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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Get the Politics out of Politics!

I'm really sick of politicians... ALL OF THEM! Before I start I want to point out that the Republicans did the same thing when they held the majority and I was complaining then as well.

Here's the basic problem.. The Senate has the right to filibuster, that is, the minority can stall a bill indefinitely until the entire Senate just gives up on that bill and move on to something else. The positive side of this rule is that it keeps the minority from being completely helpless in cases where there is strong opposition against the majority.

The only recourse the majority has is to build a three fifths majority (60 votes) and vote to stop the filibuster and put the bill to a simple majority vote (requiring only 51 votes). This seems fair so far and I like the way this has worked in the past.

The only problem I have with this system is that it is used as a political tool and the citizens of the United States are dumb enough to fall for it. You see, I believe that if you support something then you should vote for it, adversely, if you do not then you should not. In other words, If 60 people are willing to vote for Cloture (stopping the filibuster) then 60 people clearly support the bill.

We have 60 Senators who wanted the bill to pass so much that they were willing to stop the filibuster but several of them claim to NOT support the bill. They do this because they have worked out a deal with the Majority leader to prearrange just enough votes to achieve a simple majority and can guarantee passage while voting against it so that they will not be held responsible by their constituency.

Taking the step to stop the filibuster is a dramatic show of support for a bill in and of itself, so for these Senators to go home after doing so and to claim that they voted against the unpopular bill is damn near treason. These clowns are voting to allow the passage of a bill that they would never be allowed to vote for by those who gave them the office and the morons that keep supporting them are screwing things up for the rest of us.

Once the Health Care bill is put to vote on the floor and voted on, I intend to call out every single Senator who supported it through cloture but pretended to vote against it. It is then your job to hold those traitors accountable and remind them of their dishonesty come election time.

This applies to both Republicans and Democrats. If you support this ridiculous health care abortion (that's my opinion)and you saw Senators vote for and then against those measures then you should be equally pissed off. These people need to just be honest and vote their heart rather than working the system just to keep us pacified!

1 comment:

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Exactly. What's the point? You voted FOR it before you voted AGAINST it? Where have we heard THAT one before, eh, Mr Kerry?

Lieberman went trucking right along with the rest of the Demorats -- contrary to what he stated PUBLICLY.


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