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Friday, July 31, 2009

Talk about a "Majic Negro"

Budweiser? Are you for real? I mean... What self respecting elitest drinks that crap? Look, I understand that many of you have no taste for beer so you settle for the carbonated urine and I get that the commercials are worthy of product support but there are so many great choices out there.

OK, maybe I'm a beer snob but I was really caught off guard by that choice. I was thinking that he (Obama) would reach for something a little more rich and flavorful like the other guys did. Blue Moon and Sam Adams Light are perfectly good beers and have never had to disguise their taste behind the fumes of racecars burning circles on a nearby track. I'm just saying!

Regardless, the whole "beer summit" was a joke. The entire point was missed as it floated away into the sea of media favoritism on which Mr. Obama seems so unbelievably boyent. The undeniable fact that the good professor was more concerned with his own race then the situation that drew the police to begin with was not the point that drew the interest. That behavior from the educated idiots that have been teaching victemhood to our kids since the 1960s has become the accepted norm... like it or not.

The fact that the police were called because someone was forcing their way into a house, however, is a little more newsworthy. I find it refreshing to hear that the "no snitching" policy that has consumed much of our culture is not a universal fault. I'd hope that my neighbors would have the courage to call the police rather than ignore any suspicious behavior that might not affect them.

The real point of the story was the "knee jerk reaction" of our deeply racist president. You see, for starters, this guy was elected to office on race alone. He got a job without showing a resume, without citing any experience or history of work ethic. He had no merit to point at or accomplishments to highlight. He was chosen simply because he was the "black Democrat".

Beyond that, he has a history of racist behavior and "hate speech" (as defined by the left). Remember when he said that "the Warren Court didn't go far enough" and that "the Constitution was a flawed document". He was expressing a desire to force the white population to pay "repairations" through the redistribution of wealth and his intent to make that desire a reality through judicial activism. It was not presented as an attempt to punish criminals for crimes.... No, he wants to punish an ENTIRE RACE for activities of people who are no longer alive. People who, by the way, were acting well within the laws of the day. Granted, I do not believe that slavery was Constitutional even then but then neither did most Republicans of the day. It was the Democrats that fought emancipation so hard for so long so by his logic it seems we should punish those who have volunteered to join the group that gave us slavery instead of the whites who just happened to be born that way.

You see, the beauty of the "knee jerk" reaction is that it is a window to the soul. Mr. Obama admitted that he had no real details and lacked the facts but was sure, by instinct, that it was the white cops that "acted stupidly" when they confronted the black victim... I mean professor. So if you were too lost in your Obama love to see all of the previous evidence of his hatred for the whites then maybe you saw his soul when he, for a moment, left down his guard and spoke without the benifit of his political filter. Maybe now you will take a fresh look at his words and actions of the past and see that you have made a grave mistake in supporting his demolition of the American way of life and join us in removing his power by voting only for those who would oppose all of his socialist nonsense.

Probably not though. I mean, if you will join us then I love you for it but most of you had no nads to begin with. You lacked the testicular fortitude to go against the populus and look through the marketing to see the real candidate and that's why you slung your vote in his direction. Then you couldn't muster the courage to question your decision when he began taking control of your choice of which bank to use, what lightbulb to install, what car to buy, what health care provider to rely on and how many people you can hire. Now you just sit back and take the beating because you hate to be wrong... Please.... Don't be that guy.

I dare you... no.. I double dog dare you to challenge me on any statement that I've made. Please show me where I'm wrong, today or any other day. Show me that you have the courage and intellect to defend your piss poor decision, make me look like an idiot for what I believe in! Grab your skittles and make your opinion heard and we will engage in a real discussion about the the reality of what it is to be a Patriotic American!

Oh and I didn't make up the "Majic Negro" thing so don't start! Look it up, you'll get it.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Marco Rubio Effect

Throuout the span of my political interest there has been one question that has haunted me. I must have been asked a thousand times, by those who are truly concerned, "what can one person do"? I do understand how frustrating it is to look around and feel intimidated by the power of the masses who spend their time concentrating on who to vote for on American Idol rather than what's happening in Washington. You feel like you're fighting a forrest fire with a squirt gun.

