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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Splii Baby Spill!

I don't know if you've heard but there was an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. While the news is telling us about every single bird, turtle, and fish that has been affected (along with unfounded estimates about how many others might have been), we hear little about the Humans who died in the accident.

Let me be the first to say to the families of those who died that my heart goes out to you and I consider your lost family member to have been a hero of sorts. They worked a very tough job so that we would not need to rely as much on imported oil from those who would intend to harm us. Thank you for your great sacrifice!

As for the media, the politicians, the oil companies, and damn near everyone else whose talking about this disaster.. Go F**k yourself! As far as we know, it was an accident. These things do happen. Nobody at BP wanted to pump countless gallons of potential profit into the gulf. Nobody in the government wants the oil to harm the environment. Nobody in the media wants to walk up and down the shore in the stench of salt, dead fish and crude oil. No body who kissed their husband goodbye that day wanted to spend the rest of their life dealing with their loss.

So why has this become a political issue? This is not Obama's fault. This is not Cheny's fault. It was a tragic accident that should have no effect on whether we continue drilling or not. Let's stop trying to blame people, stop using the incident for political capital, stop overstating the impact on the ecology, and start working to fix it.

I, for one, feel for the people at BP. They have been made to be evil, heartless, hatemongers by the media and our President. I think the proper response is to support BP in their time of need. My response has been simple.. For the last month I have purchased all of my gas from BP stations. This is my show of support for everything they are doing to try to make ammense for their mishap.

If you are a reasonable person you should consider doing the same!


Silence DoGood said...

Accidents happen. But if a person or a company is engaging in risky behavior, there is an expectation of safety and a plan of some sort in case of accident.

If I run you over with my car it might be an accident. If I run you over and I was drunk driving with my eyes closed, that is a crime, whether I meant to or not.

I believe in individual or corporate responsibility. I suppose you side with those criminals claiming innocence because of coming from a broken home too? A criminal or a corporation are both responsible for understanding the impact of what they do.

Deep sea drilling is extremely risky - BP choose to do so with no decent emergency plan. Day 1 was an accident - Day 30 was criminal.

flounder said...

Don't get me wrong, I want an investigation. If we find that the driver was drunk or otherwise distracted they should be held criminally responsible but it seems like everyone (who knows nothing about drinking or driving) is looking to rid the planet of all cars because of one serious mistake. I think we should learn from this so that we can drill more, and safer, rather than getting scared snd shoving our heads up our butts.

This might not have taken so long to fix had BP gotten help from everyone rather than dodging arrows the whole time.

By the way, European news papers, yesterday, headlined claims that the spill was caused by a submarine attack. I don't buy it at all but it's entertaining to google.

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