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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Conservatism on Fags Adopting Kids

Lately there has been a lot of local noise about Florida's law banning adoption by "same sex couples". I think it is my responsibility to weigh in on the subject. Before I do I want you to be sitting down and I would like you to think before you fly off the handle.

Websters Dictionary defines "Disease" as: an impairment of health or a condition of abnormal functioning. Most diseases has a negative effect on the reproductive system in some way or another. If you are strictly religious then you may believe that this is God's way of preventing generational spreading of these diseases. If you are an atheist then you may think that this is Mother Nature's way of accomplishing the same goal.

Regardless of your theology, nearly everyone is happy that science has led to new opportunities for those whose disease would have prevented them from raising children of their own. As for those who cannot be helped by science, there is adoption, which provides for those children who might otherwise have been aborted.

Let's be honest, homosexuality is a disease! It is a condition of abnormal function that directly effects reproduction. It is not an act of evil nor is it a social choice (for the most part), it simply exists as part of ones inner desires. Seriously, if you're a straight guy, do you really think you could simply start liking your sphincter getting reamed out. I know that gays don't like to be considered diseased but too bad. We call alcoholism and sex addiction diseases and we all know that's a crock.

So if we are to agree that homosexuality is a disease, and unlike cancer and MS it is not debilitating, and that it is wrong to prevent sick people from the joys of raising children then what's wrong with "queers" raising kids? It's not like they're going to teach their sickness to a child any more than a parent with cancer would wish their illness on their own offspring.

If you are just offended by their "lifestyle" then you have a huge battle ahead of you. A great number of people who are able to create life have no business doing so. There are many "lifestyles" into which many of our children are born that I disagree with but only God has the right to decide that. I think that God would much rather give a diseased couple the opportunity to raise and love children then have orphans rot away in some halfway house or be aborted by a hopeless mother.

If you are a true conservative then you must put away your disdain for the act of homosexuality, you must ignore the loud minority of overtly flamboyant sissies that try to paint a bold picture of what it is to be gay, and you must accept that the vast majority of homosexuals are just like you and me. They are everyday folks with everyday jobs and everyday problems. They only wish to find love and to live life as normal as they can while they struggle with the social misunderstanding of the disease that makes them desire whomever it is that they desire. It is time to take a better look at what it is to be a freedom loving conservative and stop trying to govern morality while ignoring morals.


Chris said...

Piaget and many other psychiatrists will disagree with homosexuals raising a child. In order to have a "healthy" growth, people need to have both sexes involved. There are many years of research and studies done on this topic and almost all of the researchers agree to this. Plus, homosexuals are not liked in the religious world, thus teaching their children the morals of man rather than the doctrine of faith. Lack of morals will equal doom. Period. This is just one of many steps in keeping people away from religions with good morals to teach. Research Piaget and others in developmental psychology and behavioral psychology. They will provide reasons as to why homosexuals raising children is bad for the child and morals.

Silence DoGood said...

Since when do homosexuals teach morals of "man". I know a number of very religious, moral homosexuals, even Christian homosexuals.

I hate to break it to you but there is more than your narrow view of what constitutes a doctrine of faith.

There is nothing wrong with your doctrine of faith, but you are repeating the tired myth of Christian Right: There is the Christian Right and then there are immoral people.

Remember this country was founded on the principal of Freedom of Religion, not your personal form of christianity.

flounder said...

What I have yet to see is a study that compares children adopted by loving gay parents to children raised in orphanages or by a single parent who considers them to be a burden. For anyone to adopt a child they must prove themselves financially capable and they are held responsible for those children, meanwhile we have kids being born into crack houses or, even worse, being aborted. We need to accept the reality of the "imperfect" situation over the unsurvivable situation.

flounder said...
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Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I tend to agree with Chris. I can name any number of children from "straight" families who were not subject to the equality and balance of BOTH a male and female influence. Children need both influences: loving, nurturing, compassion from females; courage, risk-taking, aggression from males.

There is a time and a place for all those things, in measure.

Life is Balance.


Silence DoGood said...

BZ expresses his belief that children need the influence of both a male and female while being raised. Great! Make sure your children are raised that way.

However the original blog was about Florida's law denying people executing their own belief which is different from this.

Do what you want with your own children. But do not support laws that keep others from following their own beliefs. Government and laws should not be telling people who they can or cannot adopt.

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