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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our Education System

After reading posts on my school discussion board I am a bit shaken. What is happening to our society? When asked how to solve a drug problem in our society it seems most of the youth in my area think the solution is in regulation of corporate entities. That is, they think that pharmaceutical companies are responsible for the Meth problem.

Seriously? That's tant amount to blaming metal companies for gun violence. The Idea that some kind of government intervention on the supply of medicine would prevent people from distorting the intended use of that medicine is absurd. Frankly it frightens me that people are more ready to blame "greedy capitalists" then greedy consumers. Where do people get the idea that capitalism is bad?

Think about it, if not for capitalism then we would still be living in the eighteenth century. We would have no medical system to speak of, we would be confined to small areas and we would be ruled by tyrants. Is this really the solution to our little problems today?

Is it not evident that it was the introduction of governmental politics that ruined the free market? How can someone say that it was the philosophy that one gets what he earns rather than having to share what he earns with one who only wants is really going to work out?

I'm hoping that some of my classmates are willing to move an improperly placed political debate to this forum and continue unrestrained for the benefit of enlightenment. I am willing and eager to engage in a debate between Americanism and progressivism with anyone who is willing to accept the challenge.


Silence DoGood said...

I was a little murky on this topic because you seem to morph from education to how great capitalism is. So I will give a stab at the former.

The trouble with blame in our society is that the answer to all our ill must be a simple phrase. The media loves this because then they have their blame headline.

Meth abuse problem? "It is the drug companies." The reality is that there is a loss of personal responsibility and general pressure of society and stress.

Loss of jobs? "it is Bush's fault". The reality is that the piled up tragic policies of the last so many left & right wing politicans has compounded one another into this sad situation.

War in iraq? "Terrorism or Sadam Hussien". The reality is that we sent them weapons years ago to fight Iran who were our enemies at the time. We armed a crazy man and later shake our heads in shock.

The real problem is that no one is willing to dig into the deep root causes of the problems that confront us.

flounder said...

This post was specifically directed at would be visitors from my class. They would have had the full context of the situation. Sorry if it came off as confusing to anyone who missed the rest of the story.

It's not so much to say how great capitalism is but to point out that one cannot blame a drug epidemic on the manufacturers of cold medicine. I suggested to the class that those who misuse drugs are doing so at their own risk. I also pointed out that, if it were my responsibility to stop drug use, I would attack the demand rather than the supply side. We've watched attempts ranging from prohibition to the Reagan drug war, to stop the supply of drugs and it only raises the value and causes other crimes.

I was amazed that these bleeding hearts would suggest that people turn to drugs because of the pressures of capitalism and that it was the greedy companies that feed that habbit. I was shocked that they seemed ok with the crimes commited in the quest to get high because it wasn't their fault they were addicted. When I defended my position they ganged up on me with illogical banter.

As far as the things you pointed out.. The reality is that I can't argue with any of those points and that I am comforted by our mutual understanding of the problems. I only pray that others who disagree with my ideology are as willing to look at the truth as you are.

Chris said...

I agree. Its not the drug company's fault. Its the morons who concoct the drugs that are illegal. If a gun is sitting on a shelf, it is harmless. When getting into some jackoff's hands, it does harm. The product consumers buy dont cause any issues, its the morons who buy them who abuse their purpose. So, in conclusion, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY SILENCE DONTDOGOOD. You are a moron, and need to have some personal responsibility yourself and stop looking for a scapegoat for your problems. Anty up and take ownership of your actions people.

Silence DoGood said...


I think you might have missed where I said "The reality is that there is a loss of personal responsibility ..."

I really appreciate the rest of your well thought out and researched arguments though. It must have taken your many hours of thought and time to put that together.

Silence DoGood said...


This is definitely something that appeals to my libertarian side.

I think that we have become a blame oriented society for sure.

Lawsuits against the tobacco companies are another example. It is not their fault the individuals chose to start smoking. I think they should be sued for those cases where they lied (fraud) about their product but this should not mean everyone who smokes now gets a piece of them.

I would like to see a balance between identifying real abuse of rights and individual freedom.

Sorry to hear people ganged up on you.

flounder said...

The worst part is knowing that any engagement with these people would be futile. They are forming opinions through emotion and to challenge the logic of emotion only feeds anger. Plus, it was definatly the wrong forum for that kind of debate. Oh well, it is what it is.

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