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Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Declaration of War

Today the "international community" fired a shot across the bow and now they are waiting for a response. These "Pirates" like Russian President Dmitry "Long John" Medvedev, Italian Prime Minister Silvio "Bootstrap" Berlusconi and Barack "Black Beard" Obama have come together in an effort to "Fix" the worlds problems.

This was a a clear warning to the freedom loving Americans who might be thinking about mutiny. They intend to create a world government, which in turn creates a world military. Think about it, We have the "Active Army" which answers to the president and each state has its own "National Guard" which answers to it's state governor. In this new world government each nation will have its own military but there will be an international military to run things. In much the same way that our National Guard, who belongs to the state, would ultimately be under the control of the Federal Government during times of crises... Our American Army would fall under the control of the global government if they feel threatened.

I have always felt secure that our soldiers would never allow Washington to stage a military takeover within our borders, I know that most of our fighting men and women would take our side if a political civil war were to break out as a result of the Democratic push to socialism. Evidently, Bobama has figured this out as well. I am not much of a conspiritorialist but I think that there is a clear objective tied into this G20 thing. An international Army would have an edge over the coalition of military and non-military patriotic Americans.

Do you remember when Bobama was campaigning for president? Do you remember him doing it in other countries? Do you think that was an accident, like he just got a little confused and took the wrong turn at Albuquerque landing him in Germany? This Fascist pirate has been planning his world domination for years. In the name of "fairness" he is going to pool all of the resources of the world and hand them out equally (that is except for the huge payments to those who got him there). He will rape, plunder and pillage every successful industry and in a fashion reminiscent of Robin Hood, he and his crew will distribute his booty to the poor.

It has always been with good intentions that historical tyrants have gathered power and forced their will on others. The belief that "If I ran the world, everything would be fair" has led to disparity every time it's been tried. The fact is that the only way to give to those who will not work is to take from those who will.. and when they, the workers, tire of carrying the load nothing will get done and all will fail. That is why socialism hasn't worked the other 10,000 times that it's been attempted and that is why Socialist nations always become aggressive. They run out of productive people and have to expand to keep the lazy people from turning on them.

What do we do? Well.. I'll tell you.
1. Start talking, tell everyone you know what's happening. Gather support and figure out who is against you (that may be important one day)
2. Be seen and heard, write all of your public officials from the president down to your dog catcher. Tell them you will not stand for the "change" that we're being handed nor will you support anyone who will!
3. Support your supporters, THIS IS WAR!... when you do business find out if the proprietor supports Bobama (just ask). If so, FIRE THEM! If not, send me a link to their business and we'll all support them. There will be jobs lost but this is better than fighting with bombs and bullets.
4. Most importantly.. There is an election coming up next year and we must win. I'm not saying that Republicans must win, I mean the American people must win! We need to start the campaign TODAY.

During the campaign season our representatives start voting for their jobs, that is, they know that the rest of the time they aren't being watched by the majority of Americans so they vote however they want. Once they are being watched they start leaning towards whatever votes will keep them in their cushy jobs. If we let them know that we are watching and that their jobs are in danger they will stop supporting the swing to the left. Very similar to how the republicans started leaning left because that movement became popular we must make patriotism popular again. It was much easier for the Liberals because they fed on ignorance and we must feed on enlightenment.

Now you have the tools to build the plank and now you must find the courage to force these pirates to walk it!


Chris said...

well then, the prophecies might come true from the Bible. why are americans to blind as to what's going on? and lastly, how can someone do something like barry O is doing, yet he isn't being slammed for being a traitor? we fought and died for this country, but our soldiers need to wake up and just say NO!! to bobama. all it takes is one voice to get something to start.

Anonymous said...

I noticed your post at MJ. Given the vitriol heaped on the right by MJ readers, the barbs you hurled back seemed proportionate. I decided to take you up on your suggestion to drop by...

FlOUNDER WROTE: "I would like to invite you to visit FREEDOMFRONT and see what the right is really thinking. I would also like to invite you to engage me in a spirited debate not as a way to beat one another but to better understand one another."

However, here are a few bits from your current post that make me question your sincerity.

FlOUNDER SAID: "THIS IS WAR!... when you do business find out if the proprietor supports Bobama (just ask). If so, FIRE THEM! If not, send me a link to their business and we'll all support them."

"This Fascist pirate has been planning his world domination for years."

"It was much easier for the Liberals because they fed on ignorance and we must feed on enlightenment."

Civil discourse anyone?

There were so many errors in fact and logic in your MJ post, I thought a little debate might prove interesting. I myself am not immune to error, so I might learn something in the bargain. But given the tone of your posts, you cannot seriously think anyone but a fellow red-state zealot would ever engage you.

So I'll leave you with one small rebuttal to chew on.

FlOUNDER SAID: "Obviously there were no Leftists, Liberals or Democrats around when America was founded and the constitution was written or this country would have never made it!"

For someone who decries ignorance, and champions enlightenment, you clearly have a very poor grasp of political history and American civics. Odd for a political blogger. You don't seem to know what the word "liberal" means, so here you go.

Liberalism is a broad class of political philosophies that considers individual liberty and equality to be the most important political goals.[1]

Liberalism emphasizes individual rights and equality of opportunity. Within liberalism, there are various streams of thought which compete over the use of the term "liberal" and may propose very different policies, but they are generally united by their support for constitutional liberalism, which encompasses support for: freedom of thought and speech, limitations on the power of governments, the rule of law, an individual's right to private property,[2] and a transparent system of government.

You're welcome. And once you've done a little more homework I'm sure you'll find ready debaters from across the spectrum of political thought. Otherwise, enjoy your "tea parties" and sharpen up your pitch-fork.


flounder said...

Granted, the definition of liberalism was once as you described but by the 1920s the Marxists had taken over the word and created a political Ideology that redefined the term. Hoover once said that "True Liberalism is not in striving to spread bureaucracy but in striving to set bounds to it", (and it sounds like you agree with that statement) that is the foundation of what the true right believes today.
While I see that there is a contingency of evangalistic "christian covservatives" who are not truly right wing and wish to impose their beliefs on everyone, most of us just wish to be granted the freedoms that our forefathers provided.
Today it is the left that is moving to infringe on our rights and they are doing so as we speak.
We simply believe that each person is personally responsible for their own success or failure and that no government should have the right to decide who should be helped and at what cost to those who have succeeded. With that, don't throw Bush in my face because his policies regarding the economy were far more left wing than right and in that he was an utter disapointment.
Adversely, from what I can tell, the left wants all things to be equal with no regard to fairness. In other words... Equal reward for unequal effort through legislation. That is the new definition of the self described liberal. Don't blame me.

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