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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Keep the change

Well, today is the day. I have witnessed the most unique inauguration in our nations history. Yes, we have ushered in a new hope for change and welcomed a minority into the White House. Not only is Bobama a minority (in that he is a true socialist) but he happens to be black too. Well, sort of, he's actually mixed race. But then, that's just splitting hairs. The real problem is that we've elected a man who has made a career of attacking the Constitution and made him swear to defend it. We've chosen a man who has never fired a weapon (or even thrown a punch as far as we know) to lead the worlds foremost fighting machine. We've hired a man who has never run a business to head the largest economy in the world. I believe that if you had asked our nations founders if a man like this would ever become president they would say "when hell freezes over", and judging by the temperature here in Florida, they were right about that too.

I'm not upset, I am hopeful. I'm full of HOPE that these morons who supported Bobama will convince him to CHANGE his Ideals before it's too late.

I believe that it is easy to make outrageous campaign promises when you have never done anything more than vote "present" as a legislature and have no executive experience. I am fairly confident that he will grow some grey hair once he sits in the big chair for a week or so and I expect that the stress will put some hair on his chest as well.

I'm trying to say... Don't sweat it! We the people are strong and those who are trying to destroy our country are the very ones who lack the nads to have created it in the first place. Freedom always prevails.


2GUNS said...
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2GUNS said...
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2GUNS said...

The price of freedom is not free and It NEVER has been. For those who wish to harm us do not just hide just in the democratic party the are the super wealthy. Look into the Rocka-fellows, George sorry ass sorows and Nancy Pelosi, to name a few. Yes these are democrats but there is another thread that bonds them stronger then the party. Greed and a hunger for power. We have much to fear. How much does a senate seat coast today? What will happen when all of or ammunition is encoded? So they let us keep or guns.... But charge the hell out of ammunition that they can track. Gee it just does not sound like what our founding fathers had in mind.

Chris said...

this administration is now going through rush week, just like in college. they are trying to join the real administration and play with the big boys. most of the time, the senate is the one who forms our country. it seems like the president offers suggestions and the senate either gets it into gear, or shuts it down. corruption is the word, as well as greed for both parties. a friend of mine is part of a republican party group for "people of lifetime of conservaticy." we got an invitation to attend a dinner with fellow conservatives who share a common belief, and they failed to report there was a fee. the "mandatory donation" or something like that was almost $1,000. why pay to be part of a free party in the free world in order to rub with the middle management of our government at this dinner and other functions? the invitation apparently was to give you the "opportunity" to give a "donation" just to eat food. I understand our party needs all the funding and help they can get, but when does it turn from need to greed? its a fine line. need always will turn into greed.

flounder said...

What is greed? wanting as much as you can get? wanting more than you earn? taking at others expense?
Maybe I should put this up for my next vote.
I think it's important to define the term before we start using it to define people!
I don't see it as militious greed, I think these people only desire power because they feel that they can protect and provide for us better than we can. That is why they have so much power, because so many people want to be protected and provided for.

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