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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Welcome to Freedomfront

Welcome friends, Thank you for checking me out. I'm going to have to start out slow and work my way through this so please be patient.
It appears to me that our education system has lead us astray (imagine that). I remember being taught in grade school that we were supposed to be a democracy but it would have been too hard to count votes for every proposed law so we settled for a representative democracy. My brilliant teacher then went on to say that we would soon have the technology to shift to a true democracy and that this would become a much greater nation through fairly elected legislation.
WOW! what an idiot she was. That made me question everything I was being force fed through the public mis-education system. I have found that old sayings are, more often than not, the gospel truth. In in the case of the one that goes " those who can... do and those who cannot... teach" there has never been a more accurate statement.
This country was NEVER intended to be a democracy, it was a republic and for good reason. Those who laid out our political system were leaders in their own private lives and brought that experience with them. They understood that a balance of power needed to be achieved but without placing any specific entity to regulate that balance because that entity would then hold the power. I will explain the details of their conclusion at a later date but for now we can concentrate on the fundamentals.
It was clear that a company (which is all that a country really is) needed employees that were willing to work for the manager but the manager had to keep the company profitable. You had to let the workers pick a manager but you could not let them manage. If every decision in said company was left to the majority then it would be a short run. The workers would soon figure out that they could vote for higher pay and fewer hours even if the company could not afford it and the money would run out. It was true then as it is today that every successful company runs as a republic, in that, management is held accountable for profitability and that his profit hinges on the productivity of his workers. If he cannot satisfy his employees then he will be replaced by someone who can. Isn't our free market system great, it allows a natural system of checks and balances unlike anything the world has ever seen.
So the next time some jack boot liberal starts preaching about democracy just tell him to go home and let his kids have an equal vote on what's for dinner. Perhaps he will tire of eating nothing but cake and candy but then he shouldn't complain, after all, the majority must be right.

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