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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Here we go again

" I have a plan that will put America back to work, stabilize the economy, and increase the money supply." If these words sound familiar there is good reason, after all, you have had them drilled into your head for what feels like an eternity. It was the sudden downturn of the economy during the run up to the election that spelled out the certain doom of the current party of power and delivered the control of both houses and the presidency into the hands of the "progressive socialist extremists" in the Democratic party. But then, the unpopular war and the promise of criminal charges against the president and his cronies for war profiteering along with the "anti-rich" sentiment only worked to seal the deal for the new party of power. It's amazing that people have forgotten that our country had just enjoyed eight of the most prosperous years that it had ever seen. It is equally amazing that people are so willing to "change", even if it means adopting the very same political system that we have so recently fought so hard to defeat.

OK, now the fun stuff. The above paragraph may appear to be a summation of today's political landscape but appearances are often deceiving. As a matter of fact, I was very careful to write this as if today were March 3rd, 1933, the day before the inauguration of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The opening quote is from him and not from Bobama (although he has repeated it in some form or another countless times). The beginning of the campaign that landed F.D.R. in office was plagued with calls of war profiteering against virtually everyone in the previous (Hoover) administration. The Republicans were thought if as war mongers and blamed for Americas involvement in WWI which was considered an "illegal war" by the majority of Americans who, at the time, were generally isolationists. When Hoover entered office the republicans had a 17 seat majority in the senate and a 100 seat majority in the house. There were more jobs then people and the economy was booming in every sector.Then came his final mid-term election in 1930 (two years before the election of F.D.R.). The 72nd congress would still belong to the Republicans but only by 1 seat in the senate and 6 seats in the house. This overturn was mostly attributed to the threat of a second world war due to the aggressions of Germany, Italy and Japan. It was the Democratic platform that America should stay out of it and that Republicans were "chomping at the bit" to engage in yet another war. This strategy was wildly successful and with the economy doing so well it seemed like a win/win decision to vote for the Democrats. Is all of this ringing a bell?

You see, Herb Hoover was a true conservative who deeply believed that "the sole function of government is to bring about a condition of affairs favorable to the beneficial development of private enterprise" and that "prosperity cannot be restored by raids on the public treasury". So while the groundswell permeated through the Democrats in congress to restrain the previously unbridled speculative market he insisted that it would correct itself as it had so many times before. It was his stance that " the constitution did not permit direct federal relief to individuals" and that private entities were responsible for serving humanity, not the government. The congressional Democrats, along with the print media, were very good at picking ideas out of other styles of government and glorifying them as a more fair way of conducting affairs. They used the Nazi idea of labor unions that made Hitler so popular with the working class (which put the rights of the employees above the rights of the employers) and the Marxist theory of redistribution of wealth (which favored those who made no effort to earn money and popularised laziness) to gain political leverage over the republicans.

This new Americanized socialism (as defined by the Democrats that actually called themselves Progressive socialists) was popular because the majority of Americans were resent full of those who had found fortune. The writing was on the wall. The Democrats had unwittingly set in motion the events that would cause the greatest crash in American history. Speculators were already beginning to rebuild themselves in late 1929 after the backlash of "black Thursday" on October 24th (the great stock market crash) which represented the natural correction that Hoover had predicted. Believe it or not, unemployment was beginning to fall in 1930 and it looked like things were going better. Enter the presidential campaign, The print media convinced people that the market crash could have been avoided if the government had intervened and that the Democrats had a plan to fix it for ever. They, along with Hollywood and the American communist party, proclaimed that the new Progressives would represent "hope and inspiration" and they ran on a campaign of "change".

It was this "new deal" that turned a natural market correction into a long, drawn out and devastating depression. It frightens me to look at the incredible similarities between then and now, hopefully it frightens you as well.


2GUNS said...

You have a summary...do you have any answers?

2GUNS said...

Allright Flounder

We are to the point were we need to forget left and right. Dem and rep. The question to be considered should be can we The People distinguish between Right And Wrong, is it possible to do that with the ballot box? Our country is tumbuling out of control does anyone care or should we all just watch another episode of Americam Idle.

Chris said...

well, in the real world, there are sides. it is your belief system, the very being of which you live. to be a dem, rep, or anything else is how you live your life. do you give all of your money (which you don't have enough due to hard times) to people who don't work for or earn it? or do you offer the man who is asking for money a job, so that he can be productive and help other s in the same manner? with this bailout, its the wrong thing to do. every other company that has trouble like this files for bnkrcy. it would hurt the economy sure, but the american people will pull through and get back on their feet.

Chris said...

as for the ballot, I agree with 2guns. this president is living proof of how stupid americans are when choosing for presidency. the race for the white house is mainly a media race. whoever gets on the air the most, will more than likely win. that shows most americans vote for who they see most on tv, because the more you see somebody, they become a household name and face that you'll remember

Chris said...

and they feel like they're inside your home, which invades your personal area for which you keep sacred. see it like this, the more times a stranger comes by your house and is invited inside, through time he will become a friend. this 30min tv ad from obama was the perfect move to win. that shows people look to the media (like when oprah was crying at the dnc, and yet refusing to interview mccain because she didn't like his party: or when obama went on the view, the girls pretty much blew their goo for the big o . but when mccain came on, they grilled him and tried to bury him!!!!!) to "educate" us on who to vote for because we can't spend 5 minutes comparing research we did on our own about the 2 cannidates. so basically, to sum it all up, we won't win the media war, EVER. if we have a canidate who is actually somewhat in modern times, or within the last 20 y rs of it. and lastly, hoping the american people will wake up after the big "o" messes things upeven more and tries to blame Bush, but realies he has no scapegoat.

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