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Friday, October 22, 2010

Don't Blame Obama, Blame the Idiots We Elected in 2006

It’s time I set the record straight for our myopic liberal friends. You morons keep claiming that the mess we are in is because of Bush and that Obama just hasn’t had enough time to fix it. If you are one of these part time, media informed, Dems, I understand your ignorance, but, If you are perpetuating this nonsense then you are a complete dirt bag.

The hard facts only serve to prove just how dangerous it can be to give the left wing nut-jobs control over our media and our economy. While it is true that the economy started its downturn during the Bush era, he only had a small part in the problem. The truth is that the Democrats took over both houses back in 2006 and the president does not write laws, nor does he control the pocket book.

The toughest thing for the left to choke on is the fact that this entire recession happened under their control. I challenge you to look up ANY economic, social or political graph and watch the upward climb shift to a downward collapse upon the election of 2006. Let me give you a couple of examples..

During the republican era, one dollar worth of gasoline got Americans farther than ever before. The price averaged less than $2.00 per gallon and cars had reached new levels of efficiency. Since the Democratic era, gasoline has averaged $3.00 per gallon with marginal increases in fuel mileage.

While the Republicans were in charge, unemployment broke modern era records. After Clinton explained that his unemployment record was perfect, since 5% of Americans would simply never work, the Republicans got the level down to 4.7% by the 2006 election. The following year, after the Democratic congress took control, unemployment began to rise, only to reach levels near 10% (more than twice the worst of the Republican era).

The Republican era also held the record for home ownership at more than 70% but averaged 69%. Since the election of 2006, home ownership has fallen steadily to 66%. The left wing attempt to recover this loss by making credit easier for those who did not earn it was, in fact, mostly responsible for the credit collapse that led to this recession. Their other responses, borrowing money from Americans to give money to Americans, have served as the driving force for the continued collapse of our economy.

This goes on forever, the facts do not lie. I admit that things are a bit more complicated than I’ve explained but I am willing to debate the details if you dispute me. So, as for you lefties, you have tried your ideas for four years, since things were actually good, and you have screwed up everything. Just take some friendly advice and SHUT THE HELL UP!

The other thing I get a kick out of is the “Progressive” mentality that the right is trying to knock America backwards 100 years. For you progressives, this seems like the opposite of progress so you think it would be horrible. Well, let’s look at things 100 years ago compared to what you’ve done to us today.

During the beginning of the 20th century, immigrants were flooding into our country at a rate of roughly 20% per year. Almost 2,000,000 legal immigrants entered in 1909 and we, as a nation, still maintained 3% unemployment. Now the number of unemployed is 300% higher.

GDP was on an unbelievable incline during the early 1900s and has only fallen during periods of total Democratic control; including the great depression and our current recession. There were no income taxes during that time and America became the only country in the world to farm millionaires, that is, more were made here than in the rest of the world combined. Today, the Dems have created a tax system that punishes that kind of success and they proudly work toward forcing anyone who is successful back down to the middle class.

The truth is that left wing ideology has failed everywhere, and every time, it has been tried. Just look at Europe, Canada, South America, and the rest of the world who has run out of other people’s money to spend and are looking at us for help. In fact, look at the Democrats in control who have done exactly the same thing.

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The Pig Pen said...

Wouldn't it be most proper & fitting if the camel-jockey lovers contracted bed bugs the next time one of them comes to the UN. And I hope someone let's loose a few pigs in his hotel room to run loose while he's there!

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