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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Get it Straight

One of the greatest misunderstandings as well the strongest weapon for the left is the belief that the right is against regulation. They act almost as if we (the right) are all fanatical Christian anarchists. This is completely untrue but it keeps the ignorant masses from supporting our philosophy.

Let me fix this mis-representation for you. Yes, most of us are Christians cut we only hope that you join us in our faith. We try to convince you and we beg to "save you" but we will NOT force you. It is not the government but the governed who decide religion.

Secondly, and most importantly, We do understand the need for regulation. In just the same way that Thomas Jefferson and James Madison learned that the states needed to be held together by a strong government with limited powers. The free market must be regulated to be free.

Think of it this way... College football teams are free to market themselves to potential players however they choose. They are also allowed to design their own plays and practice how they choose. However, when it comes to gametime, they must adhere to a basic set of rules so that they are playing the same game.

The left seems to think that the players should be matched by skill, the plays must be consistant and the score ends up tied so that all is fair. This is the difference between us and them. We want the government to allow GM to fail, not to own them and use their power to attack other companies through legislation in order to guaruntee success.

The federal government is very important and its duties are clearly defined in the Constitution. They are not even remotely responsible for who fails and who succeeds, nor are they responsible for any facet of my health or the availability of health care.

While I'm at it.. Please stop trying to guide my life through legislation and taxes. If I want to get married I will do it because I want to, not for the tax break.. The same goes for charity, children or property. Plus, I will smoke, eat fatty foods, drink, and buy an SUV if I choose so stop raising my tax as a way to stop me. It's time for a single tax approach that does not allow our elected officials to modify our lives through the IRS!


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

But an IRS linked to government is preCISEly the way to ensure that both you and I act in the way that government wishes.

That is THE best reason you won't see a flat tax. Ever.

Convoluted and subject to government agent or agency interpretation allows government to be absolutely Large and In Charge.


Silence DoGood said...

This whole thread is lost on liberal libertarians like me.

I have never thought that the right is against regulation. The right is all about moral regulation and legislation.

The left rules by money - taking or giving it away. Recent example: Obama wants to give more aid money to states that do what he says with education. Bad.

The right rules by moral laws and oppression. Recent example: politicians on the right want abortion funding out of the health plan changes because everyone should believe the same. Bad.

The left wants everyone to be forced to have the same amount of money - and a little less if you disagree.

The right wants everyone to be the same moral code, whether that is religion or just all acting the same way.

Robots either way.

flounder said...

Are you saying that taxpayers should fund abortions?
For most of us it's not about morality, it's about stealing my money to pay for someone elses "mistake"

Do you think of me in the same way as you describe the right?

SDG said...

Why should taxpayers fund a broken leg? Why wasn't the person more careful? It was a stupid mistake.

Why should the taxpayers be forced to fund the War in Iraq? I think that was a short sighted mistake. That is my opinion.

You see? Not everyone will agree but we cannot pick and choose - we are all in this country together.

Congress has the right to raise tax and they don't have to get 100% consensus or even a majority. That is representative government. What, do you think we live in, a demacracy?
(sorry - could not resist)

#2 I do not think you are typical of the right. You seem to think things through and look to arguments which look to original principles of the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

We believe the Constitution should be adhered to and should not be subject to the whims of men. We are a government of laws not men. Dems try to force us to pay for abortion in their health bill. We do not only object to its moral principle, but it does not stay within the powers delegated to the federal government. If California wants to start up a health care plan and fund abortions, so be it. I just wouldn't live there. States rights have been decidedly diminished through legal fiat. We need to get back to the basics. The Constitution, not some judge with a bleeding heart should be the basis of legal precedent. Why have the 10th amendment, states or even any local government if the federal can trump all. That is precisely why there was checks and balances. Thes states were to be equal to the feds.

Anonymous said...

By the way, we should recind the 16th and 17th amendments. The income tax allows for social manipulation of the people. The 17th amendment took the right away from state legislature to appoint Senators. This took all ties of the Senator to his states government. He was to be somewaht of an ambassador of his state to Washington. Not a part of the established Washington elite. Since the states were equal to the fed, they needed an ally to rep the states interests.

flounder said...