Well, have I got great news for you! Your chance to be a great hero is banging on your door and pleeding for your help, especially if you live here in the sunshine state.

Allow me to introduce you to Marco Rubio. He represents the kind of uphill battle against impossible odds that everyone dreams of winning. He will be opposing Charlie Crist in the upcoming primaries for the newly open Florida Senate seat.

I know what you're thinking, Charlie is a good republican and has a great chance of winning against any would be democratic challenger. You're probably right, he is a lockstep Republican (wich is a really bad thing) and has a great chance of beating a Democrat (which is not necessarily a win for us).

Keep in mind that mr Crist not only supported the stimulus package but campaigned for it. He is a very liberal republican who really just does what he thinks is popular so that he can gain power. Please, look up his policies and see what he's done. I could list out what he's been wrong in but I would rather leave that for you... for now. You are less likely to really understand if I spell it out for you then if you discover it for yourself.

On the same note, I'd like for you to check out Marco Rubio. He is, by all accounts, a real common sense conservative with an interest in rescuing our country rather than gaining power. Please visit his website and listen to what he's saying.

The reason that this is so important is this.. We have an opportunity to propell the common sense underdog to a victory over one of the most popular governors in the nation. The media frenzy that would insue would boost the morale of all of those who have been driven into submission by the historical hammering of reason by the thoughtless voting masses. There would be a groundswell of optimism and an energetic offensive that would force other politicians to start moving back towards the right for fear that they too might fall to a broadening sense of urgency by the right wing majority of thinking individuals.

The point is that we can change the actions of politicians with just one devastating blow to the gut of popular politics. It doesn't matter that these guys are only acting out of fear while maintaining their lack of true patriotism. We just need to slow the progress of the left until we can drag more good Americans out of the woodwork and push them into office to help bring this nation around and get it headed back in the right direction.

We must pay close attention though. As much as you will notice that Crist will start leaning to the right again during the primaries, others will do the same. Don't let them lull you into the trap, they are only speaking your language so that they can retain your votes. They will also threaten you with the prospect of giving up their seat to a Democrat should you throw your support behind a "less popular" or "unelectable" canidate.

There is no such thing as "throwing away your vote". These clowns know that they need every vote in order to win so they do tons of research. They look at those who vote against them and try to find a way to gain those votes. If they see you as someone who disagrees with them but will vote for them anyway as the lesser of two evils then they will count you as a vote won and make no effort to appease you. This is why our presidents have been able to move so far left. McCain knew that most people would never support Ron Paul or Allen Keyes out of fear of Obama or Hillary so he was comfortable just staying a little right of them while moving as far left as he could to secure the undecideds. Well, look where that got us!

If you're not in Florida you can still work with this. Start talking about Rubio, make him a national hero. If people are talking about him all across America then People here will be forced to look at him and we could actually pull this thing off.

Now you know what one person can do. Go out and talk to people, make sure that you say the name "Marco Rubio" to at least one person every day and you will have been a part of the single most important movement that has ever taken place. You will be telling your grandchildren about the time when socialism almost took over America and how you were a big part in its defeat. You will be an American Hero!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Healthcare.. The Final Word

The devil visited a lawyer's office and made him an offer. "I can arrange some things for you, " the devil said. "I'll increase your income five-fold. Your partners will love you; your clients will respect you; you'll have four months of vacation each year and live to be a hundred. All I require in return is that your wife's soul, your children's souls, and their children's souls rot in hell for eternity."

The lawyer thought for a moment. "What's the catch?" he asked.

I did a quick search and found 161 jokes about how slimey lawyers are. But then I've found millions of pages full of facts that prove those jokes to be right! So how is it that the vast majority of our current leaders are lawyers. Think about it, who would you rather take care of your home, family and finances.. a lawyer or a successfull businessman? But then the lawyers have you so afraid of lawsuits these days that you might have answered with "lawyer".

Therein lies the problem. This legal mafia has forced us to pay them to protect us from their wrath, not unlike the mobsters of long ago who would beat the shop owner into submission and offer him a chance to pay a percentage of his income (a tax if you will) for protection.

