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Friday, November 6, 2009

Including a Semi-Automatic?

Today I have to put a couple things out there before I get to my point.

First.. To all of those who are feeling the pains from that dispicible attack on Ft Hood I want you to know that My prayers are with you....Hooah!

Second.. I am doubled in my pain as I was on my way to the family viewing of my grandfather when I heard about the attack. Sadly, my grandfather passed away last Sunday and I am in Virginia this week for the funeral. We were very close and it has been a very painful loss for me so please excuse my lack of enthusiasm in the blog this week. Next week I will return with a vengence.

So while watching the news coverage of the "mass shooting" in Texas I sat with baited breath, waiting for the anti-gun animosity to show through from our "balanced" media. The moment came in subtle whisps but were heard loudly by those who listened. The news babe says "the shooter used two handguns" and then emphasised "including a semi automatic".

This is the kind of nonsense that our media reports daily and people just accept it. Pointing out that a handgun used in a crime was semi automatic is tant amount to telling us that a car used in a hit and run had an automatic transmission. Seriously, does that really make i sound more ominous? Is it not painfully obvious why they had to throw that in?

This is the way they move people against guns, by making it sound like they "automatically" kill innocent bystanders. They invent words like "assult rifle" to make guns sound like the bad guys while ignoring the fact that people kill with lots of different weapons.

Maybe if we start calling cars with automatic transmissions "assault vehicles" and any club that can be swung multiple times could be called a "semi-automatic pounder" we can get people to stop doing just about anything.

On the other hand, I have noticed that in places where guns are not allowed (Ft Hood, Va Tech, Columbine) the death toll gets high quickly but in places where guns are liberally distributed you never hear about mass shootings. Maybe there is something to this fact... naa, that makes too much sense.


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