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Saturday, October 31, 2009

What's Wrong With Socialism: Part III

Trading Freedom for Security

For those who volunterily enter into socialism it seems like a Utopian idea. The simplified thought is that everyone will work for the good of the whole rather than for their own "greed". They honestly believe that if you take away the potential for profit then everyone will just live life free of stress and they will all feel patriotic as they carry their assigned grain of sand.

At the same time they believe that it is the promise of profit, presented by capitalism, that causes the worlds evil. In other words, they think that rich people deserve to be robbed and that an attractive woman is at fault if she is raped because she "invited" the evil behavior, as if to say that the rapist was not in control of his own actions.

The reality of socialism is that it is a system for relieving people of personal responsibility and projecting it on to the elected government. It is the surrender of personal freedom in the name of security. This freedom includes the right to property, prosperity and the right to express opinions.

Starting with property, in a socialist system all property is owned by all people but is "fairly" controlled by the government. If you posess property that the government deems necessary for public use then you will be forced to surrender it. If you live in a home that the government considers unsafe then you will be forced to leave it and live in provided dormatories, like it or not.

Going further, if you have developed a product or proposed an idea, it will become public property and any expense you've incurred will be your own responsibility. All of these things are happening here in America (on some level) today, thanks to social programs. We have given our government the power to decide which companies fail and which companies should be controlled by "the people". I could prove this to you but I think you are all honest enough to admit that I'm right.

Prosperity is tied to personal property, after all, one cannot sell what one does not own. Our banks, power and automotive industries are a great example of this. When the TARP bill was passed many of us expressed serious concern that acceptance of the funds would be equal to a government takeover. To that we were told that "it is only a loan, the government would play NO active roll". Now our great wise trustworthy government is dictating the salaries of those companies which accepted the money. That seems like a pretty active roll to me... liars.

The right to an opinion... That's a fun one. It's a universal fact that those in power wish to remain in power. When the republicans were in power (in the past) they were well known for stifling free expression in the name of "forced morality". That was as wrong then as it would be now. These days, the left owns the monopoly on stifling free expression. These controls are in place to show favor to the majority in order to keep votes coming in and thus retain power.

We are now afraid of losing our jobs, homes and personal property if we utter anything that could be defined (by the left) as offensive. We are not allowed to smoke on private property, we are not allowed to speak about the Bible in public places and if the left gets their way, there will be no more Tv or radio shows that do not fit the government provided mold of "fair". These are not the rules of society but of the government.

Seriously? How can the government punish people for being biggots? What the Hell kind of freedom is that. You see, the basic design of capitalism is that if one is offensive towards people then those people could choose not to support his product and thus he would be forced to either fail, change or find a market (however small) among people who agree with him. This prevents people who disagree with him from preventing him from having an opinion. In a socialist society the majority can create laws that allow the government to punish him for his thought. This happens today in the form of "Hate Crimes". We are no longer punishing people for their actions, we are punishing them for what they were thinking during that action.

Adversly, we are punishing people for success as well. If the majority of people lack the courage to cross the river then the few that do will gain nothing for doing so. If the other bank has an abundance of food and shelter but many of those who attempt to cross the river drown then those who are afraid will make it illegal to attempt. They are using the fear of the majority to impose restrictions on the minority... in the name of "safety". It was the courage and willingness to cross that river that made America what it is today (or what it could have been without the wimps on the left). To "change" in the name of safety would be about as un-American as it gets.

It is not the place of government to dictate morals, punish thoughts or choose who is "too big to fail". That is, unless you live in a socialist society. In a socialist society you have the right to believe whatever the majority says you can believe, sell whatever the majority says you can sell and own whatever the majority says you can own... that is, until they want it back.

Be sure to go back and read Moral capital vs moral authority ( http://freedomfront.blogspot.com/2009/08/moral-capital-vs-moral-authority.html )


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Right. That's what explains criminals. Always working for the good of the collective and not themselves.

No one learns ANYthing from history.


Silence DoGood said...

As a small business owner once I had my ideas stolen at my own expense, had a small group of the Elite controlling the industry I was in, and got no reward for my new ideas.

All because of the greed of the Elite Capitalists invloved.

The whole deck of cards you create here is based on the foundation that these ruling elite capitalists will behave morally in the first place. Some do - most do not. The same failing is true in socialism.

Not only have I suffered at the hands of the Right wing greed driven machine, I also have visited some socialist countries and they are even worse.

In conclusion, again, uncontrolled capitalism and uncontrolled socialism ends up with a smal abusive elite calling the shots and the unwashed masses doing the work.

flounder said...

In a free market greed can only belong to the consumers. It takes power to satisfy greed and in the free market the only power is that of the consumer.

No company can force you to buy their product nor can they own a monopoly without the favor of government regulation. This is why we want to limit that regulation as Jefferson suggested.

Our founding documents make it very clear that our ideas are our property but it is our responsibility to stake a claim to our ideas. If you had done that and these people stole your idea anyway then the chances are that some lawyer facilitated the invasion.

Lawyers (for the most part) these days are the bigger peoblem. They do not work within the free market system, in fact, they are above it. They have built a system in which they turn to each other and the judges (who were once lawyers themselves) to impose their will under the guise of "legislative interpretation".

They use this omnipitant power to grant favor to said monopolies and "elitists" in exchange for profit but without the natural controls built into the free market and thus opening the door for greed.

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