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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Laws Illegalizing the Breaking of Laws

Are you freaking kidding me? Is this some kind of semantical April fool’s joke? To hear the news babe say that Arizona passed a “law that criminalizes illegal aliens” made my head spin. Have we, as Americans, reached the point where we need to make laws that make breaking laws against the law? So, by that logic, maybe we should start on a new law that illegalizes the breaking of the law that makes it illegal to break the law!

I do understand that the lack of legality, in a free nation, does not, by default, make an action illegal. Stay with me, this gets pretty confusing. What I’m saying is that: There is no law written which makes it legal to walk slowly in a crowd. By definition, illegal means that something is either prohibited or not authorized by law. So the slow walker could be construed as an “illegal walker” but not a criminal offender.

When applied to our immigration laws, there are laws that state that one must go through specific channels in order to enter our great nation. Anyone who chooses to circumvent these laws has chosen to become, by definition, a criminal. Now back to my original question; are you freaking kidding me?

Not only are there morons who are opposed to this new law (for reasons other than its redundancy), but these heathens are rioting over it. They have taken it upon themselves to destroy property and attack policemen over a political disagreement. I will say it now, without reservation; if you disagree with my politics and choose to destroy my property or attack innocent Americans, prepare to find out what peace really is! I will send a piece of lead through you at around 3500 feet per second and you will rest in peace for eternity.

To support illegal immigrants means that you would be ok with me, and 10 of my friends, entering your home with the permission of someone whom you’ve never met. We would eat your food, wear your clothes, and even fix a few things around your house. Of course, one or two of us would rape your daughter, steel your money and leave your kids with some highly contagious disease and you will never know who it was because we have no identity.

This is what happens, the illegals are generally decent people who mean well but they refuse to separate themselves from the hard core criminals. If you work hard to make ends meet, is it any less legal to have your life destroyed by a mugger who wants to feed his family than one who simply wants to buy drugs? If you are so consumed with “compassion” that you think it is, feel free to walk around the ghetto with all of your money clenched in your fist, otherwise, get off of your high horse and face reality.


silence DoGood said...

It is not necessarily redundant.

Immigration violation is a federal offense. Policemen might defer to INS or possibly the FBI. This law makes it a state crime as well. This permits (and even directs) local police to inquire and arrest based on this.

The examples you give of breaking and entering, rape, theft, etc. are already local crimes.

The liberatarian concern is that people will be stopped without suspicion. This happened where I live - police were stopping everyone to see if they were driving drunk. The ALCU protested this based on detaining someone that isn't doing anything wrong yet. Drunk driving is illegal but stopping everyone without cause is not allowed.

The problem with this new state law is you cannot "see" someone's immigration status by looking unless you are using racial profiling.

Chris said...

I agree Silence. But what can we do? This is kind of our last resort. Its a difficult situation, and yet unkie sam once again can't come up with a solution. That's where the state comes in. Profiline is a necessity in many cases. The Israelis do it all the time with Palastinians. It works, but it is ethically wrong. Sometimes in life we have to make decisions for the greater good of the masses. Not just to please a small minority. The problem lies in the politicians right now. To enforce the current law in AZ and risk the votes, or please the minority and give them amnesty but displease the country? Its all about votes. Whatever they decide on the state or federal level, will all come to votes.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

AZ was up against the proverbial wall when it passed this law. AZ is simply trying to survive.

When a given group can pick and choose which laws to obey, we are doomed as a nation.


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