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Monday, February 23, 2009

The "Ban-Wagon" (HR45)

OK, lets see.. yep.. looks like we need to jump on the "Ban-Wagon". We need to start pushing legislation to keep detailed records on anyone who tries to buy whipped cream, baseball bats, ropes, cars, sharp objects, personal electronics and of coarse guns. We also need to regulate the possession of fists and best friends for good measure. These are all official causes of death of teenagers during the famed 2007-2008 school year in Chicago.

I understand that guns were reported to be used in twenty teen deaths in Chicago during that year (although some of those were suicides) but did you know that 11 students were killed by their personal listening devices? Well, it was really the cars that they couldn't hear coming while they clinched their Ipods trying to squeeze more volume from those tiny ear plugs but officially the electronics were blamed.

An additional seven students were beaten, strangled and stabbed to death. One more was pummeled by a baseball bat. Oh and we can't forget the two that died doing whippits. The number one cause of death that year (for teens) was the mighty automobile and all but a few of those were accidental. Then there was the kid whose best friend jokingly shoved him into the path of an oncoming motor vehicle, it's all fun and eyes till someone loses the game. All of this information was provided by Chicago news articles but they were all separated, except for the gun crimes. They were presented in a neat little package to describe the epidemic of gun violence as a reason to do away with guns in whole.

So, lets go down the path. We actually come up with a way to remove guns from everyone but cops. I know, I know, lets just take the red pill and imagine that it could really happen. So gangs would start using knives again like they did in the fifties. So now we'd have to learn to cut our steaks with a spoon so that our wise leaders can remove the threat of knives from the collective. Well, now we'd go back to clubs and sticks like our ancestors and the super nanny that controls our safety will have to ban us from contact with trees. I know it sounds ridiculous but we're talking about a group of elitists who think that it is not the robber who is at fault, it is the guy with all those nice things that is responsible for crime. They believe that women should dress down to prevent rape and that the gun and the SUV are the criminals and that the people who kill with them are the victims.

I sincerely believe that if Blair Holt and the other passengers on that bus were allowed to carry a gun then that thug would not have gotten a single shot off. For that matter, the thug would not have had the courage to run in shooting in the first place, after all, he did run away like a coward once he did his damage.

If you're lost, let me start at the beginning. Blair Holt was a Chicago teen who bravely threw himself in front of a bullet to protect others on a bus when a well known juvenile gang member ran on the bus shooting aimlessly in what was called "a gang related incident". This brazen young son of a cop died of his injuries and became the twentieth gun related death of that school year in the most corrupt city in America.

His father and other community activists, including Bobama, were quick to turn the event into a crusade against guns. So much so that a search of the case brings up nearly a quarter million references to gun control and only one story about the details of the crime. Even that story is laced with gun control propaganda.

So now with the liberal landslide there has been a predictable onslaught of gun control legislation getting passed around through the halls of congress and one has reached Bill status. It is called the Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009 (Introduced in House) AKA hr45. You can find it in the Library of Congress by going to http://www.loc.gov/index.html and searching hr45


In a nutshell, it creates federal control over ALL sales of handguns, semi automatics or guns with detachable magazines excluding antiques. Every American will have to submit a $25 fee to pay for a criminal and medical background check. We will be required to pass a test and provide a photo and finger prints along with other identification and wait for the most inefficient bureaucracy in the world to approve every single gun sale that takes place in the entire country. Last year over 1.6 million new handguns were sold (according to the BATF) and around half a million new semi-auto rifles hit the market. Add to that all of the used weapons that changed hands. Imagine the waiting list for federal approval.

This means that you must have a license to sell your gun and you can only sell it to a licensed dealer. No civilian to civilian sales will be allowed. At that point the government will collect a wealth of knowledge about you and your weapon and law enforcement will have total and instant access to your information. You will be required to reapply for ownership of your weapon every five years and if you forget, it's a federal offence. So five years from now the overwhelming amount of reapplications will add to the normal amount of new applications and the bureaucratic quagmire will increase exponentially.

Nothing in this bill defines the requirements for sale that the government will impose. It is feasible that they will consider your credit rating in the decision. Within the government your credit rating is your number one factor when determining a security clearance. Even in the free market many companies consider your risk of criminal activity higher if your credit score is low and they reject you under the guise of "loss prevention".

The medical portion leaves a lot open for the governing entity to deny you a firearm and to simply deem you "un-fit" with no explanation at all. I for one am very worried about hr45 and will be blowing up my Representatives phone and bending his ear about this. I beg of you to do the same.

Remember; Guns don't kill people.... Husbands who come home early kill people. The rest of us just need them to "protect the Constitution of the United States from its enemies, foreign and domestic."


2GUNS said...

Much more research will unvail the true terror of this bill. Did you not read the part that says they are allowed to search anyones house at any time to ensure guns are stored safely. Hmmmm I do not think a (right) under our constitution says anything about have to pay a fee our open our homes when we are the law abiding citizens. Why is it they always want to punish the people who work hard pay there bills obey the laws but know we must pay for all those who break the laws do not pay there bills and should be in jail?

Chris said...

I haven't had a chance to read the bill, but the info I've gotten so far is very scary. I urge you to read the constitution directly and in its entirety. I have the constitution and the bill of rights on my phone as a word document, and believe it or not, it comes in real handy moreso often than not. the law is plain as day. we are allowed to have guns, even form an organized militia, it just can't be used to go against the govt. which I can understand. but to put such a ban on weapons in this country is insane. when hillary clinton tried to pass something like this a few years back, it got squashed like a bug in a hurry. even though we aren't that far ahead in time from that last bill, our motives and rational are different. people now are just joining the herd instead of standing up for what you believe in. in england, they got rid of a weapon ownership in the country, and in 2 years their crime went from 6 or so % to almost 15%. now tell me, what am I going to do when I have a rapist thief coming in to my house with the intent to steal and rape my wife or daughter? should I just shout "i'll call the police?!" or take matters into my own hands to protect what I love more than life itself? there will be civil unrest in this country if this goes through. I will buy a gun on purpose and not have it registered so I can show my spite for this thing. we need to protect our homeland. this is what we've been fighting against since WWII. we need to fight for our freedom. we need to get it back.

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