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Friday, April 23, 2010

Minds Full Of Mush

Sitting around with a group of twenty-somethings, some college graduates and some still students, the topic of politics came up. Imagine that, me talking politics at a party. I was as impartial as I could stand to be, for as long as I could hold my tongue, and even when I objected, I was nice about it.

I asked these kids what they thought about Obama, hoping for some insightful response. One "kid" stood out as the talker and said "we rocked hard when he was elected but now he ain't so great". As insightful as that was, I had him elaborate. He went on to tell me that Bush was an idiot so he was glad to see an intellectual get elected. To this the others agreed and he continued, "we thought he was going to get us out of Bush's war but I guess nothing changes".

I asked them all what Bush did that was so stupid but the only evidence they had was something said by the Saturday Night Live rendition of him. I asked them why they called it Bush's war and they had no concrete answer except to repeat some idiot on the Comedy channel. I asked them some civics questions about how congress works and what the duties of the president were and only one young lady could answer any of them at all. I asked about the Constitution and heard short phrases like "separation of church and state", "freedom of speech", "some gun thing" and other disturbing sentences.

I asked them, as I always do, if I could use their words in my blog and, in embarrassment, they asked that I leave out their names. This was not the first time this has happened, in fact, it happened a couple of weeks ago as well. I only hope that my little quiz, and the resulting insecurities, led these future leaders to learn about the very system that allows them to be so ignorant. I only pray that you go out and challenge the minds of the young, MTV activists to actually understand the nonsense they spew.

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