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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The New Left

What if I were to say that I want to kill all jews and you thought there were better ways to fix the economy. And then I said that the fair thing to do is to come together and decide the best way to kill them as a bi-partison effort. This is the mentality of the left.

They insist that bi-partisonism is agreeing with how to do what they want to do. This president of ours does not get that he has no right to take over health care, energy, education, the auto industry, banks and corporate wages. He actually says we need to come up with a bi-partison way of doing all of these things.

I have always maintained that to follow Obama makes one either unintelligent, uninformed or unAmerican. So this being a fact, what does this say about him. Clearly he is intelligent right? he went to an Ivy league school and has a law degree.

He professes to have a clear understanding of the Constitution, enough so that he said that it was a flawed document that restricts government rather than empowering it. This tells me that he is informed (although badly, I believe)so that can't be the problem right?

That leaves us with the hardest fact to accept. I still like to think that his un-American foundation is a result of bad information and more credit for his intellect then he really deserves. After all, to be that un-American would be downright evil.

If he really believes as he has acted and stated, this means that he thinks the Constitution needs to be replaced with some kind of manifesto. He would have to think that anyone who has not completed the necessary schooling to acheive a law degree has gained no usefull knowledge from which to guide his life. He might insist that the power of elected office supercedes any market forces, that is, no matter how successful one business is our politicians have the right to dictate income, profit and lifestyles of those who have worked for that success. He sees the federal government as the great equalizer who can divert taxpayer money from one man to another based ethnicity rather than merit.

There are many other ideas pronounced by our President and his appointed representitives that are just as frightening as these.. but you should think about this... Every thing I've listed are ideas that I can prove have been forwarded by this administration, they are also ideas that were offered in Hitler's "Mein Kampf". Open your bi-partison eyes and look at where your support for the left is taking us.

I just want you to learn about the leftists in our history and look (objectivly) at what the new left is saying. You could argue whether it is purposful or not but you can not argue that it is wildly anti-American .


Silence DoGood said...

Speaking as a Left leaning guy, I don't think you realize how disallusioned some on the Left are with Obama.

He has aggrevated the conversatives and really dropped the ball with liberals.

The Green Party, is decidedly a Left Left organization. They clearly laid out, during the election, how Obama was not really a whole lot more than pretty wrapping around true left ideals.

They predicted very accurately how Obama was probably lying about bringing troops home, instant support of gays, miracles of new jobs, etc. etc.

Why do you think his poll numbers are dropping?

He lied to the Left and provoked the Right into anger. And Middle was only fooled briefly.

For the record, I figured Obama was lying about a lot of stuff - I voted Green Party and you know what - they were right about him.

Now I imagine I am quite alone on this blog as far as voting Green Party, but everyone should know the time is right for a 3rd and 4th party to start some new independent thinking.

flounder said...

This is my point, it is not un-American to disagree with me and to battle in the arena of ideas but he is trying to fundamentally change the nation. That is, by definition, anti-American. I firmly believed that McCain would have been even worse for the country in the long run so I voted for the other black guy on the ballot (you figure it out). I'm not sure we need more parties.. just real people to vote for. I would like to find my way on to the ticket without a party. What do you think, would you support me?

Silence DoGood said...

I would be perhaps your only liberal vote. I would much rather have a thinking person I disagree with than a career puppet I agree with. You speak your mind though - the media would eat you alive.

More parties are not just a hypothetical discussion. In my state which is very small in numbers, 1000's (I checked) got out to vote AND voted non-RNC, non-DNC.

And that was before the Tea Party!

flounder said...

I consider you the Hamilton to my Jefferson. We can agree that things are going wrong but we may never agree on what the right way is. Keep in mind that Hamilton helped Jefferson get elected! Proof that the minor differences are surmountable but we need to retain the freedom we were given or this debate will be moot.

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