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Friday, July 31, 2009

Talk about a "Majic Negro"

Budweiser? Are you for real? I mean... What self respecting elitest drinks that crap? Look, I understand that many of you have no taste for beer so you settle for the carbonated urine and I get that the commercials are worthy of product support but there are so many great choices out there.

OK, maybe I'm a beer snob but I was really caught off guard by that choice. I was thinking that he (Obama) would reach for something a little more rich and flavorful like the other guys did. Blue Moon and Sam Adams Light are perfectly good beers and have never had to disguise their taste behind the fumes of racecars burning circles on a nearby track. I'm just saying!

Regardless, the whole "beer summit" was a joke. The entire point was missed as it floated away into the sea of media favoritism on which Mr. Obama seems so unbelievably boyent. The undeniable fact that the good professor was more concerned with his own race then the situation that drew the police to begin with was not the point that drew the interest. That behavior from the educated idiots that have been teaching victemhood to our kids since the 1960s has become the accepted norm... like it or not.

The fact that the police were called because someone was forcing their way into a house, however, is a little more newsworthy. I find it refreshing to hear that the "no snitching" policy that has consumed much of our culture is not a universal fault. I'd hope that my neighbors would have the courage to call the police rather than ignore any suspicious behavior that might not affect them.

The real point of the story was the "knee jerk reaction" of our deeply racist president. You see, for starters, this guy was elected to office on race alone. He got a job without showing a resume, without citing any experience or history of work ethic. He had no merit to point at or accomplishments to highlight. He was chosen simply because he was the "black Democrat".

Beyond that, he has a history of racist behavior and "hate speech" (as defined by the left). Remember when he said that "the Warren Court didn't go far enough" and that "the Constitution was a flawed document". He was expressing a desire to force the white population to pay "repairations" through the redistribution of wealth and his intent to make that desire a reality through judicial activism. It was not presented as an attempt to punish criminals for crimes.... No, he wants to punish an ENTIRE RACE for activities of people who are no longer alive. People who, by the way, were acting well within the laws of the day. Granted, I do not believe that slavery was Constitutional even then but then neither did most Republicans of the day. It was the Democrats that fought emancipation so hard for so long so by his logic it seems we should punish those who have volunteered to join the group that gave us slavery instead of the whites who just happened to be born that way.

You see, the beauty of the "knee jerk" reaction is that it is a window to the soul. Mr. Obama admitted that he had no real details and lacked the facts but was sure, by instinct, that it was the white cops that "acted stupidly" when they confronted the black victim... I mean professor. So if you were too lost in your Obama love to see all of the previous evidence of his hatred for the whites then maybe you saw his soul when he, for a moment, left down his guard and spoke without the benifit of his political filter. Maybe now you will take a fresh look at his words and actions of the past and see that you have made a grave mistake in supporting his demolition of the American way of life and join us in removing his power by voting only for those who would oppose all of his socialist nonsense.

Probably not though. I mean, if you will join us then I love you for it but most of you had no nads to begin with. You lacked the testicular fortitude to go against the populus and look through the marketing to see the real candidate and that's why you slung your vote in his direction. Then you couldn't muster the courage to question your decision when he began taking control of your choice of which bank to use, what lightbulb to install, what car to buy, what health care provider to rely on and how many people you can hire. Now you just sit back and take the beating because you hate to be wrong... Please.... Don't be that guy.

I dare you... no.. I double dog dare you to challenge me on any statement that I've made. Please show me where I'm wrong, today or any other day. Show me that you have the courage and intellect to defend your piss poor decision, make me look like an idiot for what I believe in! Grab your skittles and make your opinion heard and we will engage in a real discussion about the the reality of what it is to be a Patriotic American!

Oh and I didn't make up the "Majic Negro" thing so don't start! Look it up, you'll get it.

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Chris said...

Didn't Barack the Majic Negro live by the sea? I agree. the cop shouldn't have gone there though. he should have made a statement saying that he is not a racist, and this summit will dub him as one if he goes. sure he gets to meet the president, but when he was there he was already a grand dragon in the KKK in the eyes of the other two there. he was guilty before he walked in the door. just because a white man arrests a black man for a call that was called by a neighbor (to see what this "strange guy" was doing at that house) doesn't mean its racist. so if I get mad at another race even though its my fault, then cry racism, can I have a beer with the president? I don't think so. favoritism is at play here. furthermore, I agree with the beer choice of the other two. is bobama trying to look less like a commie and try to be more american by drinking a Bud? every beer drinker knows Bud is the white man's beer. why didn't he have some OE1800 or bust out some old Colt 45 for realism? anyway, nationalized healthcare, stricter gun laws, and he said if he was ellected a 2nd term that he would try to extend the terms of presidents: if that isn't Hitleresque, than what is?

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