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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Splii Baby Spill!

I don't know if you've heard but there was an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. While the news is telling us about every single bird, turtle, and fish that has been affected (along with unfounded estimates about how many others might have been), we hear little about the Humans who died in the accident.

Let me be the first to say to the families of those who died that my heart goes out to you and I consider your lost family member to have been a hero of sorts. They worked a very tough job so that we would not need to rely as much on imported oil from those who would intend to harm us. Thank you for your great sacrifice!

As for the media, the politicians, the oil companies, and damn near everyone else whose talking about this disaster.. Go F**k yourself! As far as we know, it was an accident. These things do happen. Nobody at BP wanted to pump countless gallons of potential profit into the gulf. Nobody in the government wants the oil to harm the environment. Nobody in the media wants to walk up and down the shore in the stench of salt, dead fish and crude oil. No body who kissed their husband goodbye that day wanted to spend the rest of their life dealing with their loss.

So why has this become a political issue? This is not Obama's fault. This is not Cheny's fault. It was a tragic accident that should have no effect on whether we continue drilling or not. Let's stop trying to blame people, stop using the incident for political capital, stop overstating the impact on the ecology, and start working to fix it.

I, for one, feel for the people at BP. They have been made to be evil, heartless, hatemongers by the media and our President. I think the proper response is to support BP in their time of need. My response has been simple.. For the last month I have purchased all of my gas from BP stations. This is my show of support for everything they are doing to try to make ammense for their mishap.

If you are a reasonable person you should consider doing the same!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Evil of Obama's Democracy

Everywhere I go, I find myself explaining to another undereducated political ostrich what Democracy is and why we are not democratic. Usually, when explaining the part about our being a Republic, these lost souls reply with "oh yeah, like in the national anthem". I realize they are talking about the pledge of allegiance but, well, at least it's a step.

The reason socialists are attracted to democracy is because it is inherently evil. Democracy is basically "mob rule", in that, the majority holds all of the power. The reason there are no democratic businesses is that they would collapse from within. If a business was run by all of its employees then the majority would inevitably vote for more money and demand that the minority take on the responsibility of meeting the budget. In time, the minority would join the majority or simply stop producing.

This is why Jefferson said that "in this republic"..."the majority must always prevail, unless it is at the expense of the minority." The problem we have today is that the majority is voting for things at the expense of the minority. Things like welfare, health care, energy, food, transportation and virtually anything else that our government can claim in the name of social justice. Not only is this anti-American but it is downright evil.. and it must be stopped.

The way I see it we have only two choices, revolt or secede. The former would involve a violent uprising against those who are working to redistribute everything through the power of the majority. This would be very bloody and would likely become a world war of sorts. It is safe to assume that the vast majority of our soldiers would come down on the "Right" side of the battle, as would much of American industry. The capitalists would probably concentrate into the middle of the nation leaving the southwest and northeast to the socialists.

The socialists would need to force themselves on the capitalists. After all, socialism breeds reliance and without the taxes of the wealthy they would need to invade. Many other socialist countries would gladly supply the left with weapons and soldiers to help overthrow the producers in the heartland. For us, the right, it would be very hard to find allies. Only a small handful of countries who rely on our productivity would stand with us so the battle would be he artful but nearly impossible to win. Regardless of the outcome, it feels better to fight to the death in the name of America than to just fold to our conquerors.

The other option, my favorite, is to secede. The left is doing everything they can to take from the rich and give to the poor. At the same time, they are working on amnesty for illegal aliens. So here's my thought.. If all of this nations producers liquidate their possessions and convert them to "tangibles" that can be kept in a protected place outside the reach of the U.S. government, then they can renounce citizenship.

Once they do this, they can take advantage of the movement towards amnesty. This would allow them to stay in the country and drain the government without contributing. With the serious drop in federal income on top of a new class of immigrants draining the social network, the federal government would be forced to fail. The American Socialist Democracy would suffer a complete economical collapse (much like Greece) and the door would be open for those who can rebuild the free market through tangibles.

This is effectively a hostile re-takeover, with no shots fired. Once the nation is back under the rule of the Constitution, we can punish those who led it astray. If you are reading this and considering me seditious then you are confused. I am patriotic, I love our country and swore to defend its fundamental document, the Constitution. It is the movement in support of the Obama doctrine that is seditious. I simply want to put the saddle back on democracy and put the American citizenry back into its rightful place.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Teacher Shmeacher

If there is one thing that I have learned in college, it's that teachers really believe they have all of the answers. To have a sociology professor claim that my logic is flawed and direct me to a University of California paper describing "Fallacy of Logic" is laughable. This professor acted as if anyone who had not graduated from college with a history degree had no place referring to history. This is the definition of "intellectual elite".

I have stated my position on teachers and lawyers before but let me do it again. MOST (not all) teachers became teachers because they were good at going to school but had no idea how to apply knowledge in "the real world". They usually have no real skills but think of themselves as brilliant because they outscored their peers when tested.

There are exceptions to this law. My English Comp professor, for instance, was passionate about teaching. He loved writing and was good at it so he felt obliged to impart his skill on anyone who would choose to learn. He is the teacher by which all others should be gauged,

As for the other kind, they are a joke. Just because you know all of the answers that the book has to offer, you think you are smart. The problem is that teachers NEVER experience the test of application. For the most part, teachers have been taught, they have not learned. Someone can teach you that steel is hard or lead is heavy but you never really learn until you break a few drill bits or drop it on your foot. Working knowledge is almost always better than the theories you've learned in your books.

I frequently hire people from trade schools who can recite all of the rules of electricity and acoustics. I have yet to keep one though. The better employees are the ones whose minds have not been guided, nor restricted, by formal education. They can do the things that "aren't supposed to work" when the educated guys refuse to try.

This applies to everything. There are many history majors who have been taught how our founders were and what they believed so they think they know them. I, on the other hand, chose not to read about our founders, I chose to read their own work. I have read thousands of letters written by Jefferson, Madison, Benjamin Rush, and several other great Americans. I have read letters regarding politics, religion, and even plain old family letters. I have learned their personalities and how others perceived them. I doubt many History teachers have the same knowledge as I but if you ask them, I am ignorant.

The fact is that: if you ask 30 soldiers how a battle went, you will get 30 different answers. The guy in the front might say that it was fast paced and scary but successful. The last guy in might say that it was a bloody failure and that it took forever. Chances are, the last guy left the Army to become a teacher.

The point is: Don't expect me to respect you simply because you have completed the necessary tasks to earn a teaching degree. I will respect you as a person until I see you using your position of authority to propagate your political opinions, at that point, you become my ideological enemy.
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