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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Marco Rubio Effect

Throuout the span of my political interest there has been one question that has haunted me. I must have been asked a thousand times, by those who are truly concerned, "what can one person do"? I do understand how frustrating it is to look around and feel intimidated by the power of the masses who spend their time concentrating on who to vote for on American Idol rather than what's happening in Washington. You feel like you're fighting a forrest fire with a squirt gun.

Well, have I got great news for you! Your chance to be a great hero is banging on your door and pleeding for your help, especially if you live here in the sunshine state.

Allow me to introduce you to Marco Rubio. He represents the kind of uphill battle against impossible odds that everyone dreams of winning. He will be opposing Charlie Crist in the upcoming primaries for the newly open Florida Senate seat.

I know what you're thinking, Charlie is a good republican and has a great chance of winning against any would be democratic challenger. You're probably right, he is a lockstep Republican (wich is a really bad thing) and has a great chance of beating a Democrat (which is not necessarily a win for us).

Keep in mind that mr Crist not only supported the stimulus package but campaigned for it. He is a very liberal republican who really just does what he thinks is popular so that he can gain power. Please, look up his policies and see what he's done. I could list out what he's been wrong in but I would rather leave that for you... for now. You are less likely to really understand if I spell it out for you then if you discover it for yourself.

On the same note, I'd like for you to check out Marco Rubio. He is, by all accounts, a real common sense conservative with an interest in rescuing our country rather than gaining power. Please visit his website and listen to what he's saying.

The reason that this is so important is this.. We have an opportunity to propell the common sense underdog to a victory over one of the most popular governors in the nation. The media frenzy that would insue would boost the morale of all of those who have been driven into submission by the historical hammering of reason by the thoughtless voting masses. There would be a groundswell of optimism and an energetic offensive that would force other politicians to start moving back towards the right for fear that they too might fall to a broadening sense of urgency by the right wing majority of thinking individuals.

The point is that we can change the actions of politicians with just one devastating blow to the gut of popular politics. It doesn't matter that these guys are only acting out of fear while maintaining their lack of true patriotism. We just need to slow the progress of the left until we can drag more good Americans out of the woodwork and push them into office to help bring this nation around and get it headed back in the right direction.

We must pay close attention though. As much as you will notice that Crist will start leaning to the right again during the primaries, others will do the same. Don't let them lull you into the trap, they are only speaking your language so that they can retain your votes. They will also threaten you with the prospect of giving up their seat to a Democrat should you throw your support behind a "less popular" or "unelectable" canidate.

There is no such thing as "throwing away your vote". These clowns know that they need every vote in order to win so they do tons of research. They look at those who vote against them and try to find a way to gain those votes. If they see you as someone who disagrees with them but will vote for them anyway as the lesser of two evils then they will count you as a vote won and make no effort to appease you. This is why our presidents have been able to move so far left. McCain knew that most people would never support Ron Paul or Allen Keyes out of fear of Obama or Hillary so he was comfortable just staying a little right of them while moving as far left as he could to secure the undecideds. Well, look where that got us!

If you're not in Florida you can still work with this. Start talking about Rubio, make him a national hero. If people are talking about him all across America then People here will be forced to look at him and we could actually pull this thing off.

Now you know what one person can do. Go out and talk to people, make sure that you say the name "Marco Rubio" to at least one person every day and you will have been a part of the single most important movement that has ever taken place. You will be telling your grandchildren about the time when socialism almost took over America and how you were a big part in its defeat. You will be an American Hero!

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