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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gun Control?

The recent SCOTUS decision regarding gun bans and the 14th amendment, along with the tragic murders of two Tampa police officers last night, has driven me to reconsider my position on certain things. I realize this may come as a shock to my right wing brethren but I am ready to support a ban which could drastically decrease the number of innocent Americans being killed at the point of a gun.

Mayor Daley, of Chi-town, made a great case for a ban when he pointed out that 100,000 Americans are shot each year and eight die each day from gunshots. From that I decided to look into Chicago's crime statistics. I found that more than 77% of violent deaths, including domestic murders, shared one key ingredient. I also found that the same ingredient played a large role in forced robberies and personal crimes.

To know that, in the case of robberies, we could have prevented deaths for all but 4% of the victims by simply placing a ban on the specific cause of those death, it helps me put aside my concerns regarding the constitutionality of the ban. In fact, I am willing to forget that little part of the Constitution and enforce a Nationwide ban that would serve to put a stop to the vast majority of crime around the country.

Yes, it is time to put aside your own reservations (as freedom loving conservatives) and stand up for a complete and total ban on African Americans! What did you think I was going to say, ban guns? That would only invite new crimes. The fact is that Blacks commit more crimes than whites. It's true, in Chicago, only 4% of the murders committed during robberies are by white guys. At the same time, more than 77% of all gun crimes in Daley's little corner of Heaven were initiated by the squeeze of a black man's finger on a trigger.

Now back to reality.. For you morons who think that it is okay to forget the second amendment in order to quell crime, you are wrong! For any twisting of evidence that you can show me which gives some level of credence to your theory that gun bans lower violence, I can show you indisputable evidence that banning colored people would have a far greater effect. Let me say that BOTH IDEAS ARE RIDICULOUS!

I know for a fact that guns are no more responsible for crime than the color of a fellow's skin is. People pull triggers, not skin color, and triggers never pull themselves. There is a violent culture out there that has been adopted by the majority of young, poor urbanites. Most of them are black but that is a result, not a cause.

The left has proven to me that they can significantly change the political and economical landscape through social movements so why don't they spend some of that energy in changing the cultural landscape the same way. It is the left that glorifies the "gangsta" lifestyle, it is also the left that celebrates a culture of ignorance on MTV, BET and other social outlets. Seriously, they've convinced kids that capitalism is evil but murder is cool, WTF?

Friday, June 25, 2010

HEADLINE NOVEMBER 3: Republicans Suffer Unexpected Defeat

I am hearing the pundits predicting a strong presence by the Republican challengers to the Democratic congressional majority this November. It seems reasonable right? I mean, between the Tea Party movement and the clear "anti-incumbent" movement in the electorate, the Republicans are sure to win.

Not so fast! Sure it looks good for the right today, but what is coming down the pipe? Well, let me "splain" it to you.. This current movement towards the right is very similar to that of the first term of the FDR administration. He and his congressional majority had marched in to office and begun chomping at individual liberties (in the name of civil liberties) at a record pace. They pummeled the legislature with law after law in response to a chain of events that added up to a defined National Crisis.

At this point in the FDR years, he had created a huge recovery fund under the promise of fixing the economy but had only spent a portion of it. The conservative momentum from that huge spending bill seemed unstoppable and polls around the country reflected that momentum. As the mid term elections neared and the campaigns shifted into high gear, something started to change. FDR began to filter that un-spent money into strategic places, thus giving him and his party an un-noticed advantage.

It is my contention that our current administration is following the same playbook and will get similar results. Sadly, I predict a great disappointment after the November elections and I fear a much greater crisis in the coming years. Yes, Obama is going to get help on multiple levels and, like FDR, he will come out smelling like a rose. I know you think I'm crazy but let me explain my theory.

First, the economic indicators.. Unemployment, GDP, and inflation are three major economic indicators, in that, they seem to be directly attached to the state of our economy to the public at large. You can expect Obama to strictly monitor these indicators and use federal programs to artificially enhance them. The new banking control, for example, gives the government a great deal of power over interest rates, thus allowing control over inflation. They also use short term infrastructure projects (funded by the stimulus package) to lower unemployment for the near future. That is, at least until the projects are finished. New federal mandates regarding pollution, green jobs , and real estate can force a spike in the GDP and reflect well on the policies of the left.

Second, tactical windfall spending.. Obama and his minions have, no doubt, analyzed the state of the political arena. They know which markets are very unlikely to support a Democrat, very likely to support a Democrat, and those who are undecided. For those areas where Obama is sure that the Democrats will hold their seats, there will be very little stimulus money to go around. It will be the "swing" areas who get the most money. Obama will funnel money into local economies to make it appear that everyone else is getting the same level of help and thus, voters will be convinced that his programs are working for everyone. As for the strongly conservative areas, the battle between the RINOs and the Tea Parties will likely leave liberals with the plurality and the victory.

Third, the Bush Tax cuts... The Bush tax cuts are expected to expire next year and the wealthy are no dummies. If they can find a way to make their money this year while they can still keep it they will. The sudden increase in reported income will give the appearance that the economy has gotten better and even the rich will seem to be feeling the benefits of the Obama policies.

