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Monday, November 16, 2009

Intellectual Cowardice

Everyone on the right is calling Obama to hurry up and make a decision on what to do about the war in Afghanistan while everyone on the left is praising him for not letting the situation pressure him int making a bad decision. This, as we know, is a shining example of the ignorance of the left.

It is a personality flaw that is inherent with liberalism and created by the untested intellect of the educated elitists. What that means is that, for the most part, those who have spent most of their lives learning from others rather than their own mistakes have never really been held responsible for their solutions. Let me explain.. Engineers are employed to come up with a design for a product that will be installed by a tradesman. That product is deemed perfect by that engineer who will never be required to actually make it work nor install it in everyday applications. Once the "perfectly engineered" product gets into the hands of the tradesman he makes the necessary modifications to make it actually work. The engineer never knows that his product is flawed so he continues to think of himself as an elite designer and a great problem solver.

Usually it is the guy that has to do the real work who is the real engineer because he is directly responsible for his own actions. This applies to teachers and government officials as well. I can't tell you how many guys I've hired with great scores in school that were totally incapable when the rubber met the road. Yet, teachers really do think they know what they're doing...Ha! What a joke, you know what they say, those who can...do, those who can't... teach!

Back to the topic at hand. I want you to consider something. The president is taking time to come up with just the right decision while the soldiers are losing morale and sitting as targets for their enemies. As a military leader it is more often right to make the wrong decision quickly then the right one after the battle is lost. It does not make him wise to wait around thinking of the right thing to do while the circumstances worsen, it makes him a coward.

I understand that virtually nobody on the left has ever been in a position where they were required to decide on putting others in harms way so it's easy for them to say the things they say... but... to claim that Bush was a coward because he sent others to fight and did not fight himself is outright ignorant. It takes far more courage to send others into battle then to go yourself .This is why our wise and intellectual leader is still pondering this decision, he lacks the courage to take on the responsibility of his office.

As a disabled vet who permanently gave up the practical use of my right arm in an attempt to fight for your freedom, I have far more respect for Clinton as a poor military leader then for Obama who is afraid to lead at all!


Silence DoGood said...

None of the liberals I know have ever said Bush was a coward for not going to the battle himself. Because that is stupid.

All the liberals I know are angry with Bush for lying and covering up the facts to fool us into supporting a war in Iraq, when the real war was with terrorists elsewhere in the world.

And after your random disconnected thoughts about the Evils of Socialism, and the mistake of being fooled into sacrificing for others, I have to laugh. Bush lied to us all and fooled our soldiers into sacrificing for country.

Kinda the same. Again proving my point that the controlling elite whether it be the Politboro or the Cheney puppet master, comes down to the same ol same ol.

flounder said...

Maybe you don't know any liberals who believe that, but then you don't strike me as someone who would hang around the majority of push button liberals who have been posting that very opinion all over the web, but believe me... I saw it so many times that I felt I needed to respond to it.

I know you blame the war in Iraq on Bush but, as I've proven before, That war started years before GW was elected and the fact that it had more international support than any other war in history tells me that the rest of the world agrees.

Silence DoGood said...

I do not blame him for starting the war. I am pretty clear on this.

I blame him for continuing a war on a front where we our enemies were not present.

He lied and this caused the war to escalate and go on. After convincing the country to trust him and to sacrifice for the greater good (like your cartoon socailism). American soldiers died needlessly and as Commander in Chief, he was responsible for this.

And I disagree with Obama that he should not be tried for his war crimes.

Clinton lied about having an affair and conservatives wanted him drawn and quartered, Bush lies and causes death and destruction and this is no problem?

flounder said...

"I blame him for continuing a war on a front where we our enemies were not present.".. I'm not sure I understand what you mean, can you please explain?

It's very hard to try a president for war crimes because you could use the same reasoning to try every president we've ever had and that would tie the hands of all future presidents.

Besides that, I'm not clear on exactly what "war crimes" were commited by Bush.

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