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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

So the tax rate depends on your income? As far as the left is concerned, the rich deserve to be taxed more, after all, they can afford it. By this logic, if someone makes $250k annually then they deserve to pay 10% more than someone who makes $249,999.99 is required to pay. So the guy making a penny more is evil, more evil that is than the second guy right?

You’re right, that’s absurd. Maybe there should be a cushion for that penny difference right? So let’s let that guy slip under the line, and the guy making a penny less than him, and the guy making less than him etc… The fact is: there can be no fair line between the man with wealth and the poor guy making a penny less.

Another way to look at it is like this: it seems fair to think that someone making more than 10 times your annual income is doing ok, right? Let’s say you earn $25k annually, so 10 times that is $250k which fits the liberal idea of “too rich”. Granted, most people earn more than $25k, but we will work from a low income. Well I think we need to raise taxes on everyone earning more than 10 times my income, would you agree? Not so fast, my disability (my only income) is $2,988 a year. This means that everyone earning more than $30k will see an increase in their taxes. Why not? My number is just as logical as Obama’s is.

Obviously our economy would collapse if we cut middle class income by 10% or more. Even the left admits that simple fact. Since there is no fair way to divide one class of Americans from another, why don’t we stop trying. We could abolish income tax and either establish a universal income tax or a value added tax (national sales tax).

Our federal government is working on a boutique marketing scheme when they should be more like Wal-Mart. Boutiques provide tremendous service at a high price and to a niche market. The left thinks they can provide great service, at a high price, for everyone, and force everyone to use this service at their own expense. The right, on the other hand, wants the government to offer the cheapest crap available, at the lowest possible price, and allow you to choose where you go for your product. For the record, very few boutiques (if any) achieve the level of wealth and provide the number of jobs as Sam Walton has.

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