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Friday, October 15, 2010


Today I decided to risk my sanity and subject myself to a full day of left wing talk radio. I tuned in to American Left on my satellite radio, duct taped my head, and began to work on a few of my projects. Needless to say, my neighbors frequently felt compelled to remind me that the morons talking on the radio could not hear my arguments, regardless of how loud I was.

Since I was unable to convey my ration, reason, and logic to the intellectually challenged elitists who preached their common senselessness, I’ve decided to vent my grievances here. If I have learned anything, however, I have a better understanding of how the libs feel when Rush glosses over the in-depth explanations of his ideology.

There were many statements made that made my skin crawl but one penetrated me like no other. There was a long conversation about the new Tea Party movement and the rise of neo-conservatism. These self proclaimed progressives were convinced that the right wing surge was a “NAZI-like” build up of “fascist socialism”. Yes, the leftists think that Republicans are like Hitler and that they crave socialism. HAVE THESE IDIOTS BEEN PAYING ATTENTION?

It’s not as if their own literature is loaded with socialist propaganda or anything, wait, it’s just like that. Well, it’s not as if the progressives have ever shown any appreciation for Marxism, in fact, they are rooted in the writings of Marx and take pride in being “anti-capitalist”. So clearly the Republicans favor the Hitler campaign agenda which included; nationalized public transportation, heavy federal funding for education, single payer health care, renewable energy, abortion rights, tax increases for the rich, strong labor unions, and social justice.

Seriously, how can these so called intellectuals profess that the right wing is working toward fascist socialism with a straight face? It is freedom, liberty, and opportunity which we crave, not fascism and defiantly not socialism.. morons!

So if you call yourself progressive, liberal, independent, or even conservative, I challenge you to explain and defend your ideology against me. After all, if you support Obama and his agenda, you may have very good reasons for this, but, you are very much un-American! If, on the other hand, you call yourself conservative, you need to know why and be prepared to defend that stance as well.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I'm surprised you were even able to FIND liberal talk shows. Now granted, I don't have satellite radio -- my links are only terrestrial and local -- but in my area, Sacramento, Fornicalia, the two liberal stations have since gone tits-up. Air America likewise went TU.

Not that it breaks my heart at all.

Still, given that, I do not suspect I could have tolerated even ONE hour of unmitigated Leftist bullshit.

Kudos for your tolerance. And that is TRUE tolerance.


flounder said...

XM has several right wing talkers on a few stations, in fact, Glenn Beck is on two stations at once. Conversly, the left seems sparce and mostly contained within "America Left". They spoke of the "undocumented workers" who were being rounded up and shipped out for "no reason". They stated that many of them had broken no law at all, they had entered the country under visa and simply allowed it to expire, sothey "had broken no law at all".

By that logic, I should never need to worry about the state of my drivers license and I would not be illegal if it expires.

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