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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stamp Me Stoopid

The urge is nearly uncontrollable, the frustration is undeniable and it overwhelms us every time we leave our homes. We drive along with our minds wrapped around our personal issues of the day and there it is, like an antagonistic bully or a nagging ex-wife. You know what I'm talking about, the moron that just pulled out in front of you and dropped the flow of traffic down to a trickle. You start to mumble to your self about what an idiot this guy is when you see it... the "stupid sticker". Yes, you've realized that this guy is proudly displaying his ignorance through the little round bumper sticker on his back window with an unfocused, multi-colored image of the messiah.. or perhapse the "Obama Sunrise" sticker or one of many variations of the "stupid sticker".

Is it me or are the most inconsiderate people on the road plainly marked and well defined by there unwavering support for the most un-American president in American history. It draws out the urge to yank them out of the car and shake some sense into them. This myopic fool is not satisfied with putting everyones life at risk on the highways but he proudly stomps on our way of life as well.

It amazes me how many of these stickers you see these days. It's like the "OAKLEY" stickers of the 80s and 90s. I have, however, noticed a pattern. When I'm stuck in morning traffic when everyone's going to work I see alot more republican stickers on cars... but, during work hours it seems like everyone on the road is a left wing commie. You can probably guess why that is and you're probably right.

I've also noticed that I've NEVER met a successful and productive businessman with a stupid sticker on his car. Don't start coming at me with lawyers, they couldn't successfully produce a turd if they didn't have someone to drag through court and take it from.

I've mentioned in one of my early posts that only three types of people would vote for Obama but I've realized that I left one out. Lets recap... I stated that one would have to be un-American, unintillegent or uninformed to vote for Obama and now I add.. Racist!

Let me explain...

Un-American: You completely understand and agree with his policies and are willing to fight to impose them. You think that capitalism (which is the American way) is bad and that socialism is a better route for this country. Everything Obama stands for is the extreme opposite of what this country was founded on and thus Un-American by definition, prove me wrong!

Unintelligent: You have paid attention and like the sound of what Obama is promising but are not capable of understanding how he could be considered un-American. You can be fixed, just start reading all of my posts and begin learning how things really work, prove me wrong!

Uninformed: You just chose to vote for Obama because you thought Bush and the republicans were evil. You get your news and moral guidence from the great citizens of Hollywood and you know for a fact that Sean Penn and Micheal Moore are reliable sources because everything you see in the box is real. You might be salvagable but it's going to take some impressive cerebral gymnastics to un-bend your tiny mind, prove me wrong!

Racist: Really? do I need to explain this one?.. I didn't think so..anyway, prove me wrong!

The point is... I want you morons on the left to know that you are providing a great service by displaying your stupidity on your cars and I encourage you to start getting tattoos and clothing to show your hatred for America as well (if writing out Obama is too expensive, just put up three sixes.. we'll get the point). This way if or when (God forbid) the stuff hits the fan, we real Americans will know who to kick off the island first, if you know what I mean.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Next, if their adoration for Mr Obama is TRUE, then they would display large and fluorescent signs on the lawns of their homes and windows of their apartment clearly proclaiming:



Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I would also have to add: the bulk are primarily UNinformed and voted last November based but upon emotions and sight.


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