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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Disconnected Right

As I look through the countless Blogs and web sites that claim to be conservative while spouting a fountain of restrictive and oppressive thoughts and ideas, I am beginning to see the real problem with today's politics. It is not that the left has gone too far socialist but that the right has redefined conservatism.

At first I began to question my own position but having learned so much about our founders I know where I stand. It is the backfire of the leftist takeover of our education system that has created this disconnect between the conservatives and what it is that they wanted to conserve to begin with.

Our founders saw marriage as an act of religion, not of government. If the religion of a gay man supports marriage to another gay man then it is not for any other man (or government) to pass legislation that restricts or discourages that marriage.

Our founders believed in the right of a man to fail as much as his right to succeed. If one man wants to destroy his own life with drugs then it is between him and his family, not the government.

Our founders encouraged the belief in God and would not have condoned drug use or gay marriage. They were both charitable and compassionate but they they sought to spread their morals through teaching rather than through legislation.

I am a conservative but many who wear that shirt are not. When you begin to consider a solution to a political problem you should stand back and ask yourself "what would Jefferson do". Sometimes you might not like the truth but it is necessary to face it to keep our individual freedoms intact. Once the right learns to protect personal freedom again you will find that the vast majority of Americans will gladly huddle under the conservative tent and any politician who holds true to our founders will find great success. It has happened before and can happen again, do it for the Gipper!


Silence DoGood said...

If this posting was put up somewhere out of context of this blog, I would have thought it was Libertarian for sure.

Sadly, the "Right" has aligned itself with the pro-Christian-legislation crowd.

I remember Bush pandering to this crowd in the interest of getting votes. Then after he was elected, it came time to "pay-up" and the radical right was incensed he was not backing more moral legislation.

If the "Right" transformed into this thing you describe, I might be willing to sign up!

But this has never existed. American conservatives have always been tightly bound to pro-legislation-force-everyone-Christians.

That is like me claiming the American liberals can be completely separated from socialist influence! Not going to happen.

But I am happy going into the new year knowing at least one conservative blog has an open mind.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

SDG: my first thought as well: Libertarian.

I suppose if I'm to be honest, I'm all over the map.


Silence Dogood said...

BZ - "all over the map" = you think for yourself I hope!

flounder said...

The vast majority of conservatives fit your definition of libertarian but it is the loud minority of christian activists who have defined the movement. I am Christian and wish everybody else were but have no desire to force it on anyone.

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