Finally, catastrophe... The Gulf Oil disaster is only the beginning, something else is on the way. It may be natural or it may be man made but the next tragedy is in the works. More than likely it will be much smaller than the media will make it out to be. It could be an illness, a death in the family, a riot, maybe an attempt on his life, who knows? Whatever it is, Obama will find a well timed burst in popularity because people will see a new level of humanity from the exalted one.

The trouble is that, next year, the wealthy will show less profit. They will be afraid to spend what they do make for fear of whatever socialist policies are yet to come from the still powerful Democratic majority. After the election the stimulus money will run out and in the beginning of next year they will have to address that shortfall. Soon after that, the short term projects will start wrapping up and unemployment will start to rise. This is what happened when Clinton provided short term funding for law enforcement across the nation. That funding stopped and cities were left unable to pay the new police and they were forced to let them go. The control over economic indicators will slowly slip through Obama's fingers and people will find themselves locked into another great depression.

This is why the recession of the 1920s became the Great Depression of the 1930s. This is also why we are facing the hardest times of our lives. I'm not trying to scare you, in stead, I'm trying to warn you. The only way we can prevent the repeat of this cycle is through education. Call out the left as they do the things that I've predicted. Remember this post and return to it in October. Show your friends just how things have gone as I've said and how they will continue as they have before. Now get out there and do your part, do it for those who do not see, do it for your children!

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Carrington Flare

It was late August, in the year 1859, many Americans were sitting down to read the newly published "Tale of Two Cities" when suddenly the night sky began to glow red. The fire in the sky drew attention from people all around the world but there was very little panic, in fact most were just fascinated.

By September 2nd, the telegraph machines in boston were so overwhelmed with power that the operators actually unplugged their batteries and allowed the system to run only on the power provided by the atmosphere. The better part of electrical consumption in those days was the widespread and international use of the telegraph, which was visible by the rats nest of wires that ran through the cities.

The curious wonder of the event was short lived though, as electric wires all over America and Europe started to burst into flames. Homes and businesses were destroyed and lives were shattered. Named for the astronomer who first recorded seeing the event unfold weeks earlier, the Carrington event was never considered a catastrophie but would be recorded as the weirdest solar event ever. The lasting aurora was visible as far south as Cuba.

The strongest solar flare in modern history occured in 1989 and cut power to an entire Canadian Province. The 1859 Carrington event was at least three times stronger. While normal solar flares take about four days to reach earth, the Carrington flare took just less than 18 hours to impact our fragile planet. It was that intense speed that allowed it to penetrate our natural magnetic defenses.

Now fast forward to today, a time when electromatic energy (in the form of electronic circuitry) provides us with almost everything we rely on. Todays electronics are far more sensative then the rough wires of the 1850s, and far more integrated into our lives. Just think about our communications, climate control, food storage, cars, airplanes, military weapons and nearly everything we touch in our daily lives. Imagine if every chip in the world failed at one time.

Well, if you haven't heard, the cycle has come back around. Scientists at NASA have established a cycle for this type of radical solar regurgitation and, according to them, that cycle repeats around 2013. Yes, three years from now we might be cutting our lawns as planes start falling from the skys. Fires might spark up all over the world and computer controlled weapons could do... well, who knows what could happen.

If you have not read my warning to prepare yourself for the worst, you should consider it now. This could be another Y2K style empty threat or it could be the biggest thing since global warming. Now that you have read a little history about the damage caused in 1859, you can decide for yourself just how valid the threat really is.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dead Beat Dad PAC

Dead Beat Dads... it sounds so dirty. The evil of being a dead beat dad is so obvious to all on the outside but is it deserved?

Clearly there are those who earn good money but hide it from their former spouses for personal reasons but what about the rest? I have found that a great deal of great fathers have been forced into dead beat status by the very system that punishes them for that title. It's complicated but let me try to explain..

Imagine having a good solid career in a luxury industry, something like a pool salesman or a consumer electronics retailer. You find yourself working lots of overtime so that your wife can stay home and take care of your small children.

During this time, to your dismay, you find out that your loving wife has been loving someone else. You enter into a divorce and a child support obligation is assigned by the state that reflects your past income.

Now that you are divorced, and lonely, you drop a few hours to try to rebuild your life and try to re-establish social interaction. The state continues to force you to pay as if you were still working the overtime hours because "you chose to lower your income".

As time goes on, the economy begins to slump and the sales of consumer electronics takes a dramatic nose-dive. Along with this, your income splits in half. You go to court to try to lower the support obligation but the judge decides that you must continue to pay the original amount because he feels you are still just as capable of making money but you are intentionally lowering your income in spite.

When you make $50k and pay $13k, everyone is happy, but when you make $25k and are still required to pay $13k it gets real hard to pay your bills. Suddenly things are being taken from you, your car is re-claimed by the bank and your home goes into foreclosure. There is simply not enough work to make all of the payments and, with virtually no other experience, it is nearly impossible to get another job. Even fast food restaurants turn you down because they consider you "over-qualified".

