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Monday, January 12, 2009

Un-educated, Un-intelligent or Un-American?

I believe that if you are a Bobama supporter then you are clearly either un-educated, un-intelligent or un-American.

Un-educated: You have just entered the political arena or only pay attention during the campaign. This represents the majority of Bobama supporters. They don't really know anything about government and how it works so they make decisions based on the biased reporting of the mass media or the junk information that their friends spread around. Prove me wrong!

Un-intelligent: You have been subjected to plenty information but cannot follow the process to its conclusion. This slightly smaller group are the ones that fall for the loose change conspiracy or the theory that the war in Iraq was about oil. They are smart enough to make sense of the obvious and dumb enough to fill in the rest with fantasy. For example; they know that Bush and Cheney had something to do with oil and that Iraq has oil so they figure out that everything else was made up so that they could make more money. They are so proud of that intellect that they refuse to allow you to cloud that theory with actual facts. Prove me wrong!

Un-American: You believe that capitalism is responsible for all of the worlds problems. Most of these morons actually belong in the above paragraphs but there are a few that actually apply. To separate them you simply start by proving that Bobama is actually a socialist. Then you show them the whole truth about all of the socialist countries who depend so much on our capitalism. By now, those who belong in the first category Will have fallen out. Now you show them how far the world has come since the dawn of the free market (200 years ago) compared to the 10,000 year lack of real progress under socialist and totalitarian governments. If that doesn't budge them and they think BoBama is still right then they are absolutely un-American. Prove me wrong!


Chris said...

you couldn't have hit the nail on the head with more accuracy.
Being stuck in a polotical mess like today's is troubling. We have to worry about whay Jimmy Carter started with his "lets MAKE banks give loans to people who couldn't afford to pay for it" idea. As well as the idiotic mummers from the party who wanted to keep slavery and seperate the same race from society almost up until the 70's but now have a future president of the same color they're trying to oppress. Wow, talk about a strange party! Oh, and the previous KKK member who was in charge of the same party that now has a black president. Talk about CHANGE BABY!!!!!

2GUNS said...

Please we must stay focused on the problem of the day and where they are taking this country. Speaker of the house Pelosi has aready made it clear it does not matter what we the people want. We have a Clinton (Bill's missile guidence system to China who donated massive amounts of money to the Clinton Library) Hillary as secrtary of state. We have Obamma spending 150 million on his induction sermon (as he rises to power) when Bush was slammed for spending 43 million 4 years ago. Gee do ya think the Media has a agenda.... Have you ever seen so much coverage for a president elect before?

Chris said...

well, as far as enough media coverage, obama is the messiah remember? he is the savior of this country. the dems put everybody into a group. and if you disagree with one of them (in this case, a black president who spends before he even has a plan in place as well as spending over 100 million to just take a pledge into office) they try and bury you. if you speak against his beliefs, you WILL be dubbed a racist. people don't want to see ANY president, black or white, fail, but his cabinet selections are very very interesting in a creepy way. as for another clinton (hillary, aka: "her thighness" as mark levin says) is proof the presidency is now a corrupt position. the american people don't matter anyway, because why listen to the people of this country, when u see the constitution as a "living document" that can be ammended for modern times (actual words from the big o). how can we trust a president who doesn't think the founding document that governs this country, the very country he is in charge of, is not law and is set in stone?

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