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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Necronomics 101

Have you ever bought a used car? Do you remember the pressure from the greasy sales slug that dropped a huge stack of papers on the desk and simply pointed out where to put your John Hancock. You felt compelled to read it and try to get an understanding of what you were about to jump into but time was short and the grease ball was dangling the keys to your prospective dream car as he tapped his foot impatiently on the floor. So against your better judgement you threw the ink on the papers and scurried off in your fine new-ish automobile.

After a few weeks you were no longer willing to ignore the problems that you were able to overlook during the purchase like the tricky door locks and the funky smell that randomly wisps from your air conditioning vents. Now, on top of all of that, you have seen oil puddles where you park and heard a strange roar coming from the rear end. Well, you do the obvious, you take it back to grease ball. He tosses you his polished smile and gleaming eye as he reminds you of how eager you were to drive that beauty home on that proud day a few weeks ago. To your protest, he nudges you back out through the door while reminding you that you signed the contract and that you were responsible for all repairs. Meanwhile you are stuck paying payments on a car that you are afraid to drive and are unable to return and you are kicking yourself for not taking a few extra minutes to read that bogus contract that you signed.

Well, don't look now but old grease ball is back. He brought his friends Harry Reid and the rest of congress and they just locked you into a lifetime of payments on a product that you cannot use nor return for it's sale value. They dropped a 1100 page book of gobbledy gook with no warranty in front of what's left of the reasonable people in our government and offered no time to figure out what it was all about. Now this Bill, I call it the Necronomicon ( The book of the dead), is headed to the desk of the grease ball himself and we all know that Bobama will gladly take a hiatus from his neurospasta (Greek word for string pulling) and proudly launch this Titanic bill into service. Of coarse we also know that, like the Titanic, the necronomicon is bound for success but destined for failure.

Don't worry about the necronomicon because Bobama, like Vader, will soon learn that " the tighter he squeezes us, the more we'll slip from his hands". The effect of necronomics will be vast and horrible, but the result will be a tremendous and long lasting victory for the side of the free market and it will as a reminder of how great our republic has been and always will be.

With that, I'm going into surgery soon and might not be able to use a keyboard for a while so keep up the good fight and spread the word. Knowledge truly is power (which is why the democrats pushed the necronomicon in the way they did) and you can make all of the difference in the world by knowing more than the next guy.

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