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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gun Control?

The recent SCOTUS decision regarding gun bans and the 14th amendment, along with the tragic murders of two Tampa police officers last night, has driven me to reconsider my position on certain things. I realize this may come as a shock to my right wing brethren but I am ready to support a ban which could drastically decrease the number of innocent Americans being killed at the point of a gun.

Mayor Daley, of Chi-town, made a great case for a ban when he pointed out that 100,000 Americans are shot each year and eight die each day from gunshots. From that I decided to look into Chicago's crime statistics. I found that more than 77% of violent deaths, including domestic murders, shared one key ingredient. I also found that the same ingredient played a large role in forced robberies and personal crimes.

To know that, in the case of robberies, we could have prevented deaths for all but 4% of the victims by simply placing a ban on the specific cause of those death, it helps me put aside my concerns regarding the constitutionality of the ban. In fact, I am willing to forget that little part of the Constitution and enforce a Nationwide ban that would serve to put a stop to the vast majority of crime around the country.

Yes, it is time to put aside your own reservations (as freedom loving conservatives) and stand up for a complete and total ban on African Americans! What did you think I was going to say, ban guns? That would only invite new crimes. The fact is that Blacks commit more crimes than whites. It's true, in Chicago, only 4% of the murders committed during robberies are by white guys. At the same time, more than 77% of all gun crimes in Daley's little corner of Heaven were initiated by the squeeze of a black man's finger on a trigger.

Now back to reality.. For you morons who think that it is okay to forget the second amendment in order to quell crime, you are wrong! For any twisting of evidence that you can show me which gives some level of credence to your theory that gun bans lower violence, I can show you indisputable evidence that banning colored people would have a far greater effect. Let me say that BOTH IDEAS ARE RIDICULOUS!

I know for a fact that guns are no more responsible for crime than the color of a fellow's skin is. People pull triggers, not skin color, and triggers never pull themselves. There is a violent culture out there that has been adopted by the majority of young, poor urbanites. Most of them are black but that is a result, not a cause.

The left has proven to me that they can significantly change the political and economical landscape through social movements so why don't they spend some of that energy in changing the cultural landscape the same way. It is the left that glorifies the "gangsta" lifestyle, it is also the left that celebrates a culture of ignorance on MTV, BET and other social outlets. Seriously, they've convinced kids that capitalism is evil but murder is cool, WTF?


Chris said...

Wow, very true. As a former Correctional Officer at one of the worst prisons in FL, I see your statistics as truth. It is a shame hiw people with good morals are shunned, and yet being a thug is now culturally right. Every nation goes through a very liberal stage every once in a while, but only the ones that go to the right stay free. Guns don't kill people, moronic people kill people.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

You state the obvious. When I was in Robbery I collated and provided stats indicating the same conclusion. When I was in sex assaults I also provided yearly stats that proved over 50% of reported rapes of women were false.

What do you think happened to those stats? Did they make their way up to executive staff or out to the public?

I don't think so.

Facts are SUCH inconvenient things.


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