the incredible similarities between then and now, hopefully it frightens you as well.
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