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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Face of Islam

It seems like every time we turn around some Muslim group is making a great effort to piss us off. Meanwhile the other part of the Islamic world, that is the majority, stands by and quietly condones their actions. At least, that is the way it feels.

Just Imagine how you would act if you were a Christian and small but powerful factions of Christians were sweeping the world and forcing, at the point of a sword, every group they encounter to convert to your religion. I would think you would be torn, enough so that you begin rationalizing your response (or lack thereof) in order to ease their conscience. Part of you is afraid of becoming a target of those who are spreading right through wrong. Another part of you may want to stand up for the victims and fight for their right to deny or even hate your religion. For most people, they would turn their eyes from the evils and accept that the ends justifies the means.

This is exactly what happened roughly 500 years ago when the Christians did exactly that, they ran around the world forcing their religion on everyone they met. Meanwhile, millions of "real" Christians stood by and allowed virtual genocide. It is a part of our history that we are afraid to think of because it is downright shameful, at the same time, most of us are kind of, for lack of a better term, happy with the results. The international acceptance of Christianity feels pretty good compared to what people must have experienced a thousand years ago.

Nearly 500 years after Christ brought his message to the middle east, another great profit unified the religions of that territory. The Muslims believe that their profit was sent by God to bring peace to the world but that he was merely human but nearly as perfect as any human could be. They worship his actions not his divinity. Their Bible is very similar to the Christian Bible and they believe in all of the same things, in fact, they consider Christ to be an important profit as well. They are not much different than Christians were at the same time (roughly 1500 years) in their history.

Some time in our future, the Muslims will come to accept Christians as brothers, just as Christians consider Jews to be our brothers now. While Christians have added Christ and his teachings to the Bible of the Jews, Muslims have added their own profit to our Bible. The fact is; we are all in this together, Christians, Jews, Muslims and nearly every other faith that celebrates a single God came from the Zoroastrians that were handed the very first instruction manual so long ago.

Knowing this, it is time to reconsider a few unfounded and unreasonable opinions. First of all, we tend to look at all Islamic people with some level of suspicion. It is hard to tell the good from the bad just by looking into their eyes. Imagine again what it must have been like for good Christians during the Crusades. Maybe we should consider the often repeated phrase "trust but verify" when confronted by this suspicion. It is wrong to condemn people for the actions of those who claim to lead them.

Regarding the proposed building of the Islamic worship center near "ground zero", I refuse to make any effort to stop them. I would be violently opposed to anyone who would prevent me from expressing my right to practice my religion in any place where I choose under the guise of hatred for the actions of some radical christian group. This freedom is Guaranteed by our Constitution and I am not one to pick and choose which rights we protect based on popularity. Having said that, I think it was a senseless move by those who intend to do it. If my religion had been hijacked by a group of radical thugs and crashed into Mecca I would certainly avoid rubbing salt into those wounds. These morons must know that they are starting something with this and it is only driving a bigger wedge between the two cultures.

If you are Muslim I want you to know that I respect your religion but you need to work towards a change in leadership. Believe me, I feel your pain... I would hate to be judged, as an American, by the actions of President Obama and it is very difficult to bring society to help me make that change in leadership. It is, however, vital to the future of America for me, and others like me, to work tirelessly to bring the necessary cultural changes to our nation. It is equally necessary for you to do the same.
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