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Friday, December 5, 2008

Be afraid, be very afraid.

With the economy spiraling out of control and the angst of the holiday season looming it looks likely that violent crime will be on the rise. That is a natural, however undesired, response to what is going on around us. That is a problem for sure, BUT.. What worries me is the explosive potential that is lurking behind this unfortunate problem.

I have noticed a slight increase in media coverage on gun crimes since the election of the Messiah. Not that there has been an increase in events but we are just hearing more about them. My spider senses are tingling, no, they are pounding. This could be the perfect opportunity for the radical left to take away our guns. If you consider that we are likely to experience some sort of attack in the near future and couple that with the illusion of a veritable crime wave that the media will no doubt force into our subconscious, it's not far fetched to think that someone with Bobamas ideology would jump at the chance to protect us by taking away our guns.

Remember, Liberals aren't evil, they are simply cowards. They are so afraid of failure that they feel the need to keep the safety net directly beneath the tightrope. In other words, if success is a measure of rungs on your ladder then failure is measured by the height from which you fall. By that logic it is clear that the only way to guarantee that one does not get hurt is to remove the ladder and in the interest of "fairness" Ladders should be outlawed so that no one can get hurt at all. And thus, a liberal utopia where the wise and wonderful government can protect us all by preventing us from incurring risks and naming our equality as its own reward. It is this pleasant (but radically skewed) philosophy that would, left to its own devices, bring down our country quicker than Kennedy can swim away from a drowning pregnant girlfriend. (I know, that was low)

Think about it, if the media starts jumping on every gun crime it will look as though there is a huge uprising of legal gun owners that are chomping at the bit to load up and spray lead at every parent and child that just want to help support their motherland. Anyone who believes that gun ownership is a right will be considered evil, much like those who deny global warming. Rather than risking re-election our Representatives will send it through the "American republic bypass system", in other words, state constitutional amendments. Any attempt to fight the federal constitutionality of it will get bogged down while the supreme court is twisted left through appointments by Bobama.

We must stay on top of this! It is our patriotic duty to inform everyone we know of the importance of our right to own guns. It is taught that guns are for home protection and hunting and though that is true, we must understand the reason that right sits so high on the list. Our constitution is the glue that holds all of our rights in place. Our right to bear arms was intended to protect the constitution above all else. When I joined the Army I took an oath before god to protect the constitution from its enemies, foreign and domestic. Nowhere in that oath was there a time limit or a stipulation that I only do so while enlisted as a soldier. I am bound to that oath and I intend to fulfill that promise. I would like to think that all Americans who live under the freedoms granted by this great document would be compelled to protect it with their lives.

The moral of the story is.. Watch out! spread the word and try to get ahead of this potential disaster by spreading your passion to your friends and neighbors because without the first amendment there will be no others.

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