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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

From 1929 to 2009

In my last post I explained how the media and the Democrats used a relatively small market correction as an instrument of fear to help gain power in the congress and in doing so turned an isolated event into the great depression. It was very similar to what drove todays collapse in the economy. Just like in 1929, we were in a long lasting period of economical growth and prosperity in 2007 despite the impact of 9/11. It was our media and democrats who latched onto the "sub-prime mortgage crises", which had no effect on 97% of the nation, as a vehicle for their power grab.

Democrats, as we know, need victims and thrive on failure to succeed, after all, most of them started out as trial lawyers so they have learned to rely on laws and control instead of hard work and productivity to take profit from their targets. They were able to propagate fear from the small natural correction and create a massive disaster with lots of casualties. That gave them a target rich environment and a clear separation between the classes and thus they now have the power.

Republicans, at least the remaining conservatives, generally grew from business men. They need wealth and prosperity within their targets so that they can become even more prosperous. Victims seldom help the market so it is imperative that any natural correction be as short lived as possible and that they (big business) make the necessary changes and get things moving again. The capitalist economy, that was built into our republic, depends on a free market to keep the economical casualties low. The relationship between government and business is important but must be kept minimal to maintain the desired effect.

The difference is clear, the left needs the government to protect the people from bad business at great cost to the people while the right needs the people to protect themselves from bad business at great cost to the government.

Whatever you believe you must agree that the individual is much more qualified, than the government, at deciding what is best for himself.

Then there was the election of F.D.R., and Bobama for that matter. Proof that the individual thinks that he is better suited for making decisions regarding the lives of others. Think about it, if as much as 20% of all Americans were uninsured and more than 50% of Americans voted for Bobama then that means that at least 30% felt it necessary to force federalized health care on the rest of us even though they were already insured themselves.

This is the kind of control that the left wants and it's not right. This is also the kind of nonsense that got our two most dangerous leaders into office and in both cases, has led us into a vicious downward spiral.

In my next post I will show you, in great detail, how "the new deal" stifled any hopes of a recovery and led the world into war and I will explain why we're headed down that path again. I intended to have brought all of that to you by now but it needed to be compressed to make it readable. There were just too many bad decisions made by the worst president ever (F.D.R.) so I will have to leave some out... Stay tuned!


Chris said...

crap, hurry up and wait. you had to put that "until next time" type of slogan at the end of your post. in the characteristic of reagan and the berlin wall speech, "mr. flounder, make a new post!"

Tom said...

A lot of hype came from both parties.

It was McCain who "suspended" his campaign to go back to D.C. to push through the bailout.

The market is up this week. Lets hope the worst is over.

Chris said...

I agree Tom. we need to hold the people we elect responsible for doing a bad job by not voting the same people back in office. we have terms in congress, but no limit on how many times you can get elected. if we changed that, I can guarantee our crappy policies will be nonexistant due to the "lifers in congress" won't be able to establish a corrupt base over the years. too few people have too much power for to long.

Chris said...

the hype came from lack of education. the govt is not in tune with what's really going on. that's why we need to keep them honest by not voting them back in office for 20 or more years.

Anonymous said...

This country's freedoms and liberty's are under attack each and every day from the left, but I firmly believe that the answer comes from the awareness of issues of each citizen and personal responsibility. Apathy leads to liberalism in America. Personal responsibility is the only way back in this country. Lets all start a conversation and become informed Americans, as the founders would have it be.
-Kelby Lovelady

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