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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stock Up!

The faint smell of gun control is not from a distant memory but a warning of things to come. With the increase of border violence, the pain of the economy, and the power grab by our government, we are fast approaching a major movement against firearms. Like the stench of a coming storm, we are about to be hit by an anti-gun tsunami.

Think about it this way; The president of Mexico just passed through and blamed their violence on our lack of gun control (Obama agreed). The "state" of Chicago is about to test the recent Supreme Court decision on the D.C. gun ban. Liberals are feeling very powerful right now and, once the next election surprises the conservatives by going more liberal, the left will start pressing the issue.

Now is a good time to prepare for the storm. The wise thing to do, assuming you're a reasonable human being, is to arm yourself. I'm not suggesting that we prepare for some kind of war or anything but there are several good reasons to get ready.

First, we had a cold winter this year and a mild hurricane season last summer. This does not necessarily mean anything but it could be an omen. If the storm of storm comes through, especially with the flood of oil in the gulf, things could get ugly. It is reasonable to assume that the Katrina incident might be relived in your town. If so, there may be problems getting food, water, and fuel into the affected areas. Gangs of hungry, desperate people might come looking to relieve you of your supplies. It might come down to you or them.

Second, the terrorist potential. Never underestimate the possibility of a major terrorist attack, one that would bring the better part of the nation to a complete hault. How long would you last if the stores close down for a couple of weeks?

Third, civil unrest. With the virasity of today's political conflict, we could be edging toward a major event that might cause mass riots. A Boston Tea Party type of event or something like the Kent State shootings could spark major upheaval. Furthermore, what if, God forbid, some idiot takes a shot at Obama? Having seen what happened when a thug like Rodney King gets beaten by a few white cops, imagine what the riots would be like if the first black president is assassinated. You might be at work when the news hits and, on the way home, some thug pulls you out of your truck and beats you to death.

There's also the possibility of a global conflict. It's not far fetched to imagine an invasion, especially with the collapse of the global economy. We are the sole nation of wealth. Not so much the money but the resources. We would be an inviting target to a gang of failing countries, especially if we are politically divided.

The point is: Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. There is no harm in being ready. Go out and get yourself some food, water, fuel, and bullets.. Turn them over once in a while but keep a stock of those things that are important. Don't forget to consider the little things... diapers, toilet paper, soap, bug spray (when power goes out the bugs come in). Keep your Ice maker and gas tank full, make friends with your neighbors, and have a plan.


Silence BeSafe said...

If anyone out there is really contemplating arming themselves based on this blog, please, please be safe.

Be smart - this is not a movie. Training, safety, locks, etc.

Here in the real world statistics show firearms in the home are used in genuine defense of the home very, very rarely compared to suicide, accident, homocide. (CDC, FBI, etc.)

The most likely use of firearms in the home is to harm yourself or your loved ones.

Please be safe and legal.

Who can I argue with if conservatives start shooting themselves?

Silence DoGood said...

One correction: "We are the sole nation of wealth." Actually we are heavily in debt. As a nation and as most individuals.

Since China then Japan are holding a sizable portion of the "notes", it would not take one shot. They just need to call in the loans.

flounder said...

Regarding China: The threat of them calling in their loans is exactly what I'm talking about. The last few presidents have burried us in debt, so if the "Chi-Coms" do call in the debt it will be up to the citizens to defend freedom.

Regarding Guns: For the most part, the type of conservative who would take the time to read blogs like this one are usually the more careful type. It's the traditional, uninformed, redneck who is conservative as a matter of culture rather than thought, who we need to worry about. But then, you can't argue with those people any more than I can argue with the far left wingers who are completely disengaged from reality.

PS: It looks like I'll be getting another round of surgeries so I may be getting more time to argue with you soon.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...


Right. All Americans are packing FULLY AUTOMATIC WEAPONS on their persons and in their homes, for Christ's sakes! And THAT'S where the poor, itinerant MEXICANS are getting their guns, from regular US citizens.

What a load of BULLSHIT.


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