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Monday, January 12, 2009

Where do we go from here?

I, like many others, have been aggressively trying to make a point by defining my stance in hopes to attract others of the same ilk. The purpose is not to have an Internet discussion on the finer points of being a Conservative but to create a starting line. I think that it is important for you (the reader) to know exactly where I stand and what I'm about before you jump on board. After all, I've created Freedom Front not as an outlet to find followers but as a tool to help amass an army of right thinking individuals who will march along side of me in my quest to prevent the "evil good-doers" from paving our paradise with good intentions. In short, too many of our brothers have paid the ultimate price for our freedom and I'm not about to allow these socialist bastards to screw it up now!

All of that being said, what's the next step?... I don't know. Peering through the foggy lens of history I've seen some things that we can start with but I need help. You must spread this blog to everyone you know, even if they think they're liberal. I realize how hard it is to get people to read about politics (if words were naked chicks it would be much easier) but this is why I am going to start putting more provocative topics into my blog. People read more when they are more emotionally attached. Once we get more people to read we can get more ideas. That is the first step as laid out by Thomas Jefferson. He knew that a single teacher could only tell a story but it took many stories to learn the lesson. We must debate, argue, agree and disagree to truly get our country back.

I am continually educating myself as a way to help sway the misinformed. Remember that (according to Hitler) "education leads to capitalism" and that "miseducation leads to socialism", it's in our hands now to change the path. I have noticed that when you present political questions in a non-political form you often get conservative answers from even the most liberal people. We (along with most animals) are naturally conservative by design. This is why liberals hate guns unless they are being attacked and a cop comes along to save them. It is also why they believe that the earth belongs to no one unless you are trespassing on their land.

This forum is a safe place for us to have spirited debates with the ignorant as well as real idea sharing with each other. I am still reading all of the published works from our forefathers (prior to the revolutionary war) and compiling a "plan" as it were to present for debate. Until then, keep reading and keep spreading the word.

GOD BLESS AMERICA, sincerely: Jimmy Strawn

PS: A great place to read great quotes is available below.

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