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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Average Politics

We have seen a trend throughout recent years of politicians citing numbers in order to justify their actions. They do this by presenting averages as numerical facts to define constants or fluctuations in patterns. The most obvious and dramatic example of this is the "Global Climate Change" myth. They tell us that each decade is warmer than the last and that we are to blame, and thus, we should all pitch in our money and buy a better climate for the world (or something like that).

Lets look a touch deeper at the reality of scientific averages. To simplify the premise we will turn to the single most important topic in the world... Football. Lets say that you are a coach and that there are two running backs on your roster. The first guy (runner A) ran the ball five times during your last game. His runs were as follows.. first run= 1yd, second run=8yds, third run=1yd, fourth run=12yds and on his last run he lost 2yds. His average would be 4yds per carry.

Your other guy (runner B) also ran five times last week and his runs were as follows...first run was 3.5 yds, second run=3.5yds, third run=4.5yds, fourth run=4yds and last run was 4yds. His average was less than 4yds per carry.
So which guy would you get rid of if you had to loose one of them. Well, the average alone says you'd kick runner B off the team because he averaged less than runner A during the last game. But that would be stupid, runner B is clearly the more consistent runner despite his lower numbers overall. Then you have to factor in other games, after all, if you can pick the span of two averages you can seriously alter the results of the equation. For instance you could add the distance ran during the last quarter of the game before and it might skew the results in favor of runner A.

That's what our government does to keep us reliant on them. Going back to the Global Scam, they broke up the numbers in such a way that we think that the average temp ( another blind variable) has increased in ten year increments. Maybe we should look at 12 or 17 year spans and see how the numbers change.

The point is not to disprove that particular theory, it's just to make you aware that big brother has dirty tricks and we're just latching on to them.

On that note, the fine city of St Petersburgh has provided me with a great example that I will explore in greater depth after my upcoming surgery (when I get more time). Quickly though, I noticed that they have made it newsworthy to present new policy changes to the police dept. that will allow them to save four jobs by cutting some of the perks for their cops. I have seen the budget for that city and they are using bogus averages to scare the citizens into thinking that they can only remain sovereign by making life harder for emergency services. That's a crock of poo! That bass ackwards city throws more money at trying to create an "artsy fartsy" reputation around the world than most cities pay their entire fire department. I intend to show you the full fallacy of these threats and the clear intent to morph your angst into bigger checks for the tax whores at the top in an upcoming post. I will also show you just how deranged mayor Rick Baker really is.

Remember, if you want to make a big change you have to start small and work up. Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion of this fine expose' and please be patient, I'm really busy getting ready for my shoulder surgery on the 16th.


Chris said...

I was just joking about the blog thing!!!! this forum is great. I was at my math class tonight, and my prof agrees with you. he has a PhD in statistics and he's been crunching a lot of numbers, and not only are the global warming stats wrong (due to the different ways to do the stats), but the numbers for the americans against the bill, and the numbers in the bill are crap. this guy did research @ Rutgers Univ for 10 years.....he wrote 5 books on corporate statistics and banking. he calls himself a liberal, but even he knows a load of crap when he sees it. its nice to see a smart man who did 10 years of research in the upper educational realm agree with the common folk about bobamas plan and al gore's crap

Chris said...

oh and he also has a plan to jump start our economy without spending a dime. (in fact, it starts with cutting taxes) and in his and his colegues plan, even ifthings bottomed out right now, we'd still have an amazing economy without spending money we don't have

flounder said...

I have a relative in a very high position at the NOAA severe weather center who helps me with a lot of inside info. He refuses to acknowledge his participation because the powers that be would hang him for going against the official stance, they must preach global warming in order to keep federal funding going. That proves my point by itself!

Chris said...

Thats messed up. My prof just keeps saying "the numbers just dont work. I've been going over this for a year now, and I still don't know where they get their numbers from as far as the statistical history of the weather since we began recording it" if a "numbers" guy cant come up with their percentages and averages, then who do we have doing it for us? I understand me might have something to do with pollution, but global warming? climate change is natural, though we dont help anything by polluting, but our mark is tiny compared to the natural course it takes. whats funny, all of the carbon from humans (since the beginning of time) will fit in a football field. compared to a volcano, that in one eruption, produces more ash, pollution and crap than man has ever made. and now how many eruptions have we had in man's history? a crap load!!!! and ronald reagan once said, all of the nuclear waste each year could fit underneath a desk. what a hero.

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