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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Obama gonna fix it!

I must admit.. There are more than a few reasons that I've been slowing my pace when writing in my blog. Not the least of which is the overwhelming frustration with what's happening to my country. The fact is that I have less time to get to my computer now and I'm forced to choose my topics more wisely. The problem is that there are so many things going on around us that I can't decide what to tackle.

By the way.. Did you hear that Michael Jackson died? I was guessing you might have. So did you see all of the news coverage about the SEVEN rockets that were launched from North Korea or did you notice that congress is finally working on a solution on the college football playoff system. Perhaps you caught all of the protests against Bush's "illegal war" in Afghanistan.

Oh, that's right, it's Obamas war so nobody is taking time away from their busy days in the unemployment line to count a tally of dead Americans or storm the media with complaints about how we should leave those innocent insurgents alone. I find it funny that there was so much protest against Bush for his clearly necessary war in Iraq but now that it's the "savior" in the office there is no doubt that we should storm Afghanistan. I mean, I could make a case that this is a far worse idea than any previous invasion but the media seems to be holding Obamas hand and lulling us all to sleep. If you take issue with my assessment then please let me know. I'd love the opportunity to take one of you pinko commies to the mat in a debate over the justification of both attacks.

So now the body of my topic. I was in the unemployment office today to pick up some papers for the VA (they have an office there). I decided to hover around for a while and listen to some conversations. As my 14 year old daughter would put it.. OMG! If you really want to feel better about our economy you should try it yourself.

First of all there were nothing but SUVs outside with Obama stickers and 26" rims. These people left their children in the car with the engine running and the 15" flip down TVs playing cartoons. I think of the "carbon footprint" of that parking lot and laugh. Did these morons hear anything that Obama promised other than "free money"?

So inside I heard alot of complaints from one person to the next about the inefficiency of the system. I even heard one guy say "this mess is so f'd up it's almost as bad as a full time job". Wait... what? Yes he did, he truly said that.

There were lots of people who were angry that they were expected to spend time looking for work while collecting an unemployment check that "just wasn't enough". I could not hold it in, it was like chewing on a wasp nest and the stinging venom was bound by nature to burst across the small crowd. I said "yep, it's a shame they make it so hard for us to get money we didn't earn from those who did". To my shock and amazement there was no fist fight. Actually, they all looked at me as if to agree but without seeing the folly in the point I was making. One young black lady looks to me and says "you're right... but don't worry, Obama's gonna fix it" and everyone within an ear shot nodded and giggled.

As a good person (which I try to be), I choked down my impulses and scurried out of the place before my grip loosened and I vomited a fury of epic proportions. I was in the seventh circle of liberal Hell and my wings were about to catch a blaze. OK, I'm no angel but I was really in the wrong place.

So now the question floats, If you were an employer and found yourself in a room with 100 people how many of them would you want working for you. Chances are you would only choose about 20% of them. Most people are unworthy of employment so it amazes me that only 10% are unemployed. If you think I'm nuts then feel free to go to the unemployment office and recruit some help, let me know how that works out for you. Maybe this recession is a good thing. It might just force these idiots to become more marketable. That is, of course, unless Obama fixes it!

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