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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Welcome to the "vast right wing conspir..."

So she says to me, "They should make me head of the home owners association" and goes on to point out that she would be more fair. I asked "so you like the idea of an association telling you what your home should be like?". Her reply was baffling, I wanted to beat my head against the air bag cover in frustration. She thinks that it's not fair for you to have to live next to an old, grumpy pack rat with a primered beater on blocks and rusted appliance carcasses scattered about his yard. At the same time, she hates that we need permission to plant flowers in our front yard so what we need is a more fair ruler, like her.

This is the woman I love, a good woman whose father left Haiti to fight as an American soldier and married the kindest, most caring and giving woman that ever walked the face of the earth. They are all devout, god fearing, christian conservative and incredibly respectable people who would never vote for a maggot infested, drug eating, baby killing, left wing socialist. How did this happen, I mean, she wouldn't hear a word about what her statement would lead to.

It was a disturbing epiphany to say the least but what shakes me is that there are many on our side who feel exactly the same. This is the mentality that has brought us here today, to a time and place where free men and women are arguing over the amount of control our socialist leaders should exhort over us rather than stomping them out like a smoldering cigarette at the edge of a sun dried Forrest. Through indoctrination, the evil do-gooders have taught us that the value of the collective is hinged on the presentation of the individual and that morals and standards are subject to the whim of those who are deemed "better qualified" to make those decisions.

I guess what I'm getting to is that the people who stand on those ideas, like socialism and fairness through equality, are not our enemies. It is merely their ideas with which we must wage war. It is a battle over thoughts that must be fought with better thoughts, reason which must be fought with greater reason and a battle against the faulted, but common, sense that must be fought with uncommon sense. It is not time for guns and bombs, it is time to teach and share.

Thomas Jefferson told us that knowledge is the glue that keeps free men together and that ignorance will drive us apart. Our culture has replaced Sunday school with movie screens and American history with art or cultural awareness (both of which were ideas launched by Hitler). We have been raised to believe that for everything to be fair, everything must be equal and that it is not right to allow one to succeed because it causes another to fail. Movies have shown us that companies are evil and that greed is oppressive. This is the nonsense that is dissolving our freedom.

Let me quickly explain. Equal is almost never fair because nobody starts from scratch. A true liberal once told me that everyone should have to turn in everything when they die and that everyone should have to start with the same amount, parents would not be allowed to help their kids get ahead. I pointed out that the cream would rise to the top and she said that they should be forced to share with the less successful. Yes, that would definitely be equal but a far cry from fair. Secondly, let us define greed. It has become synonymous with evil but why? If I have amassed enough wealth to avoid working for the rest of my life would I be greedy to continue working so that my children and grandchildren could have the same luxury? Is it greedy to provide goods and service that free people are willing to meet your price to obtain? Who gets to determine when you should be no longer allowed to provide said product and what does that mean to those who desire it? Who is greedy, the Oil executive that rakes in millions for overseeing his giant company, the roughnecks that demand high wages for their hard work or maybe the consumers that refuse to stop using the product and continue paying the price? Perhaps it's the politicians who tax all of those people as well as the product to help buy votes from those who refuse to offer a product but insist that they deserve their share. In a free market there can be no greed but in socialism greed is solely owned by the righteous leader!

With that, I would like to thank you for enduring my babble and blah blah. For now my posts are more rationalizations than ammunition but once I've recovered from the tremendous pain of surgery I will have much more time for research and I will start tossing thought grenades out for you to forward to all of your mislead friends and neighbors. If you are with me and don't want to go through the trouble of becoming a follower please let me know by sending me a "hooah" by email at flounders70@aol.com , I will not reply or use your address for anything unless you ask me to. I, like you, just want to know that I'm not alone.

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