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Monday, April 20, 2009

Crap Is Rolling UP Hill?

First of all, please forgive me for my absence. I have spent the last week moving and my computer was boxed up. Now I live in a quiet little neighborhood about 25 miles north of Tampa where my family is a little safer. To be honest, I have not spent much time doing research but I have seen some news and I'm scared to death.

This week I have gotten all of my information the same way as the general public, local news. Talk about scary, If I didn't know better I'd think that some law abiding American is handing out guns to every dope slinging, drug smuggler south of the border. I'd be learning that, for the first time since the 1700s, pirates have re-emerged somewhere over seas. I'd believe that there were a group of millionaires who paid a few hundred racists to protest against Obama and everything else that's good on April 15th. I'd think that, somehow, evil guns have stolen everyone's SUVs and were driving around shooting 8 year old girls... Need I go on?

I'd hate to use the "C" word because it belongs to the left but I'm beginning to think that we're quickly approaching "Crises" level. The media has opened it's bag of tricks, as predicted, and is pounding the propaganda every night at 5:00, 6:00, 10:00 and 11:00. They are totally invested in the fall of capitalism and are working along with most of congress as well as king Obama to drag the constitution out from under us.

This is not new. Do you remember when States had power? Yes it's true, the point of having states was to balance power and create a capitalist style of government. Let me explain... The greatest load of power and responsibility was put on local municipalities. The vast majority of legislation would take place in townships with limited oversight by the city. The counties would have a slightly more generalized level of governance over it's cities as a way to keep some amount of fluidity from city to city. Sort of like the NFL, who allows each team to pick their own players and create their own plays but just sets basic rules to make sure that they're all playing the same game. The load of regulation is supposed to dissipate as you go from county to state to federal oversight.

The reason for this is to create a sort of "market" from place to place. If a city starts encroaching on peoples rights then they have the right to move to one that does not. The first city would then lose it's tax base and would fail unless it made the necessary changes to become "marketable". This self regulating system was designed very much like the economic capitalist system on purpose, because it works! The role of the state was merely to make it reasonable for someone to move freely from city to city, that is, to prevent one city from declaring that it's money or product had value only within it's borders.

The role of the federal government was to.. A. Protect our basic rights as described in the Bill Of Rights and the Constitution. B. Bond the states together as one union with one currency. C. To protect the nations borders. If you do not fully understand these responsibilities, please let me know so I can explain them fully.

Lately (over the past 40 years) there has been a move to flip the balance of power on it's head. Our media has put the emphasis on presidential elections with less attention paid to the congress and almost none paid to local government. Everyone knows how Obama feels about the topics of the day but they don't even know who their local Representatives are. This has given an obscene amount of power to the guy that should have the least amount of power of anyone at all. Now we are about to hand that power to the "international community".

By way of international treaty, we are about to let all of the worlds least successful countries have supreme executive power over our constitution. If the world decides that it would be an act of war to produce weapons then we will be forced to stop. If the world feels that we are causing pain by not sharing our food then we will be forced to starve. Seriously, think about the possibilities! If you think I'm nuts, prove me wrong. Feel free to engage me and maybe one of us will learn something.

If you agree then spread this around and start checking into your local law makers. The only way to sway the top is to shake the bottom but if we don't do it now, it's all going to fall over.

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