Losing your vehicle and being forced to move in with friends or family, you find increasingly difficult to get to work and your paychecks start to suffer worse. Now you are making less than your support obligation and accruing debt with the state while barely making enough to get by. Now think about this, back when things were going great you met a perfect girl and married her. Before the economy turned bad, you decided to have a child with your new wife. Having lost your car, your home, and possibly your wife and young child you would be willing to do anything to make things work.

In desperation, you take a huge risk and enlist in the Military. Knowing that it would be years before you could make the money you once had, you accept the fact that your bold risk would be difficult for your family but could bring a basic sense of stability.

Then it happens, you find yourself in the troop medical center being told that you have sustained an injury that would permanently restrict the use of your dominant arm and that they would be discharging you as a result of that disability. Now, back at home, having endured painful surgery and nearly a year of rehabilitation in hopes of regaining some use of your arm, you are ready to re-enter the work force.

It is difficult to find work when 70% of the consumer electronics companies in your area have closed down and you are forced to compete with hundreds of unemployed applicants, who have no physical limitations, regardless of how good you once were. During the 18 months since you have returned from the Army, you have earned nothing and thus, paid nothing in child support. Just as you finally find a job, the state sends you notice that they would suspend your license if you do not pay the $17k owed in back child support. Well, so much for the job.

In the end, you have given every ounce of yourself to a system that has made it progressively more difficult to meet your obligations. You have sacrificed your home, your car, your wife, your children, your dignity, and even the use of your right arm in an attempt to do the right thing. Imagine, if you would, what it is like to give all of this up only to be tagged a "dead beat dad."

Obviously this story is not a random example of what might happen, it has happened. In fact, since I have forced myself to work harder to try to rebuild my life, I have seriously re-injured my right arm and will require another attempt at surgery. Beyond that, my left shoulder has suffered from the overcompensation and might require some amount of surgery as well.

Yes, this is my story. I know, from talking with others, that I am not alone. Many men are beaten down by a mixture of circumstance and a ridiculous system, and those men are living with the stigma of being a dead beat dad.

Now I am asking for help! I don't want your money, I want something else, something bigger. I suggest that, with more than half of Americans being divorced, there has to be a way to fix the system. I want to start a Dead Beat Dad PAC. Imagine how powerful we can be if we unite and offer political backing for those who would stand up for us. I have several ideas that would make it easier for the man to succeed while the mother gets what she needs rather than driving the father into the ground and hurting everyone.

Please send this to every divorced man you know and help me unify a group of good people who just need a little support so they might support their own.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stock Up!

The faint smell of gun control is not from a distant memory but a warning of things to come. With the increase of border violence, the pain of the economy, and the power grab by our government, we are fast approaching a major movement against firearms. Like the stench of a coming storm, we are about to be hit by an anti-gun tsunami.

Think about it this way; The president of Mexico just passed through and blamed their violence on our lack of gun control (Obama agreed). The "state" of Chicago is about to test the recent Supreme Court decision on the D.C. gun ban. Liberals are feeling very powerful right now and, once the next election surprises the conservatives by going more liberal, the left will start pressing the issue.

Now is a good time to prepare for the storm. The wise thing to do, assuming you're a reasonable human being, is to arm yourself. I'm not suggesting that we prepare for some kind of war or anything but there are several good reasons to get ready.

First, we had a cold winter this year and a mild hurricane season last summer. This does not necessarily mean anything but it could be an omen. If the storm of storm comes through, especially with the flood of oil in the gulf, things could get ugly. It is reasonable to assume that the Katrina incident might be relived in your town. If so, there may be problems getting food, water, and fuel into the affected areas. Gangs of hungry, desperate people might come looking to relieve you of your supplies. It might come down to you or them.

Second, the terrorist potential. Never underestimate the possibility of a major terrorist attack, one that would bring the better part of the nation to a complete hault. How long would you last if the stores close down for a couple of weeks?

Third, civil unrest. With the virasity of today's political conflict, we could be edging toward a major event that might cause mass riots. A Boston Tea Party type of event or something like the Kent State shootings could spark major upheaval. Furthermore, what if, God forbid, some idiot takes a shot at Obama? Having seen what happened when a thug like Rodney King gets beaten by a few white cops, imagine what the riots would be like if the first black president is assassinated. You might be at work when the news hits and, on the way home, some thug pulls you out of your truck and beats you to death.

There's also the possibility of a global conflict. It's not far fetched to imagine an invasion, especially with the collapse of the global economy. We are the sole nation of wealth. Not so much the money but the resources. We would be an inviting target to a gang of failing countries, especially if we are politically divided.

The point is: Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. There is no harm in being ready. Go out and get yourself some food, water, fuel, and bullets.. Turn them over once in a while but keep a stock of those things that are important. Don't forget to consider the little things... diapers, toilet paper, soap, bug spray (when power goes out the bugs come in). Keep your Ice maker and gas tank full, make friends with your neighbors, and have a plan.
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