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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obama's Mafia

Have you heard of the "Cosa Nostra"? How about the "Triads" or the "Krasnaya Mafiya"? If you know these names then you know just how dangerous mankind can get. What you may not know is how or why these infinatly powerful international mafias came about.

When you think of the mafia you probably think of the early 20th century, around the early 30s and 40s, and I'm sure you think of Chicago, New York, Las Vegas and maybe even Detroit. Have you ever thought about why those cities were the big targets for mobsters but other smaller cities around the nation were virtually left alone? Do you know what our mafia had in common with all of the others around the world?

One simple word connects organized crime across the planet to our own mafia and that word is "Progressivism". That's right, every major mafia is born in a time and place where "social progressives" have taken root. I'm not suggesting that the left is full of crooks (any more than the right) but the Idology does carry such crime as a side affect. Unfortunatly they are not required to mention these side affects in their campaign ads.

Let me establish the pattern for you... The year is 1860 and Italy was involved in what seems like an endless revolution. It was a battle between Democracy and Fascism. It's a complicated story but the victor was Victor Emmanual who became the King of the United Kingdom of Italy. He believed that he could strengthen the economy through an improved system of government finance, promotion of industry, and a liberal trade policy. Karl Marx was a fan of his policies and was known to praise him frequently in his writings. This event held two firsts, the birth of the term "progressivism" and the birth of the "Mafia".

You see, over the next 30 years the economy of Italy could not support the cost of it's vast government financing and began to collapse under it's own weight. Everyone was forced to work to pay into the state, including the lower levels of government workers. Wages were small but equal, as in the liberal dream.

Fast forward to 1941. The "Communist Party of China" has taken control of Hong Kong and begun to "clean up" society. The plan was to help everyone "progress" to a unified body where everything is equal and thus competition will no longer lead to oppression. The system was straight out of Marx's "Communist Manifesto" and it provided a strict policy against detrimental activities such as gambling , booze and pornography. Any unsanctioned profit would be confiscated. The Triads, who were previously a losely organized group, seized on the fear of the citizenry and created a high profit underground market that provided everyone, including government officials with all of their vices and thus became very powerful as well as deadly to those who might oppose them. There from communist progressivism was the birth of the Chinese mafia.

The Russian Mob, AKA Krasnaya Mafiya, is one of the worst mobs in the world. Born from centuries of dictatorial rule, they have existed in small groups since the time of Czars. It wasn't until the late 1960s before they combined and grew so powerful. In 1964 Leonid Brezhnev took power of communist Russia. He was considered a "Progressive" and stood as a figure of "change" with intent to grow beyond the ways of the "old guard". His promise was "the rehabilitation of many of the victims of Stalin's purges, and the cautious liberalization of Soviet intellectual and cultural policy" but upon entering office he changed.

"When forces that are hostile to socialism try to turn the development of some socialist country towards capitalism, it becomes not only a problem of the country concerned, but a common problem and concern of all socialist countries." Those were the words of the great Soviet ruler. He actually tightened his grip on all of the Soviet States in an attempt to provide a more universal equality. He was trying to make life easy for his people by instilling the "Communist Manifesto" as law. The resulting economical collapse drove more and more people into illegal barter networks which the "Red Mob" took advantage of under the threat of exposure.

Even here in the states the pattern exists. If you look at a list of the most politically "Progressive" cities during the late 1920s you will notice that they are the same cities whose names were synonymous with corruption and Mafia control. Add in the fact that we had an all knowing and all great Progressive president who gladly took away our rights to succeed or even drink liquer in order to make us safe from depression and we were bound to see a rise in political corruption. This is a pattern that is prevailent across all time and space.

Anytime you limit someones ability to better their life through their own strengths in order to provide for those who have weaknesses you create friction. This is happening all around us today. Do you know a plumber? How about a carpenter? These guys are heavily taxed and are only able to bring home a fraction of what you pay for their services. Virtually all of them work "under the table" or for trade. They know that they can offer you a deal and collect more than their normal pay by simply leaving out the "middle man". The more the economy fails the more the middle man needs and the more people try to get around him.

It is illegal for us to leave out the middle man (government). We are bound by the threat of violence to pay into a system that supports only those who do not contribute. The greater the price (in taxes) for these dead beats, the less we will be willing to pay and thus the greater the punishment for evasion. This WILL lead to an organized underground economy with no oversight at all. Those who have the greatest resourses will rise to power and be as threatening as the government itself and we, the United States will have given birth to the most dispicible mafia ever.

This is the path of "Progressivism", this is your "change" and this is our future if we don't rise up against this "soft tyranny" and reinstill rugged individualism as our social doctrine.

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