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Friday, July 10, 2009


I'f you are anything like me it's safe to say that the Obama administration terrifies you. As it should, but this seems like the new political trend. Think about it... George Bush and the republican party had the threat of terrorism to lean on to ensure a place in office after 9/11.

It was so bad that they were willing to slide very far left on the economy and other social issues because we (the right wing) were terrified at the potential for another cataphostrophic attack by Al Quieda. They knew that this political capital was the Ace in the pocket that allowed them to collect more (independant) voters and succeed in the greatest duty of a politician... to get elected!

I resent them for this, I also resent the left for being so weak on national security that the republicans got away with it. Had the left grown a pair then the terrorists that call themselves Republicans would have been forced to move back towards their base and we would again have a solid party to back.

But then... Maybe it was a good thing. After all, we gave them lots of rope and most of them hung themselves. Now we know who is really on our side and who is just using the "R" and the threat of the "D" to buy votes.

We the people really need to start scouring our local government for a real conservative American to put up for president in three years. That along with a groundswell next year, is our only chance of passing a recognizable America on to our children.

Sorry, I was side tracked. Mr Obama is obviousle taking advantage of the terocracy as well. He is threatening us with all kinds of nightmares like a failing economy and a global thermal catastrophie. He and the dirtbags in congress are readily selling out our country in a great trade of freedom for security. A trade from which they will be the only victors.

The new government dependancy will force us to keep its archetects in office for the fear of collapse should anyone take away our support. It was the way of Marx and will be the new world order.

If you agree with me then you are done reading this post, go be with your family and have a good night. If not then please grab your life partner or whatever and read on.. maybe you just need to understand whats going on.

America.. This is the general Idea of our country as built by our patriarchs (forefathers). The idea was to create a large number of small groups with a master (federal) government that, above all, would grant three rights. Life, Liberty and the Persuit of Happiness. There was no right to healthcare or equal success for equal effort. The federal government was not to be concerned with your right to be married or your right to not be offended. No right to a home or free energy, just the right to persue all of those things..AT YOUR OWN RISK!

These communities were to compete for residents by creating political systems that would make them desirable for others to leave their own and build where they were most comfortable. These communities would be losely guided by small city governments who would be even more losely guided by their state government. The plan was to create interstate competition in order to drive progress while keeping the playing field level.

The task of leveling the playing field involved basic necessities such as keeping a currency that had equal value and securing the states from outside forces. Not determining a specific minnimum or maximum wage but allowing success to flourish. The governments job was to back contracts, nomatter how absurd, not to intervein and regulate the terms of a contract. This means that, in a free America, I can charge a million bucks to use my restroom and if they are willing to pay it then I shouldn't be fined with a windfall profit tax for their stupidity. At the same time, the government must make sure that I can not prevent you from building your own restroom and undercutting my profit. This is what we call "The Free Market".

UnAmerican... This is what you are if you like the Obama doctrine. You think that equal and fair are the same thing. They are most definatly not. You think that if I build a restroom and you build a restroom then the government should take my windfall profit and give to those who need to use the restroom so that they can equally distribute that money back to us. That is equal... but not at all fair.

You think that we all have a right to healthcare but we do not. It was your regulations and lawsuits that have driven the cost of care out of range of average citizens and have provided for an insurance monopoly. So now that you've hurt everyone you want to take away from those who have earned and spread it equally to those who have not... equal but not at all fair!

You feel that the government can limit the risk of failure by simply limiting someone elses success... equal but not at all fair! You buy into the global warming myth because it shows that you care and that is important to you. You want everyone else to drive a matchbox car because you think they are simply too dumb to see your side and you are secretly jealous of their success... Equal but really not even close to fair.

You refuse to let us keep score at sporting events because you hate that my kid is so much more talented than yours... equal but not fair, plus just plain retarded.

You want those who act in violent hate against others to be punished not for the act but for their opinions (unless, that is, the victim is a white guy). Hell, that's not even equal or fair.

In America the things that you believe should be spread equally were once the things that were offered as a reward for hard work and enginuity. Companies offered free healthcare to those who had brought a little extra to the table. A house was your reward for being responsible with your earnings. Unbridaled success was the American dream and was the fuel that powered progress across the highway of capitalism.

Remember... Before us there was socialism. Along with the freedom from failure came the freedom from success and the lack of motivation. For tens of thousands of years our socialist ancestors used horses for transportation, hand delivered messages for communication and bloodlettings for medicine. Look where we are after only 200 years of a free market. I know you're afraid but please don't drag the rest of us down because you lack the courage to succeed!

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