Our "healthcare problem" is no different. The simple fact is that we have the best healthcare system in the world, bar none! Our problem is in the cost of that care.. more to the point.. the cost of protection from lawyers that is imposed by lawyers which are facilitated by those lawyers that now run our once great country.

Since the logical place to start is at the beginning, and we are talking about government, we will start in the middle.

When you have a problem with your plumbing you call a plumber and he gives you a quote. You can compare that quote to others and find what you think to be the best service for the best price. These plumbers know this and are bound by the free market to keep price and service affordable so that they can stay in business. If a customer feels that his price was too high for the service he will fire that plumber, that is, never use him again. Plus he is likely to tell his friends and the plumber will likely lose his business. That's how our country was supposed to work.

Enter the scum sucking lawyer! The customer has had a problem that caused damage to his home. He retains a lawyer who offers him riches beyond his wildest dreams as a form of punishment towards the plumber. That plumber loses his business and the net result is the same as it would have been had the homeowner simply fired him. Now that may seem fair but wait.. what is the gross result?

Other plumbers are now faced with the reality that one single customer can destroy them should they make a single mistake. As a form of protection they reach out to an insurance company to help build a financial cushion to absorb the potential lawsuits. Insurance companies have to build a cushion as well. They have to build a "risk pool". This means that they must secure enough money from enough companies that are unlikely to be sued to balance out the risk of one that may.

The cost of this legal protection is now built in to the price, that is, we must pay for parts, labor and now protection. Once the lawyers realized how much money was in the insurance pot they started going for much more. It was no longer about repairing the problem and making up for lost wages, it was about redistributing wealth. The insurance companies were forced to raise their prices to replenish the pot and that cost was forced on to the plumbers who passed it on to us.

Now that the cost of plumbing was too high for average homeowners to pay they are forced to enter a risk pool of their own. They are being forced to pay for protection against a toilet overflow that may never happen. They will spend years paying a monthly premium that will amount to hundreds of times the cost of parts and labor that would've been charged before the threat of lawsuits.

So what happens when the lawsuits create a gap between the cost of insurance and the income of those who are forced to have it. It's simple, go after those who have the means to pay for that plumbing and can afford the risk without entering the pool. That's where politics come in. The lawyers decide to make the masses feel angry because many are at risk of a plumbing disaster and cannot afford the insurance while the rich get away scott free.

The lawyers use that anger to drum up overwhelming support and move into public office where they can force those rich people, through legislation, to enter the pool and pay a higher premium in order to lower the cost to those who cannot afford it.

At the end of the day what has changed? The homeowner is still paying for a service that they might not use, the cost of parts is still the same, the plumber makes the same amount of money for his labor, the insurance company assumes the same amount of risk and the lawyers are now making far more money and have gained much more power! Is that the change you wanted?

Oh, something else has changed too. The rich guy is now paying out more than before. He is forced to fill that gap by making a change of his own. How many times have you been hired by a poor person? How many jobs are created by the bum on the corner? Are you poor? How many people have you hired lately? The rich guy is the one who pays our wages. He buys our product and supports our services. If you take money from the rich guy he will simply buy less, use less and hire fewer people. That's a fact!

So who are you hurting? How many plumbers have just given up because they can't pay the price or take the risk of staying in business? How many insurance companies have fallen to the greed of lawyers who have crushed any hope of profit in the name of fairness. How many of us live with our leaky faucets rather than dedicate our grocery money to an insurance company that would, no doubt, drop us should we actually need them because they have been burned by lawyers so many times.

Obviously I was referring to our healthcare situation and not plumbing but for some reason people think that they have a right to free health care so they refuse to listen to reason. Let me set it straight... HEALTHCARE IS NOT A RIGHT! Not unlike plumbing protection, it is simply a goal. Companies once offered health insurance as an insentive to work for them. It replaced a higher wage and helped draw in those who had proven themselves in order to make a company more successful.

The thought was that you would be more likely to apply yourself if you were promised a better life for doing so. I know that in todays climate that sounds like a radical concept but once upon a time they only rewarded the winners. That drove many to make an extra effort to win and brought the world from the horrible place it was before this country was formed to the amazing place it is now.

