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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Global Warmology 101

With all of this new information coming out about the e-mails concerning global warming, both sides are ratcheting up their efforts to gain support. The left, along with the majority of mainstream media, are simply ignoring the new evidence while the right is exaggerating and exploiting it's significance.

To be honest, I do not believe that mankind is capable of affecting the temperature of the entire planet, however, I know for sure that we are responsible for regional warming. I am sure that the reason the tornadoes always aim for trailer parks is because the shiny metal roofs reflect solar heat into the air above them creating a constant inward breeze that acts as a vacuum for small storms. Likewise, big cities are engines for local heating and cooling patterns. I am just as sure that those effects are restrained to the boundaries of those places.

What I do not subscribe to is a huge federally mandated financial overhaul in the name of saving the planet. That kind of tyrannical solution only polarizes half the country against the intended consequences. The general result is similar to the fact that it was Obama's history of supporting gun control that has created the strongest gun sales market in history. The whiplash has been a greater detriment to the cause than the original reasoning itself.

I would rather make a social effort to move people to take care of the environment for their own reasons. Try to follow me here.. Believe it or not, conservatives are a much greater force (in general) for environmentalism than liberals. A large number of hunters, fishermen and woodsmen are politically conservative. These are the people who are truly in touch with nature. They spend their leisure time in the woods or on the water and I can tell you from experience that they spew a dictionary of fowl and angry language when they come across a pile of trash left behind by some group of weekend warriors.

As an avid outdoorsman myself, I spend lots of time with friends on all sides of the political spectrum. With that in mind, i can also tell you from experience that it is the pot smoking, vodka drinking boaters and campers that preach about how greedy the rich are while they throw their trash where ever they go. It is the poor and uneducated that stand with their Obama shirt on and their hand out, in a pile of their own trash that is the real danger to our environment.

So, instead of preaching with condescension to the right about some fabricated global warming threat while prying money out of their pockets, lets just give them their own reasons and offer them some simple solutions that actually do help everybody.

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