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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thank You

More than a year ago I introduced my readers to an unknown Senatorial candidate named Marco Rubio. At the time he was hardly a blip on the radar of Charlie Crist, or for most voters for that matter. I walked around preaching the word of Rubio and trying to get the common sense voters to look at him before voting for the liberal Republican.

I just want to say THANK YOU! Thanks for listening to me, thanks for listening to him, and thank you for carrying him up that great political hill.

To read my previous post about Rubio go to http://freedomfront.blogspot.com/2009/07/marco-rubio-effect.html

Presidential Tyranny

Have you ever considered what it means to be diabolic? By strict definition the word dia-bolic means: opposing pressure. The concept is that contradictory forces are purposefully applied in order to prevent movement. In social cases this is known as “tyranny of the mind”. The military uses this tactic to create “war like stress” during training. Drill sergeants give orders to the trainees and punish them for following the orders, if the trainee refuses the orders he is punished the same. The stress created by this is known to be the closest facsimile to battlefield stress and prolonged exposure to this stress provides an opportunity to teach the soldiers how to react to situations under such stress.

I realize our government is not (necessarily) maliciously creating such stress but they are actively causing this tyranny over the minds of Americans. Take our new health care legislation for example; when asked about how the federal government would enforce the mandate that every American purchase insurance, Pelosi suggested that it would be “strictly enforced” Meanwhile, the administration hired countless new IRS agents in order to enforce their new federal law within the states.

Regarding the Arizona law that enforced federal immigration laws: Obama and his administration spent tax money trying to prevent enforcement of this established federal law because he does not like it.

When it comes to states like California and Arizona and their legalization of medical marijuana: Obama’s administration has promised not to pursue action against states which legalize the use of federally prohibited narcotics.

To sum it up.. Obama does not like federal immigration laws so he is actively preventing anyone from enforcing them. Obama does like the federal health insurance mandate so he has hired deputies to enforce it at the threat of violence. Obama does not like the federal law that absolutely prohibits the use of marijuana so he refuses to enforce the law at all.

The duty of the executive branch of government is to enforce the laws that are drawn by the legislative branch. If we have an executor who has chosen, based on his own agenda, which laws will or will not be enforced then we have a public official who is acting to purposefully contradict his duties. We also have a public official who has breached the Constitutionally provided separation of powers.

Regardless of whether this is an act of ignorance or malice, this is, by definition, an act of tyranny.
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