The new proposals for health reform will absolutly cause the collapse of the entire global healthcare system! Over the past 100 years it has been our free market that has driven medical research around the world. Any breakthrough that has come out of socialist systems owes itself to us. They built from the shoulders of our research and our economy. Medication in Canada is only cheap there because we pay the difference here. Heart transplants in Germany can only take place because we provided the capitol for the research. England can only offer free education to it's healthcare providers because we wrote the books.

Don't fool yourself, the only people who will gain from free healthcare are our lawyers and politicians. The rest of the world will most definatly lose!

Fun fact.. Almost half of todays congressmen were lawyers and more than 70% of those are Democrats. That's not to say that all lawyers are bad but then how can you tell them apart when they've made a career of supressing evidence.

Friday, July 10, 2009


I'f you are anything like me it's safe to say that the Obama administration terrifies you. As it should, but this seems like the new political trend. Think about it... George Bush and the republican party had the threat of terrorism to lean on to ensure a place in office after 9/11.

It was so bad that they were willing to slide very far left on the economy and other social issues because we (the right wing) were terrified at the potential for another cataphostrophic attack by Al Quieda. They knew that this political capital was the Ace in the pocket that allowed them to collect more (independant) voters and succeed in the greatest duty of a politician... to get elected!

I resent them for this, I also resent the left for being so weak on national security that the republicans got away with it. Had the left grown a pair then the terrorists that call themselves Republicans would have been forced to move back towards their base and we would again have a solid party to back.

But then... Maybe it was a good thing. After all, we gave them lots of rope and most of them hung themselves. Now we know who is really on our side and who is just using the "R" and the threat of the "D" to buy votes.

We the people really need to start scouring our local government for a real conservative American to put up for president in three years. That along with a groundswell next year, is our only chance of passing a recognizable America on to our children.

Sorry, I was side tracked. Mr Obama is obviousle taking advantage of the terocracy as well. He is threatening us with all kinds of nightmares like a failing economy and a global thermal catastrophie. He and the dirtbags in congress are readily selling out our country in a great trade of freedom for security. A trade from which they will be the only victors.

The new government dependancy will force us to keep its archetects in office for the fear of collapse should anyone take away our support. It was the way of Marx and will be the new world order.

If you agree with me then you are done reading this post, go be with your family and have a good night. If not then please grab your life partner or whatever and read on.. maybe you just need to understand whats going on.

America.. This is the general Idea of our country as built by our patriarchs (forefathers). The idea was to create a large number of small groups with a master (federal) government that, above all, would grant three rights. Life, Liberty and the Persuit of Happiness. There was no right to healthcare or equal success for equal effort. The federal government was not to be concerned with your right to be married or your right to not be offended. No right to a home or free energy, just the right to persue all of those things..AT YOUR OWN RISK!

These communities were to compete for residents by creating political systems that would make them desirable for others to leave their own and build where they were most comfortable. These communities would be losely guided by small city governments who would be even more losely guided by their state government. The plan was to create interstate competition in order to drive progress while keeping the playing field level.

The task of leveling the playing field involved basic necessities such as keeping a currency that had equal value and securing the states from outside forces. Not determining a specific minnimum or maximum wage but allowing success to flourish. The governments job was to back contracts, nomatter how absurd, not to intervein and regulate the terms of a contract. This means that, in a free America, I can charge a million bucks to use my restroom and if they are willing to pay it then I shouldn't be fined with a windfall profit tax for their stupidity. At the same time, the government must make sure that I can not prevent you from building your own restroom and undercutting my profit. This is what we call "The Free Market".

UnAmerican... This is what you are if you like the Obama doctrine. You think that equal and fair are the same thing. They are most definatly not. You think that if I build a restroom and you build a restroom then the government should take my windfall profit and give to those who need to use the restroom so that they can equally distribute that money back to us. That is equal... but not at all fair.

You think that we all have a right to healthcare but we do not. It was your regulations and lawsuits that have driven the cost of care out of range of average citizens and have provided for an insurance monopoly. So now that you've hurt everyone you want to take away from those who have earned and spread it equally to those who have not... equal but not at all fair!

You feel that the government can limit the risk of failure by simply limiting someone elses success... equal but not at all fair! You buy into the global warming myth because it shows that you care and that is important to you. You want everyone else to drive a matchbox car because you think they are simply too dumb to see your side and you are secretly jealous of their success... Equal but really not even close to fair.

