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Monday, December 14, 2009


Breaking news! Micheal Jackson died.. Breaking News! Tiger Woods had affair... Um, that happened a while ago so why does my TV still say Breaking News every time they talk about that nonsense.

Seriously, these TV networks put BREAKING NEWS! under every story regardless of how old it is. Do they expect us to believe anything they tell us when they try to get our attention by calling every story BREAKING NEWS. I've given up on Fox and CNN because I know I can't trust either one of them anymore. Can somebody please report the news again without all the fan fare and bull crap.

Imagine a news channel that comes on and the reporter (without telling us his name every five minutes) says "here is the news". After that the tells us the facts of an event without using any subjective words at all. Just Who, What, When, Where and Why.. that is if the why is confirmed and not speculated.

Here's an example.. "Last night, at 1:00 am, the police were called to the corner of main street and vine. There was a Nissan maxima wrapped around a tree and the driver, jane Doe, was killed."

Fox or CNN would have reported that same story like this... " Late last night, when most people her age should have been sleeping, Jane Doe drove into a tree after witnesses say she had been swerving all over the road. Some of those who claimed to have seen the accident stated that she seemed to be drunk, however, police will not say how much alcohol was in her blood stream. While Ms Doe was dead when the police arrived we do not know if she had taken her own life before the impact but we do know that she had purchased an automatic handgun with a high capacity magazine, capable of shooting 15 deadly bullets, only weeks before. Her husband did not know where she was returning from but we believe she was involved with another man because her credit card statement had multiple visits to a local hotel on it.

Yes, this is the same group of reporters who give us the very political news by which we choose our leaders.. Scary as hell isn't it!


Silence DoGood said...

I think for once I agree with you 100%.

The entertainment news media is rarely putting out what I would call "news".

It is no surprise that for the first time in television history viewership has actually fallen off (last couple? years) in favor of the internet.

Adn sadly, the likes of Obama and Palin know how to work it!

flounder said...

What's worse, the fact that our politicians strive for favorable media coverage over substance or the fact that people vote based on that media coverage?

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