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Monday, March 2, 2009

The Front of the Dumpster

It seems like a simple concept, like an instinctual reaction to an everyday problem. It's not like I really think that everyone else is actually all that stupid nor do I consider myself exceedingly intelligent but sometimes I feel that way. Does that make me a bad person?

You see, there are roughly 40 families sharing my town home community and only one dumpster. Every day the people of my community drag out their garbage, slide open the small door that faces the parking lot and tip their refuse through the opening. This hungry brown monster is peacefully snuggled into a three sided cage of dark wood fencing that hides all but the business side from the view of those who feed it so well. There is a narrow pathway between it and the wall of wood that nearly surrounds it that serves as a buffer for the city truck that lifts and dumps it twice weekly.

The problem is this, every time the truck comes there is wall of paper, plastic and rotting leftovers wrapped in cheap white garbage bags and crammed into the spaces around the dumpster and even some just posted up in front of it. In the ultimate example of "not my job" the truck driver simply lifts the container from its pungent cocoon with the forks of his truck and after emptying its contents, he drops it back onto the pile. Now the foul remnants of the exploded bags left out to rot are littering both the parking lot and the surrounding property.

You might be thinking that the solution is simple right? Sure, just raise the association fee and add another dumpster or just dump more often. Well, that would probably work.... but.... would it solve the problem?

It's not the amount of garbage that causes the overflow,in fact, it's the inconsiderate morons who just tip the trash in through the front opening that gum up the works. I know that they aren't trying to do the wrong thing, as a matter of fact, they are just normal, decent folks, doing what seems right. It's just that.... well.... they never stopped to think about the problem. If they, like I, had taken a quick moment to consider the situation perhaps they might have noticed that all of the junk is being dropped into the front of the dumpster and that the back half was always left empty, blocked by the wall of junk that ends up stacked just inside the doorway, then they would surely make an effort to pack it better.

Sometimes I mention it to them in passing but they get offended. "What do you think, I'm stupid?" they ask as they scurry about their way. No, I don't, but clearly they were too busy with their daily stresses to consider what really led to the disaster, and yet, didn't mind stopping to complain about how someone needs to fix the issue once the mess was already made. These were the same people who wanted the guys at public works to come more often to clean up the mess "free of charge" (code for out of the tax fund) but weren't willing to pay for the extra dumpster through higher association fees.

It doesn't take a round of "competitive cerebral gymnastics" to make the leap. We have elected a new group of garbage men to clean up our mess because we are too busy to look at the root cause of the problem. Yes, a few of us were trying to enlighten our neighbors before it grew out of control but we were met with anger at the suggestion that it was their fault for not thinking ahead when they took out the trash. Their lives were too important or too involved to even consider the ramifications of their actions and now we have a huge, smelly mess to clean up. Meanwhile these myopic nitwits would rather force us all to share the cleanup cost than to get their hands dirty and take responsibility for their actions.

So the next time you run into someone who would rather not pay attention to politics because "it's not my problem" or find that your friend or neighbor is too wrapped up in the small things to get involved, just politely ask them not to drop their trash into the front of the dumpster. Yes, it will surely confuse them, but maybe....just maybe.... it will eat at them until they have to know what you meant. Then,and only then, they will listen with interest instead of snapping with anger.


Chris said...

well, even though we "work more" than every other nation, we don't work smartly. people are not only getting lazy, but non caring as well. I would love to have somebody to cleanup my mess every day ( like I clean up my wife's) but I know what has to be done and I do it anyway. that's the problem with people now a days, they're lazy. when my wife cooks something like beef stew, she throws all of the empty packages on the counter and just leaves them. when she can just take a plastic bag and put all the stuff in it (while the food is cooking) which will only take 30 seconds or so to throw it away. instead, she leaves it for other people to clean up. she thinks its normal, but I can't understand the mentality of that. people want a scape goat for everything. who wants to be wrong all the time? it makes people defensive because it shows the world how stupid they are and makes them feel vulnerable. when I tell her about how she does this constantly, she denies is, then gets upset. personal accountability is almost nonexistant now, and that's why we're starting to fail in our government and personal life. I was always taught if you do something stupid, you should be called out on it to make it known that your actions (or lack of in some cases) affect other people, and you need to change because you have a fault. people don't want to realize that everything they do isn't always right. they want to be right all the time.

Rubbish Removal NYC said...

Thanks for the post, I'm going to have to agree with Chris.

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