You refuse to let us keep score at sporting events because you hate that my kid is so much more talented than yours... equal but not fair, plus just plain retarded.

You want those who act in violent hate against others to be punished not for the act but for their opinions (unless, that is, the victim is a white guy). Hell, that's not even equal or fair.

In America the things that you believe should be spread equally were once the things that were offered as a reward for hard work and enginuity. Companies offered free healthcare to those who had brought a little extra to the table. A house was your reward for being responsible with your earnings. Unbridaled success was the American dream and was the fuel that powered progress across the highway of capitalism.

Remember... Before us there was socialism. Along with the freedom from failure came the freedom from success and the lack of motivation. For tens of thousands of years our socialist ancestors used horses for transportation, hand delivered messages for communication and bloodlettings for medicine. Look where we are after only 200 years of a free market. I know you're afraid but please don't drag the rest of us down because you lack the courage to succeed!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Obama gonna fix it!

I must admit.. There are more than a few reasons that I've been slowing my pace when writing in my blog. Not the least of which is the overwhelming frustration with what's happening to my country. The fact is that I have less time to get to my computer now and I'm forced to choose my topics more wisely. The problem is that there are so many things going on around us that I can't decide what to tackle.

By the way.. Did you hear that Michael Jackson died? I was guessing you might have. So did you see all of the news coverage about the SEVEN rockets that were launched from North Korea or did you notice that congress is finally working on a solution on the college football playoff system. Perhaps you caught all of the protests against Bush's "illegal war" in Afghanistan.

Oh, that's right, it's Obamas war so nobody is taking time away from their busy days in the unemployment line to count a tally of dead Americans or storm the media with complaints about how we should leave those innocent insurgents alone. I find it funny that there was so much protest against Bush for his clearly necessary war in Iraq but now that it's the "savior" in the office there is no doubt that we should storm Afghanistan. I mean, I could make a case that this is a far worse idea than any previous invasion but the media seems to be holding Obamas hand and lulling us all to sleep. If you take issue with my assessment then please let me know. I'd love the opportunity to take one of you pinko commies to the mat in a debate over the justification of both attacks.

So now the body of my topic. I was in the unemployment office today to pick up some papers for the VA (they have an office there). I decided to hover around for a while and listen to some conversations. As my 14 year old daughter would put it.. OMG! If you really want to feel better about our economy you should try it yourself.

First of all there were nothing but SUVs outside with Obama stickers and 26" rims. These people left their children in the car with the engine running and the 15" flip down TVs playing cartoons. I think of the "carbon footprint" of that parking lot and laugh. Did these morons hear anything that Obama promised other than "free money"?

So inside I heard alot of complaints from one person to the next about the inefficiency of the system. I even heard one guy say "this mess is so f'd up it's almost as bad as a full time job". Wait... what? Yes he did, he truly said that.

There were lots of people who were angry that they were expected to spend time looking for work while collecting an unemployment check that "just wasn't enough". I could not hold it in, it was like chewing on a wasp nest and the stinging venom was bound by nature to burst across the small crowd. I said "yep, it's a shame they make it so hard for us to get money we didn't earn from those who did". To my shock and amazement there was no fist fight. Actually, they all looked at me as if to agree but without seeing the folly in the point I was making. One young black lady looks to me and says "you're right... but don't worry, Obama's gonna fix it" and everyone within an ear shot nodded and giggled.

As a good person (which I try to be), I choked down my impulses and scurried out of the place before my grip loosened and I vomited a fury of epic proportions. I was in the seventh circle of liberal Hell and my wings were about to catch a blaze. OK, I'm no angel but I was really in the wrong place.

So now the question floats, If you were an employer and found yourself in a room with 100 people how many of them would you want working for you. Chances are you would only choose about 20% of them. Most people are unworthy of employment so it amazes me that only 10% are unemployed. If you think I'm nuts then feel free to go to the unemployment office and recruit some help, let me know how that works out for you. Maybe this recession is a good thing. It might just force these idiots to become more marketable. That is, of course, unless Obama fixes it!
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