The funding of war is decidedly the duty of the federal congress, regardless of its popularity. The funding of medical procedures, religious activity or green technology is absolutly not the duty nor the right of the federal congress. As anonymous said.. California is welcome to compete for citizenry through funding all of those things and we will see how they do. That was the point of the soverign states, to allow competition. This is why the left needs to work on a federal level, they know that any state under leftist policies could never compete with free market states. Just look at a list of states which have been under Democratic control for the longest times and compare their economies to the states that have operated more to the right.

Silence DoGood said...

War was not a very good example on my part. That is clearly and literally referred to in the Constitution. Good point.

When I say the Right is all about regulations and laws as much as the Left, I think history bears me out. And certainly a 5 second google search will reveal from radical right wing web sites that it is very clear that Federal laws and domination is clearly the ultimate goal.

"States Rights" is a smoke screen the Right hides behind when they realize they are no where close to this goal of federal control.

Look at the Defense of Marriage Act - started by Barr(Repub). Where do conservatives get off making a Federal Law telling people what is official moral behavior? Sadly Clinton(!) signed this into law, but the point remains this was a conservative driven federal, moral law. This is the real goal of the majority of the Right.

The Left abuses power through financial laws, the Right abuses power through moral laws.

Anonymous said...

I believe DOMA was in response to the the redefining of marraige to include homosexuals. It was to allow states to not legally recognize the rulings from the bench that did just that. I believe Barr later said he regrets his sponsorship and that it violates states rights. It is true that some on the Right are knee jerk, but with all the creeping and encroaching going on, do you blame them? Unelected judges are creating law from the bench. Surpassing the will of the people and dictating their own preferences. If the position these people are so popular, elect reps to introduce it or bring it up in states for a vote. I think they know when that route is taken they lose most of the time. Thats why they do it through judges.

Anonymous said...

If we didnt give away so much power over us in the first place, we wouldnt need to argue over this stuff. Your guy couldnt do anything to me and vice versa. We could actually be free to live our lives the way we wish. Unfortunately we have been guided down a road so far off course we dont know where we came from. Of course, we could educate ourselves about the true meaning of freedom. Not the "we'll take care of that, so you dont have to worry about it" freedom. Its funny how people think that if they hand over their responsibilities to government, somehow they are better off. In all reality, we lose a little more of ourselves to the planners. A little bit more of our souls are crushed. You see it in the eyes of people on the street. There is no connection with each other anymore. I think this is because we have traded communities for the security of a big brother government.

Silence DoGood said...

Anon. said "Thats why they do it through judges." "They" of course being the left.

Please remember when George Bush had issues with the florida part of his election. Where did he and the RNC go to get his way? The Federal Judges (supreme court) to bully the state. "States Right" should stick in the throat of every conservative Bush enthusiast.

Apparently the Right is blessed with a short memory, and really has no interest in states rights if Federal abuse is an option in their favor.

Anonymous said...

sorry, i guess you cant get pastbthe rep dem thing. I say they both use governme=nt for their...meaning the parties benefit. If we dont stand for the constitution as the basis for our discussions, then we might as well stop conversing. we are just talking past each other. Read all the posts not just the parts you diagree with.

Silence DoGood said...

to Anon. I am way past the repub/dem thing. I have stated many times on this blog that they pretty much act the same and I am done with them.

If you don't like people to take you to task for what you say, start a blog and don't allow anyone to enter comments.

You stated that liberals use judges to exert control in our government - the implication is that they alone do this. I disagree and argued my case by example.

My beef is that the conservative take-over-country-for-christianity group has set the take over of the RNC as a first step in many cases.

Leaving the RNC out of blame with the general Conservative Movement is like saying the DNC has nothing to do with the Progressive movement.

flounder said...

"conservative Bush enthusiest", I think I saw one of those holding hands with bigfoot and riding on the back of nessie. Other than that, it's hard to be conservative and enthusiastic about Bush. Even Jeb (the better brother) had his moments of indescretion.

DOMA seems like government defining a religious activity for the purpose of governing it... Great example of the right being wrong, but then the left is wrong on that too.. They want the government to define marriage for their own purposes.

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