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Monday, May 11, 2009

"I'll turn this car around RIGHT NOW"

So now the federal government wants to tell the NCAA how to run college football. They are working on FEDERAL LEGISLATION that prevents the NCAA from using the term "NATIONAL CHAMPOINSHIP" unless they install a government approved playoff system. Obama has promised to sign on to said legislation.

The role of the federal government deepens.. Really? I mean.. Does our federal government heve the time and money to regulate our saturday entertainment? I realize that there are many who suppoort the prospect of a playoff system, and I am one of them, but I don't see why Obama has to get involved.

Actually I do understand.. but I don't like it, neither should you. By supporting this clown in his effort to run every business and create a "Fair Society" you are admitting that you are an immature, incapable, irresponsibile child! You want to assign supreme executive power to the guy that you think will spend the same amount on everyone for christmas.

The theology of the obedient left is not about assigning power for the sake of power. I realize it often feels that way to the productive right but trust me, power is not the goal. In other words.. Obama did not lie when he said that he has no desire to own private industry. That power is merely a means to an end. He feels that he must own private enterprise in order to make things fair and equal (Which are two totaly different things).

Think of him as daddy. From the perspective of the elitist left, we are all children who are sitting in the back seat of the car and fighting over a toy. "Dad, he took my toy" says the child on the right, "Did not!" says the one on the left. "Did too" says the one on the right. "Mom gave it to me" screams the one on the left.. and so on.. and so on.. As a parent it is often hard to figure out which child is supposed to have the toy and which one is making things up just to get it. The only "fair" thing to do is to take it away from both of them. But then.. that was simply the equal thing to do, not the fair thing. The child who had the toy to start with and had earned it always loses out because the other refuses to give up the fight and causes both to lose it.

Think of politics in the same way. The "all wise" Democrats feel compelled to take things away in order to make things fair. This is not about having power but that parent like power is necessary for them to stop all of the fighting in the back seat of the car. The goal is peace and happiness but the result is hatred and resent on the part of those who have lost what they've worked for to appease those who would rather snatch the toy away and fight to keep it. Once this parental action becomes the norm then the earner will grow tired of working for the leach and both will go without.. then everything will be fair.

If you are insulted by what I've said, you should be. We are all adults here and do not need the government to tell us that we should wear a seatbelt, quit smoking, play fair, stop offending people, drive less or work hard and pay more taxes so that our brothers wont have to.


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Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Oh come on. I find this difficult to believe, even with the current administration. Certainly Mr Obama is Leftist to the Nth degree, but insisting on interference with NCAA football?


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