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Friday, April 24, 2009

Moral Capital and Prosperity

Today I took some time to visit some of the "liberal" and "Progressive" blogs on the internet and I left comments as well as invitations to their readers. For those of you who had the courage to check me out, I welcome you. I hope that you will engage me in a friendly debate so that everyone can better understand each other. I also encourage you to take some time to read over some of my older posts and my Jimmy Strawn Plan so that you can get a feel of what I'm all about.

I enjoy looking at the thoughts and thoughtlessness of the left. Many on the right are clueless as well but at least they are not destructive to our way of life. Yes.. I'm calling liberals destructive. I realize that it's not intended but the desire to force equality above fairness has pushed the evil do-gooders into a downward spiral of bitter hatred for everything that made this country great.

I visited a site where someone gave examples of scientific proof that Global Warming is real and cited an econimist, who authored a book that glorifies globalization, as their source. Do I need to explain how absurd that is? It only serves to prove my point that the climate hoax is nothing but a ploy to create a "one world" socialist government. The people who profess to be scientists are nothing but climatologists and politicians. Climatology, by the way, is a non-science. It does not employ scientific method and those who practice it are not accountable for their findings. In other words, a climatologist will get paid well as long as there is a threat of climate disaster looming over us. If they said that things were fine they would lose funding. Plus they make predictions that are dependant on a lack of natural variables so that if the predictions don't pan out then they can tout that the changes that were made were what made the difference. It's the perfect scam.

I also visited a site that stated that only libs loved their country because they want to make sure that the rich perform their "patriotic duty" of paying taxes. WHAT?.. Since when does paying taxes equate to patriotic duties? Our patriarchs, the original tea partiers, might disagree with this moron. This nation was founded on the freedom of religion, the right to life, liberty and property and the freedom from the overwhelming tax burden. These socialists are really good at digging into other peoples hard earned money in the name of patriotism but not so good at understanding what patriotism really is. Maybe they are patriotic to some other country but not the U.S.A.

I also got a few minutes to peer into the mind of a liberal Navy wife who likes the Idea of "social capital". First of all I don't understand how anyone in the military can be (or be married to) a liberal. When you swear in to the military you are taking an oath to "defend the Constitution of the United States from its enimies, both foreign and domestic." To support Obama or the general platform of the left is to deny the Constitution as it was written. Obama has openly stated that the constitution is the fundimental problem with this nation and has expressed interest in a complete overhaul in which the document is written with much more government control. The left in general is in lockstep with this idiology and anyone who supports this is, at minimum, antipatriotic or in the case of our military they are just plain treasonist.

Somehow these people believe that the federal government is in the position to spread around everyones money in order to help "those less fortunate". From my experience, most of the less fortunate are that way by their own lack of effort. That being the case, when our forefathers founded this country they left it up to those who had earned their money to decide where their fortune should go. That's real social capital, if someone is in need of help they would have to make an effort to become worthy of help rather than just vote it away from the earners. On the flip side, those who had earned their money would be held to social standards and could enhance or impede their success based on their own charity. This means that a business owner that shunned the lower class would lose business and one who worked to make lives better would only prosper from that investment. Yes it's that simple, oir it was, until the "progressives" came and screwed it all up.

The moral of the story is that there is a huge disconnect between the politics of the left and the right. The left wants to make sure that everything is fair by enforcing equality on us through government control while the right wants to make sure that everything is equal by making us enforce fairness on each other through moral capitalism. Ironically, there is little difference in what both sides want to achieve just how they want to get there.

I submit this... The right represents a gathering of people who want to "Conserve" all of the ideals and practices that made this the greates country in the world. The left represents a gathering of people who want to "Progress" to the same ideals and practices that make all of the other countries so dependant on us. If we succumb to that philosophy, who will we depend on, who will the rest of the world depend on? Perhaps you libs should pick a state or region and move there... then in 20 years, when you're begging for us to save you from yourselves, you will understand why your philosophy has failed every time it's been tried and you can once again become a functioning and productive part of this REPUBLIC!

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